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based nigger hating third worlders

Do not redeem melanin, amigo

Niggers must not redeem

self hating*

they do this in hopes of being accepted by whites.

based philippines the most powerful race

I'm way more interested on what teh fuck is that green square in the middle of the Pacific ocean...is that R'lyeh?

The most whitest /pol/ users

based thirdwolder respecting the whites more than white themselves


>Internet racists
They mean /pol/ don't they?

They do this because the one nigger whose iq is above 50 has a life made unbearably hellish by his sub 50 brethren

>Everyone that dislikes blacks must be a white supremacist.
When will leftists understand that all white supremacists dislike blacks, but not everyone that hates them is a supremacist?

honorary whites

sirs we redeemed it

Thank you to my Brazilian, Mexican, Indian and Filipino brothers and sisters for waving the flag of my people.
t. Scandi aryan


Good morning sirs

Name their political bloc

yeah bro the lil kids screaming nigger on xboxlive sure were all from india

I wonder how much of the hatred is directed towards nogs.

they are not white supremacist they just hate niggers

well, at the eyes of white people, having an iq above 50 or not he's still a nigger and shouldn't leave his country and should be condemned to the hell of "fixing his own problem", as if such thing was even possible when you live among literal monkes.

what the green square in the pacific?

>green square island in the Pacific
Atlantis bros..?

Everyone hates black people. Whites are too low T to act on it.


tangina tanga talaga ng pilipinas gago kayo

because being an ethnic melting pot makes us acutely aware of the race problem. I still have to hear coworkers bitching about the country being "extremely racist" when there are black people everywhere and 70% of people have black ancestors.

Lol no I'm a pajeet and my family always gets uncomfortable in presence of nogs.

>pagpag eating shithole
>monkey eating shihole
>cartels and drug violent shithole
>curry rapist brown shithole

based Atlantis chads

Fucking late-stage capitalism. We're even outsourcing our racism to Pajeets.

i actually heard one travel cutie assistant or worker or whatever say shes tired of having to hear that shes racist because she refuses arab retards or other shitskins

Unlike westoids we kill our degenerates instead of worshipping them

Well thanks for reminding me people are degenerates.

God damn beaners love pretending to be white, don't they? I can totally believe this. The only people i've met who were openly racist have been mexicans.

takes one to know one

>In the Pacific


Oye we hate those niggers vato, we gonna kill them moderfuckers ese

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It's weird how racist India is lmao. Nogs are actively avoided and never given a place to live. An African drug dealer was beaten to death in Delhi last year


Self awareness*

Go worship St floyd whitey

>still haven't seen a spic-nigger race war that results in the genocide of niggers
sigh. One day, hopefully.

It keeps getting teased but never actually happens

Plus brownoids are already accepted by whites

It's even sadder than that, these guys believe they're aryans and brown brazillians and indians will argue about how white they are, they really believe this.

you streetshitters don't look much different from them.

didnt nigs try to genocide their race from another tribe a couple of times these past century ?

Clearly not considering you have fuckers in India eating shit, and cartels in Mexico kidnapping entire classes of college students

Atlantis is in the Atlantic. The sunken city in the Pacific is R'lyeh.


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At least we don't worship them.

Yeah you're right wasting perfectly good food is degenerate.

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Bagong pilipinas bagong mukha

Fuck curry eaters

I hate cholos so fucking much bros. Being Texan is painful. Thank God I was not born in California or something.

It seems to me that there are more Asians and Italians in Brazil than whites.

I was sitting on the bus in high school 14 years ago and the niggers and spics ran at one another like two walls colliding. Shoes were flying all over the place.

I'm from Asia and there are a bunch of Africans that sneaked into my country and guess what they're all involved in all sorts of illegal stuffs like drug dealing, scamming and what not. Similar things happening in neighbouring countries as well. Malaysia even had to ban several African countries from migrating there.