Have you ever had a panic attack after watching a film?

have you ever had a panic attack after watching a film?

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yeah actually but I have a weird thing from abusing drugs in the past so it’s not that big a deal

lea sneedoux

If any of you have ever had a “panic attack” you’re a genetic dead end and it would be better if you would be put down.

Almost. He almost had a panic attack. Almost.

No, but I was close to one during Hereditary. After I got out of the cinema, I had the most weird sensation that the world isn't real. That film had some satanic black magic shit going on

>go see a david cronenberg movie
>what the fuck? why is it so disgusting, vile and sexually explicit?

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Well, I do have extremely severe OCD, so panic attacks are my bread and butter. Never had one about a movie though. I'm not that crazy/weak. But don't fucking move the handsoap bottle to the left of the sink!!

Black comedy maybe.

no, but from watching a trailer

I've seen all of "the most disturbing films of all time" and I never even came close to having a panic attack. And a Cronenberg film definitely won't be the first to induce one

It fell flat for me the moment they introduced real world mythology/religion as being real and exactly like in the books. I hate that shit. Am I watching a horror movie or a fucking episode of Buffy? At least introduce new ideas and/or make it a little bit vague but not fucking EXACTLY like in books. Supernatural shit should be mysterious and unknown, not exactly like it was written down by some retard 150 years ago.

The Descent is a very hard watch for me. Fuck getting trapped in caves.

>The Descent is a very hard watch for me. Fuck getting trapped in caves.
came across this channel about month or two back, hard to watch at times.


Why do you always hear about people walking out of a movie and throwing up and having panic attacks are people who go to festivals just massive fucking pussies who bait themselves into shock film?

ayyye nice, this dude has some good ones too

Yes. During The Matrix Revolutions when I realized it wasn't going to answer anything.

>rated R
it's compromised by MPAA cuts, should've released it unrated

>Severe OCD
>Panic attacks
>Im not crazy/weak

I've never done a 360 and walked out during a film.

Are you by chance hispanic?

WTF even is a panic attack? Is this a real thing or just something pussies say to excuse themselves for being weak and pathetic?

All these people claiming their films induced heart attacks and panic attacks.

The only one I believe is the guy who apparently freaked out during The War Zone during...uh..."that scene", pulled a fire alarm and then had to be comforted by Tim Roth when he had a sobbing breakdown outside the theatre.

It’s a real thing. It feels like a rush of adrenaline and the inescapable thought that you’re about to die. Your heart races and you have trouble breathing.

Once my tendies were 15m late and i starting screaming and shitting my pants and smearing the walls with poop while chanting meatball recipes
I think that was a panic attack

it can be real.
often caused by jew genetics and malnutritioun

Wait until you get older (27-35). I said the same thing in HS.

The only time I had a panic attack (which happened privately, while on my couch) was when my wife almost lost 150k through sheer stupidity and laziness and I had one day to "fix it", which really just meant relying on a shifty banker to pick up the phone while he was on holiday.

I can't imagine being so fucking useless a movie would induce a panic attack.

Same. Had a wild one during Tusk in the theater lmao.

It's a real thing. I'm the dude who just mentioned the money. Just feels like a heart attack. A co-worker had one, similar circumstances, had just had a kid, was under pressure at work, and his family had put him on the hook for a yuge mortgage he couldn't repay on his own, and his brother, who was meant to come through, was overseas and not responding. Guy was basically looking at; Losing his job, losing his house and just had his first child. He thought he was having a heart attack or something. Ambulance came and just said it was a panic attack. He was pretty embarrassed.

How soft do you have to be to get panic attacks while watching a film?

I got it from the kid screaming in doctor sleep

i'm having a panic attack as the reality that i will never cuddle kstew sets in deeper and deeper.

if you get panic attacks anything can trigger them and they can have various degrees of severity. I think they’re poorly named to be honest I’m never scared when it happens it’s more of a rough physical reaction to nothing. You just ride it out until you feel better

>movie theaters are dying
>guy who makes movies that makes people want to leave the theater before its over still gets funding

lack of empathy is a sign of autism

Reminds me of the facebook moderators who tried to get compensation for PTSD from seeing gore videos being posted.

Yes, it's real. But I probably have an easy option. I start to have trouble breathing, it feels like I'm suffocating, my throat immediately dries up and my heart starts pounding. But luckily, these attacks have passed since I started dating a girl and getting sex.

Watching Kairo triggered an existential crisis. I had to drop out of a semester in college because I was having panic attacks all the time.

do they get paid?

My mom had something similar happen, only she actually passed out in the middle of the panic attack and scared the shit out of me and my dad.

>standing ovation at cannes
guaranteed trash
>walk outs at cannes
guaranteed kino

what is kairo

>That film had some satanic black magic shit going on
no wonder. it was made by a jew and starred a poo in the loo

I've never had a panic attack but I'd still enjoy putting a retard like you down.


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Not a panic attack, but Dear Zachary gave me an urge to attack random woman.

no, but when they put these warnings on horror/gore films it means im going to end the movie rock hard

No, but a lot of Cronenberg movies made me a little nauseous on first viewing. Scanners is an exception though, it gave me a headache instead.

people are such pussies these days.

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i have panic attacks for other stupid reasons but never from watching movies

Yes. Which makes it twice as funny, since Yea Forums jannies deal with 100 times worse, and all for free (and they no doubt save most of it for later viewing pleasure).

Uncut Gems was getting me close to one but luckily it ended before pushing me over

This. It's always only during pre-release viewings that things like this happen

What'd your wife do?

It's a thinly veiled attempt at drumming up interest from the actual audience for whatever fucked up shit Cronenberg is doing.

>come down with covid heart recently
>never had an anxiety or panic attack before
>have them all the time now
thanks for nothing, fauci

Is it good
that’s quite funny indeed m8
Uncut gems gave me a fuckin headache. I would like to see more serious sandler

Come on, faggot.

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I cried at Marley and Me. Does that count?

I'm Uncut Gems was hilarious because it did make me tense up, since it was so similar to dealing with my wife. She loved the movie, and found it hilarious how "real" it was. My tension turned to anger and wanting to put her head through a wall at that point.

Long and winding story, but basically a business deal of sorts, with 150k sitting in escrow. All she had to do was fax through signed copies of reports from her accountant and a passport photocopy by a certain date. She didn't, because she was dodging her accountant because she had "lost" 30k she owed to the government (spent it on god knows what/gambled it). Theoretically the other side of the deal could have said we failed close on the given ate and kept the 150k. Luckily I got them to push it a day, got her account to send the stuff through, drove her to a post office to get the passport done and then courier mailed it that night to their office.

Never marry a Jew, anglo-bros.

Once. While watching Mr. Mercedes.

My empathy is superseded by my extreme disdain for plebs.

>sitting down at table waiting for coffee to finish brewing in the morning
>looking at phone, laughing at stupid memes
>head start to feel warm
>pressure in head
>"huh, that's weird"
>heart starts beating, going from 65bpm to 140 within the span of two minutes
>start breathing fast
>feel light headed
>everything now feels like it's a dream
>think I need to lay down and calm down
>start to stand up and immediately collapse to floor
>chest pain
>left side starts to go numb
>think I'm having a heart attack
>try to dial 911
>start trembling and can't complete number and drop phone
>get chills
>laying on kitchen floor thinking i'm about to die
>after a minute chest pain goes away
>trembling stops
>start to go back to normal after 20 minutes of laying on the floor

sucks tbqh bro, wouldn't recommend it. at leas people who get anxiety attacks have some idea what triggers them, panic attacks are out of nowhere