Was Margot Robbie a good pick for Barbie in the upcoming film or should they have stuck with Amy Schumer?

Was Margot Robbie a good pick for Barbie in the upcoming film or should they have stuck with Amy Schumer?

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>Yea Forums: I HATE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>also Yea Forums: *spends day idolizing random women on imageboards*
So which is it?


more like Margot MOMMY, goddamn

Those knees look bruised

nah they should've gone with margot robbie but younger

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>Yea Forums is a person

Yes it’s me

Can I suck your dick?

You will never be a real woman.

I hate women because I idolize them and get nothing back.

ONE person
at least get it right

Whomst is this actress?


best she's ever looked and ever will look


stella grace fitzgerald

Inb4 everyone calls her a fridge despite having the most aesthetic face ever.

Yes, she's literally perfect

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you wouldn't get it

>should they have stuck with Amy Schumer?

If they really wanted Barbie to be a pig woman, sure.

As long as she spreads her legs again , wider this time



>dyes hair

Samara Weaving would have been better, especially since the movie is probably going to be le ironic homage deconstruction of barbie and objectification of women. Margot is mid to low tier. Has yet to surpass her role as wife two in scorcese wall Street montage movie

The perfect one even made the movie 20 years ago

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ostia puta, what a babe, name?

i wanna cum on her face lads.

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I dont find her and her clones attractive. Except for Jamie presley in a white trash way. But Amy Schumer is one pugly bitch, Maggie Gyllenhaal tier ugly.

Why are her pupils so dilated?

Amy Schumer looks nothing like her you dumb shit-colored thirdie

Yeah she's somehow even uglier.

why do her fingers look like they don't have any bones


no seriously

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Me on the right

Robbie will next star in David O. Russell's ensemble period comedy Amsterdam and portray actress Clara Bow in Damien Chazelle's drama Babylon, co-starring Brad Pitt. Both films are scheduled for 2022 releases. She will portray the titular fashion doll in Greta Gerwig's 2023 romantic comedy Barbie. Robbie has committed to join the ensemble cast of Wes Anderson's film Asteroid City; produce and star in Bad Monkeys, an adaptation of Matt Ruff's thriller novel of the same name; and portray Maid Marian in an upcoming Robin Hood-inspired biographical film. She will feature in Justin Kurzel's war thriller Ruin opposite Matthias Schoenaerts and take on a leading role in a female-led reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

just like pussy

with this much makeup even i can play barbie

Either she has weird fingers, they curved them in photoshop afterwards, or, most likely... TAKE YOUR MEDS NOW

hating women and wanting to fuck them isn't a contradiction

i really wanna cum on her face lads.

I love your committment to posting this across every Margot thread on the site, user
also same

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based Margotchad. someone finally noticed me lol. i posted on Yea Forums, /hr/ and even in /cel/. she has the perfect face.

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too old

>look her up
>see this
Damn they're even putting interracial in kids adverts now.

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You've got a very distinctive posting style desu, and yes her perfect face is the most likely proof that God exists.
I just wish Margot threads were better and more frequent. /hr/ is too slow, /cel/ is an utter shithole, and now even Yea Forums is getting unbearable with how authoritarian the jannies are getting

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she love being stared at by Yea Forums cunnyseurs

Schumer made a lot more sense for the premise they're going with. Robbie feeling inadequate about her physique doesn't really work.

haha yeah, i try to post with the same sentences. as always, fuck jannies

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The 2 are related. Obsessing over unattainable women with their dick in their hand is partly why they're like this. It ups their standards to ridiculous heights.

She’s hot. I like Samara more though because of the funny faces she makes.

That all sounds awful desu.

Fuck jannies, and also fuck Margot in a good way

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>/cel/ is an utter shithole
How? It seemed fine to me

Samara has the better body but Margot has the better face.

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Have you looked at it recently? It's absolutely fucking awful most of the time
Just look at the /cel/ thread up right now

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not sure if i can fuck her in the pussy. i'll probably facefuck her till my dick falls off.

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I make literally every post on this board.

Any films about jealousy?

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Why not both?

works for me

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I gotta say user, you're a fucking bro cause that's exactly what I wanna do with Margot toom Her face is literally made for it

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I am not rich, I am not tall, I am not particularly charismatic either.
My dick is slighlty above average, and I'm not very beautiful.
I get depressed everytime I see a beautiful woman, every time. IRL or here, even if I lucked out and got one for a few months, eventually she'd just leave me.

way too much make up

she owes us facefuck sessions my fellow Margotchad

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united colors of benetton always did that

God she's perfect