Post horror films to watch at night

post horror films to watch at night

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ain't clicking that shit

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It Could Happen to You (1994)

Post horror films to watch during the day first.

The Spine of Night (2021)

Evil Dead
Black Christmas
The Exorcist
House of Death (1981)


The house that jack built.

the last horror i enjoyed was

chutul and tomboy = good

scooby doo 2 monster island

The sex tape i made with your mom

I masturbated/edged throughout the entirety of August Underground Mordum today,the gut-fucking scene was something I started fantasizing about before it happened and once it was actually happening I couldn't resist my body's temptation to masturbate.
Just felt like admitting to this somewhere.

just cut off your dick

I'll probably never use it anyway apart from just jerking off and pissing,but I also have gender identity issues so its something which might actually happen,then again it is more likely for me to off myself anyway,but nobody here is in any place to judge imo,at least I dont blame women for my own problems

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

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Whoa you're so weird my dude

you all will enjoy this
Cabin Fever(2002)

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i liked the drill kill but can't remember anything else beyond the garage and possibly a pool

Last Shift. The one about the haunted police station.

Tried watching a movie how my mom does with Underwater. Put on subtitles and look up from playing a game on your tablet when something sounds interesting


Cannibal Holocaust

The Poughkeepsie Tapes
Drag Me to Hell
The Collector
Trick 'r Treat
The House That Jack Built

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Ils (Them), it has a great candlelit sequence btw

Skeleton Key.

Builds up a great creepy mood, and ends with a truly horrifying twist.

This many posts and no The Thing? TF is wrong with you cunts today?

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it ain't that good

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white ghost red ghost
prince of darkness
lord of illusions


It's just mindless body-horror a la Cronenburg

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
Suspiria (original)

always felt more like a middle of the day movie to me

>The Spine of Night (2021)

The animation is bad and the story kinda meh but I still liked it

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Do you feel like this is something you've gradually fallen into? As a qualifier, if you had some strange and transgressive urges as a child a few times that doesn't negate the question.

nah you are

Btw contrary to the memes you def shouldn't kill yourself. I don't know what situation you're in and without imposing my belief systems I'll just say that it has been utterly fascinating how much weight has been lifted off of my chest in the past year, despite my material conditions worsening. Just to say, I know there's at least a possibility that things might substantially improve for you user.

The Descent

mah man

Who Took Johnny?

My crypto portfolio

>t.pic rel

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That movie sucked fucking dick.

is this a remake?

please explain how thinking The Thing is more enjoyable at 2pm than at midnight makes me a zoomer. inb4 buzzwords or a reaction image

I can't remember the last horror film that was truly scary, thrillers and slow burns work better. It's more effective if the movie is somewhat believable and has a clever script, not just "turn off your brain bro" tier.
>inb4 r*ddit
The Fourth Kind had some really unsettling scenes, you know which if you've seen it.

fucks sake trans isn't a gender how can there be a "fourth kind"


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sinister was ok

Sinister is cool but the sound design damn near ruins it with the loudest stingers ever in a movie

Just showing that its me
This is one of those things I can't put my head around,I'm italian,20 years old,and I was born in a normal family,but being a huge introvert from the start and with the early internet access,I guess it was kinda meant to happen anyway,altough I will admit that I believe I would have been a weird person no matter what,I've always been a weird kid even before I knew how to count.
There's always some hope,but it gets pretty faint most times,I'll get a driving license and a job soon tho,so I guess I can only find out how life'll be once it actually starts

holy fucking PLEB alert

20 is nothing bro. Give it a shot. Also try abstaining from shit that you wouldn't want people to know about irl. At least in my experience I was surprised at how quickly it dissipated

There are also ways of embracing weirdness that don't result in suicide or mutilation. It can be difficult to overcome patterns of thinking and behavior but we are ultimately malleable

I admire your honesty user

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watched Blair Witch at night next to a window facing the woods and I was scared as shit.

Also seconding V/H/S