Why do normies like this particular line so much? When BB was at peak popularity it was everywhere...

Why do normies like this particular line so much? When BB was at peak popularity it was everywhere. The line's delivery is shit, it's to fucking Skyler of all people,. and it comes off like Walt's trying really hard to be something he's not.

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good question fren, i will be following this thread

it means i can be a tough guy too VwV

I and the Sneed who feeds

isnt vince on record that this was meant to be cringe?
but then the audience lapped it up
that was season 4
helps explain the massive downturn in quality in season 5. vince knew he didnt need to worry so much about good writing because the audiences didnt give a flying fuck about it
big shame really
i like season 5 as i watched it but in retrospect it seems very cartoonish in comparison to earlier seasons

I imagine it was. The line def didn't stick with me. When I started seeing it in memes and shit I had to headscratch and go look for what the fuck they were even talking about.

I liked it in the context of "trouble comes knocking"

The show is about a corny middle aged man on a power trip , him saying cringe shit like "say my name" makes perfect sense for his character but that's way too complicated of an idea for brainlets like op, that's why you see threads like this all the time.

wishful fulfillment of le speshul le evil genius fantasy for many powerless, desparate, neoliberal normies and edgelords living under an all encompasing late capitalist post great recession modernity. the late 2000s and early 2010s started a trend of these antihero unstoppable super genius/evil (fargo s1, hanibal, dexter etc)

Breaking Bad is a nerd power fantasy. This line is a nerd sounding powerful.
>it comes off like Walt's trying really hard to be something he's not.
Yes and that’s the point. Walt is trying to pretend he’s this Chris Partlow type drug lord killer to Skyler and he’s not. When Gale needed to die, it was Jesse doing the killing and “knocking”. It’s Walt being the “blowfish”. Too bad normies interpreted the line without irony and just thought “he’s so cool!!! xD”

Season 5 is the most critically acclaimed season of television of all time.

Because it is one of the most badass moments in Breaking Bad when Walter finally tells his bitchy wife that he is the fucking danger, and she better keep her mouth shut and not interfere in his business.

Chills ran down my spine like a fucking racecar when I watched this scene, and personally I think this is the moment when Walt truly became Heisenberg, and that there would be no going back after this. Skylar began the conversation talking to Walt, however she ended it talking to Heisenberg

It's either this or crawl space. Walt went into the crawl space, but Heisenberg crawled out of it.


what's BB?


They miss the context of him being emasculated for the entire episode and him taking it out on his dumbass wife

I really liked his "I am the danger" line unironically. Am I a brainlet?

Holy fucking based


its always the shittiest lines that end up becoming catchphrases or quotes in movies and television.

edgy fedoracore went mainstream around that time which is also progenitor to the current chud wojak

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Shit like this is why if you ever talk to a smoothbrain about Sopranos, the only things they say are
>Hey remember the episode when the two guys are in the woods!?
>Tony died at the end!
BB was perfect for them. Yeah science!

You just like low brow stuff.

What else is there to mention? Most of the rest of the Sopranos is only enjoyable if you actually like watching the characters.

Sounds like a good material for copypasta

The biggest critical cope of all time.

I remember watching season 5 on AMC and it was extremely cringe. Every episode had a hashtag that was a line from the show. I remember one being "#AmIUnderArrest" and thinking yeah the show just jumped the shark.

>A show is only enjoyable if you like watching it

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>it comes off like Walt's trying really hard to be something he's not

That was literally the point.

Based walterchad

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I think OP's asking why so many people took it like it was a badass moment.

For me the "stay put of my territory" to those tough looking gangsters and them pissing their pants was even worse.



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i thought it was funny. walts on this cucked boomer powertrip fantasy for the whole series, and that moment showed it plain and simple. he was shopping for a new water heater ffs, the way he talks to the salesman is like something from king of the hill.

Keep going user. Tell us how the most acclaimed season ever made was bad the whole time but only you can see it for some reason.

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Well if you don’t like watching it it’s hard to see how you’d enjoy it.

I mean, I think it's the weakest season by far. The characterizations were way less interesting than in the first 4.

