Any movie where someone kills a croc or an elephant bare handed?

Any movie where someone kills a croc or an elephant bare handed?

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Lmao what retard made this?

>I'd get a few hits in on a literal 2-ton charging hippo
>50/50 I beat a shark, gorilla, fucking lion and tiger, or grizzly bear
>close one on a rhinoceros
>very easy kill of a dog, on the same level as a mouse
>very easy on snakes without any specification
what mongoloid made this, and has he ever seen an animal?

You just need to stomp on their heads, are you crazy?

There is no way an octopus is very easy. That thing would try and suffocate you.

>lunges from outside stomping distance
>camouflaged from sight
>dude just stomp a 12-foot king cobra
Most snakes you could probably beat easily, or with a few hits in (particularly ones not venomous enough to kill a human) but there’s snakes nobody could kill bare handed without extreme luck or skill

>goes to stomp
>snake moves, bites your leg
>you die

>bro but what if the snake evades your strike?
Alright, then what if I evade her bite? It’s not absurdly fast. Plus, if I have a fucking pants on, the snake is fucked


Bare handed? There's no way you're killing a fucking grey wolf bare handed, dude. That list is trash. Unless you're 6'8" or above, you're fucked. Grey wolves are huge.

I don't know if you've ever interacted with an octupus irl, but they're not very big, and even the biggest wouldn't put up much of a fight, they're not very stong

50/50 chance you survive against a gorilla? are you retarded?

If you 100% know what you are doing you could do some heavy damage to a wolf. I imagine its possible than you could break one of its legs for example, if unlikely as fuck.
Even if you did win theres no way you arent bleeding out afterwards anyway.
These lists never specify the circumstance you are fighting the animal though. Like of course I could beat a squid on land. In the wild its extremely unlikely a lone wolf would attack you just based on average human size alone. It's almost always not worth the risk for the wolf.

If you can kill an aggressive dog without injuries, you likely can kill a wolf.

A horse can kill another one with one kick. Pretty much all animals from 'it would be a close one but i win' would easily kill you.

No way a horse, wolf, zebra or a fucking rhino is above "get torn to fucking shreds tier"

>BROWN bear
>50/50 chance i win
Whoever made this is taking the piss. Brown bears can literally shrug off point blank shotgun blasts and have skulls thick enough to deflect some bullets. Not to mention theyre huge and have equally gigantic claws
99.9% of humans would be completely destroyed by a brown bear, even with a knife or something.

Horses can only kick you from behind, you just don’t have to be stupid, Kek. Horses are strong but very limited. I’d destroy a horse.

What breed is the dog? A pit bull will have ripped all your skin off on whatever area it bit. I could beat up a golden retriever puppy, but why would I I want to.

How do you even fight a whale? One tail hit would turn you into red mist

bunch of pussies

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I hope one day a pitshit gets aggressive towards me, I want to annihilate this piece of shit. I will NOT lose to a nigger dog

They're deceptively fast in turning around and kicking you, and the can use their front hooves too to stomp you. They're also strong enough to bite you and literally throw you to the ground. Their neck is strong enough and their head heavy enough that people have gotten their skulls cracked by just startling a horse and it hitting its head into theirs.
No way you're winning against a horse

lol he dead

>Horses can only kick you from behind
You're just trolling now. Horses can stand on their back legs and smash fuck outta you with their front legs.

a rhino in close but i'd win? tf you smoking nigga

Their front legs aren’t as strong as their back legs nigga

I doubt any human could kill an anaconda or python barehanded either.

Plenty of people have already pointed out how dumb these rankings are, but I'd just like to point out that 'scared to fight' comes AFTER 'torn to shreds'. So basically however you rank the various animals you're saying that you wouldn't actually be scared to fight an animal that you know for a fact will kill you.

I don't even know why I'm still replying. Their front legs are still strong enough to obliterate your skull and break your bones.

Oh so instead of having your head completely caved in by the back legs you only have you face smashed and your skull fractured.
Either way you are going down.

>a fucking grizzly bear
>50/50 fights
Even with a handgun or a knife you'd still get fucked up beyond belief by those animals.

I'd much rather fight a crocodile than a bear if it was on land. They've got no endurance and once you get your hands clamping their mouth shut, it'd be a lot easier.

This. Apart from performing their specialty surprise attacks they are also pretty stupid compared to a bear. Still if we are talking a huge saltwater croc then it could probably just crush you by rolling while you held its mouth shut.

is that a fucking whale in the 50/50 tier?

>On land win
>In sea lose
50/50 right there.

>get your hands clamping their mouth shut
lmao even

How does one defeat a whale barehanded 50% of the time?

Damn, that's solid logic.

>dude if i take this animal out of its natural environment where it has no chance of survival or sustainability then i can totally kick its ass lmao

I like to assume it came out of the sea just to start a fight with me, because we have a long spanning hatred for each other.

what about a land whale?

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>A pit bull will have ripped all your skin off
Pits aren't even close to being the most dangerous dog to be attacked by, the issue with pits is that they are fucking crazy and maul babies if you move too suddenly.

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You think great Dane is the most dangerous dog? Pitbulls are like vegeta from dbz

All a crocodiles jaw power is closing, they have barely any opening power, you could hold its mouth shut with one hand.

Dude you are just asking to get death rolled.

Pitbulls don't even have anywhere near the strongest bite and they don't have thick double coats to protect them from bites, like a German shepherd for example.

I think I'd take that small possibility over 100% guaranteed death by bear.

>Pitbulls are like vegeta from dbz
Try doing this to a Caucasian Shepard, see of that goes.

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Reading your post is like watching Mac try to convince Charlie that a man with a katana can take down a man with a gun by side-stepping.

I'm sure you could. And I'm sure it would be very easy to put your hands around an aggressive croc's maw

Damn right I can

lmao, what a fucking wimp dick

>he thinks he would win against a goat
a male goat would literally ruin your entire life if it wanted to

with a fast enough side step, any gunman would be rendered instantly useless

imagine side-stepping when you could just slice the bullet in half

go back to your pit, degenerate scalefag

I had a billy goat growing up, I learned his secrets and could easily defeat him

The sealion would fucking heem you

Sharks are completely stunned when you rub their nose, so they should be push-overs

The Earth is /1 percent water. So itwould be 71/29

Speak for yourself, twink fragile faggot.


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i would rather fight a croc/gator than a hippo, rhino, elephant, bear, or big cat. i've seen florida men suplex gators before but i never seen someone man handle a rhino