At what point did he truly become Heisenberg? There has to be a defining moment

At what point did he truly become Heisenberg? There has to be a defining moment.

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Mr W? YOU'RE Breaking Bad?!

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when he turned himself into a pickle

heisenberg was what he wanted to be deep down his whole life, the assertive person who was the top dog
The first big moment he really acts like it is when he blows up Tuco's office, but there was smaller moments beforehand like gassing Krazy 8

For me it was the parking lot where he confronted the dude and TV on the Radio started playing

The "Say my name" moment. He embraced being a murderous drug lord right then and there.

when he kills that kid

when he let jane die

He became Heisenberg when Kim made him Heisenberg

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meme quote

Extremely low IQ take.

How did Saul create Walter White? He wasn't even his lawyer until like the second season or something, and he only ever just helped him out with a few things

this exact moment
>first time appearing bald
>first time calling himself Heisenberg
>first time actively threatening someone for personal gain
>arguably one of the first iconic scenes of the show

Second this

When he got captured by the cartel and got his face peeled off and his heart cut out.

>this is not meth

Show was all downhill after that.

When he let Jane die

that's like saying black people invented civilization because everyone came from africa if you go back far enough

When he started to enjoy making meth

>I'm Saul and you better call me
Why does the love talking on the phone so much?

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>gross junkie with gross feet
nothing of value was lost

when he sold his share in gray matter technologies for $5000

Because it's the same person, there doesn't have to be a defining moment. Where there was no going back was when he let Jane die though

he didn't have a fucking split personality. he was always a fucking egotistical asshole. he just kept it hidden because he didnt have the balls to stand up to anyone

When the first time jump happened.

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when he drove over the guys who were after jesse, specifically when he shot the other guy in the head

He never became le Heisenberg™ permanently, he just shifted back and forth between personalities until 5 where he becomes boring and evil 100% of the time for most of the season.

When he stole that old woman’s marble rye

When he went to one of their meetings. It was in a room. Above a convenience store. And then he blew it up with fulminated mercury.

When Jesse yelled at him.

At what point does an eff truly become chicken? There has to be a defining moment.

When he made Walt Jr vomit the tequila.

>At what point did he truly become Heisenberg?

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She wrote this episode btw

This was one of the goofiest moments in the show. I laughed out loud with the cheesyness

When his brother-in-law took him along for a drug bust and he got the idea that selling drugs is a good idea.

I reject the idea that he didn't always have it in him, but if I had to pick a moment I would say when he let Jane die.


The show is good, but moments like these (also Gus's death, say my name, the car commerical and when he wears that dumbass hat) almost make me hate it.

He always had that in him, the ruthless ambition.Admirable to be honest.

You just need to give people power, power over others also gives you the power of being you ,a more real version.

I think the moment was when Elliott offered him a job at Grey Matter which would have solved his financial issues and Walt refused it out of pride. Pride was what drove him more than anything to become Heisenburg and this decision was the fulcrum on which the whole thing balanced imo.

From the first time he had the opportunity to get out of the meth game, where he had the money or/and a legal and respectable alternative. But deciding to stay in the meth business

Saul didn't create him he was just an enabler

When he blew up tucos base.

Guy was a civilian very guiltily cooking meth but very reluctant to do anything else, wanting to stay as morally good as possible.

Attacking tuco is when he goes from reluctant criminal to active participation

Right here:

>You know, what kind of name is Heisenberg, anyway? What is that, like... like, Jewish?

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out of africa theory is no longer the main origin theory as they found older human remains in europe

crawl space

Walt wouldn't have gotten as bad as he did without Saul, he'd probably have been wiped out by Gus after growing his distribution network too wide

>At what point did he truly become Heisenberg?

When he sells the Aztek.

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When he kills crazy 8
There's no turning back after that

I guess aesthetically you could say when he shaves his head, buys the black hat and mexican band make a corrido about his exploits

i can tell Kim's actress is a dumb cunt IRL

third this

her feet are ugly but i'd steel worship them

When he strangled the vato with the bike lock,.

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When he blows up Tuco's place. It's the first time we seem him with his head shaved so there's the whole physical transformation. It's the first time that he acts violently in a calculated way. It's the first time we see him use his intelligence and guts to come out on top in the criminal underworld. We also see him scream in his car afterward because of the adrenaline rush, and that's the true reason why he was doing the whole thing. Because it made him feel alive.

Good take. One could also argue Heisenberg has always been there, sleeping within Walter. This was simply the first time when he was truly awake.

haha thats crazy imagine people actually saying that and it being a semi mainstream opinion in lots of places haha

I've been watching this show since I was 11 and I always thought this as well.

I still remember in the early 2010's when dipshit BB fans acted like the I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS scene was le badass moment instead of showing how vulnerable and unravelled Walt was in that moment. He was essentially acting like the pufferfish he instructed Jesse to be

There was no defining moment because he constantly flip flopped between Walter and Heisenberg until his identity was revealed

worst scene of the entire show

Saul Goodman was Walt's father?
Kim Wexler is Saul Goodman's mother?
So Kim Wexler is Walt's grandmother?
I didn't watch Better Call Reddit because I quit watching TV shows after Breaking Bad.