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Avatar and Avengers Endgame are the highest grossing movies of all time, does that make them the best?

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>caring about what critics say

You wouldn't get it cause you are prolly like 18 years old. You never experienced nigger knocking.

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>uhh actually it was meant to be cringe
I hate this cope

Also called Ding Ding Ditch

No, why?

So normies liking something should never be a metric of if a show is good.

>walt driving all the way to new mexico from Maine after having a nationwide manhunt for him
>somehow breaks into a billionaire's house with no alarms being set off.
>lydia dying because walt somehow put ricin in a splenda packet
>walt jerryrigging a fucking submachine gun to the trunk of a sedan angled just at the perfect angle of the neonazi HQ that it killed all of them just at the right time
its fucking CARTOONISH, I'm not saying that I'm the only one who feels this way but BB is just straight ridiculous masquerading as a serious drama.

It was greatly delivered, that's why I like it, I physically cringe when I see it used as a meme tho

I heard originally this was all supposed to cut back to him in his hideyhole in Maine, alone, imagining this ridiculous revenge fantasy.

Didn't test well so they just left it as what actually happened.

walt going to court to answer for his crimes or dying alone in maine would've been a much better ending but its not "satisfying" so they gave us a stupid safe ending where walt is a evil macgyver

''I AM the danger'' sat better with me, but even that was a bit cheesy.

I never liked the ''I am the one who knocks'' line as he'd saying it in response to someone getting shot in their doorway, but to knock someone's door is quite a polite thing to do, it's not that bad-ass. Like what does he do if they don't answer the door to his knocking?

If there's an assassin or someone like that after you they don't turn up to your house and knock your door do they.

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I think the original premise was to give everyone what they wanted, leave them cheering for the bad guy, then have it flash back to walt alone and miserable. Maybe his antics at the bar would finally be his undoing and the cops were closing on him and he'd crank the gas stove and blow himself up. Maybe nothing would happen and they'd play "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

Either way people don't like that shit. The show was never realistic, why should the ending be?
Also Jessie being left to rot in the redneck's compound was an unnecessarily lousy end for him.

BB was ok for the first season. Should have ended right then and there. Everything after was shit. Remember that fucking plane crashing interwoven with the story? That was fucking retarded.

That's fair

it was always cartoonish and funny. i liked the world it created. i hate the obsession with realism. walt literally gas bombs two guys in episode one. the cartoon laws of breaking bad don't detract from the character and story, they support it very well.


It was meant to make him sound kinda pathetic and scared and midwits ate it up as "omg epic catchphrase".

Season 2 was definitely the worst. No doubt.

The worst part about BrBa is definitely these big le epic reddit moments.

>The show was never realistic, why should the ending be?
The show is constantly compared to other serious dramas, people talk about its "realistic setting and motivations" and how it deals with serious topics. I can understand you seeing it as a roller-coaster ride because so did i but it definitely takes itself seriously

My main problem with the ending is that its too "safe" its too perfect. At least with the sopranos they dared to actually try something but for BB the ending felt market-tested and focus grouped.

>Also Jessie being left to rot in the redneck's compound was an unnecessarily lousy end for him.
I agree with you wholeheartedly Jesse really did not deserve all the bullshit that was handed to him by walt. I get that they wanted to illustrate that walt ruins the lives of everyone around him but it felt unnecessarily cruel

see post BB's unrealistic setting and characters definitely make for good & fun tv.

That's how you said Mad Men Season 5?

>Walt went into the crawl space, but Heisenberg crawled out of it.

Based as fuck

I for one definitely found it cringe. It would be one thing if Walt was actually like the leader of a big drug operation. He was just an upjumped meth cook with a massive ego. The fact that Skylar just showing concern for his safety and the safety of the family made Walt go on such a defensive spiel about himself really highlighted that

Bcuz dey stoopid
Any corny parrotable phrase is regurgitated en masse as some kind of ego salve, facts dont matter, its about fitting in. The first person who repeated it as something cool was shot down by a non retard, at which point a 3rd party retard got offended and agreed it was cool and bad ass, thus it was and is so. Why are you such a dorky nerd OP?
Aye tis