How are the MtF crowd going to watch this without roping? they cant compete in the slightest

how are the MtF crowd going to watch this without roping? they cant compete in the slightest

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>life action barbie movie
who gives a fuck?

>starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling
Yea Forums film enthusiasts, reddit tourist.

Me and my dubs

makes me sick how far we done fell

Why do you think trannies will watch this? Rent free at this point you probably see the color pink and instantly associate it with trans. Sad.

what could possibly be the plot to this?

why couldn't they use a teen actress, rather than an old lady

white men bad

based newfag

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>directed by Greta Gerwig
>written by Noah Baumbach
Up next, My Little Pony: The Live Action Movie directed by Spike Jonze and written by Charlie Kaufman

being yourself is not a competition

you are so obsessed, get help

shes a producer.

don't play coy faggot
we all know trannies latch on to any traditionally girly things because they are actually retarded incels with gynocentric fetishism complexes.

>comparing Greta Gerwig to Spike Jonze
Fuck you.

Me, it's the only movie i want to see right now, more than the next avatar

I cant stop thinking about trannies bros

How embarrassing for you

body positivity or feminism
idk about race or lgbt themes

>see children's movie
>"Hmm. I wonder what trannies will think of this?!?!"

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how so? i love bimbos and light heart movie.

that just means you're gay

it will make a gorillion dollars and be seethed about by feminist critics for the next 5 years

This movie is gonna be my Black Panther

Off topic trans b8 thread

I'm into wargaming and I've noticed that trans members of that particular community use neon pink to a comical degree to paint their minis.
I used to think it was just a a meme but goddamn.

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>barbie movie
Is there no limit to what these marketers will shill on this board?

I still can't believe they're dead

Speaking of political colors, do normies still use blue and yellow to show support for Ukraine or is that old news now?

something like legally blonde. She will go on a journey to prove she's not shallow or something like that.

>sees Margot Robbie in a Barbie movie
>thinks about trannies

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Oy vey, sounds like a real mitzvah.
Can’t wait for the shitskins and dykes and troons, you know, real family fun

And? That probably means they'll latch onto this and see themselves as Barbie. They already think they look like hyperfeminine anime characters why the fuck would this be any different? Seriously take your meds and go outside.

Nigga it’s being made by feminists

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I'm an /lgbt/ tourist and god damn do I live rent free in you guys brains. I have no clue who that woman in the car is or what movie it is supposed to represent. I don't watch Jewish/American Hollywood movies

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I bet those are $80,000 teeth.

Woah I'm hyped now

>rent free

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Trannies like girly stuff tho

Good meme, made me lol, almost rofl.

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Wholesome image because everyone is happy.

>how are the MtF crowd going to watch this without roping
What the fuck is up with Yea Forums and trannies? I barely ever hear about troons outside of Yea Forums, but people here are obsessed with them

They're in dire need of transition

still no new images of this movie. just a bunch of brown people hoping to get white mens attention thread yet again...

You say that like leaving the house by itself isn't enough to send them spiralling.


please do not refer to me using AAVE

they still have to make a movie that pleases normie audiences. it will be picked apart for not going far enough into 5th wave feminist giga retardation

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you're right that's an insult to Greta Gerwig

people thought The Northman would usher in a new era of prosperity for the White Race. they were wrong, for it is Barbie that will lead us Home.

I doubt many people are going to watch it at all. The plot sounds like the writers think the Malibu Stacy episode of the Simpsons from 1994 would be a totally fresh commentary on the brand/character in 2022.

barbie will sell 6 million tickets in the first week

Barbie feels inadequate (not perfect enough) among other Barbies and leaves Barbieland. You can guess where that leads.

cast her

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How is it not obsessive behavior to randomly start talking about trannies when the topic has nothing to do with it?

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Barbie isn't a teen.

>itt discord trannies parasiting a movie that doen't concerned them

you guys will never be women

they still do, i saw 2 flags today in real life

If I don't care about a movie like the Barbie movie then I just won't watch or discuss it. I don't know why you guys are so obsessed with talking about things you hate. It's kind of sad.

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>I don't know why you guys are so obsessed with talking about things you hate. It's kind of sad.
Literally everyone does this. The people who whine about "white supremacy" and racism the most are shitlibs and blacks

MtFs are never a crowd, it's always a fringe

>Sees Margot Robbie as Barbie
>Instantly thinks of men