How did this shit psyop a whole generation of "redpilled fashy goy" altright zoomers into thinking that chinks are "le...

How did this shit psyop a whole generation of "redpilled fashy goy" altright zoomers into thinking that chinks are "le based"?

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Most zoomies have no idea what this is outside of the fat spergs who sit alone at lunch

Whose memeing the "its all so tiresome" reaction images then?

for me it's Africa Addio

lmao its just a short documentary of chinks trying to make something and the congolese being absolute retards and turbo corrupt
>what's a meme
unironically kys

This doc just proved that Chinese people are autistic.

Altright zoomers are retarded, just like their genX, boomer, etc forbears. The actual doc does not argue for chinese colonialism, but more shows a tension between congolese economic/sovereignty interests and chinese economic interests

Honestly yeah, i got the impression that these guys have no filter

Who said I didn't know what a "may may" was, user?

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People like laughing at Africans because Africans are so lazy and retarded.

>t. millionth retard on Yea Forums who doesn't know what a psyop is

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It simply highlights that energy and drive are essential. We must learn from the Chinese and be ruthlessly self-interested

Oh no was the chinaman rude to the heckin niggerinos?

It didn't. Anyone with a brain can see that the Chinaman is equally as incompetent but in different ways.

It's literally not about chinks though. It's about retarded africans.

its been 2000+ years and africans still haven't invented anything and still cook food in dirt.

This doco got me into listening to Lee Hazlewood

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You are the kind of person who read a paper and take the words from the author as gospel even when the data indicate something else.

That's an odd take OP. Me and the people I saw it with all took it as depicting the Chinese as invading Africa and halfassed colonizing it while also showing them flogging the dead horse that is post European Africa.
It's the best form of satire. Living in Africa is so bad that the Chinese management would rather live back in Liveleak Land and the smartest Africans can only hope to act as mediators and translators for their feral brethren.
The documentary also gives naive westerners a look into the "african languages" which are just a few french and English words scattered through slurred pidgin

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>chinanon is in a documentary about his company
>”goddamn these blacks are lazy, i hate and feel sorry for these guys.”
It’s not a good look is what i’m saying

>implying you can even read

>How did this shit psyop a whole generation of "redpilled fashy goy" altright zoomers into thinking that chinks are "le based"?
What the fuck are you talking about? "Altright Zoomies" are likely only going to take away that their view on Africans is also shared by the Chinese that interact with them

You know what, here's a challenge for both of you:

Define the Alt-Right formally.

Nobody thinks the Chinese are based just Yang and he's at his wit's end because of Congolese bullshit.

> Who made this measuring tape?

I'm sure the chinks were horrified to see this behaviour

>Define the Alt-Right formally.
Easy. Donald Trump superfans.

Based. I miss strong economies.

>Define the Alt-Right
Ooh that’s hard, defining what is essentially a buzzword and self-identifying group.

There’s no real way to be correct here but I use it to refer to the american brand of a blend between libertarianism and fascism (the latter defined by antiliberalism, anticonservatism, and anticommunism).

I’m sure someone at the party said ”this is bad for our image of brotherly win-win cooperation with Africa, have a chat with those that took part in the documentary.”

> (the latter defined by antiliberalism, anticonservatism, and anticommunism).
Basically the only good people.


Would you say its all so tiresome?

I'm sure nothing of the sort happened

Cringe civnat boomer

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Because it is fun to watch other races aside from just my own shit of niggers.

>defining what is essentially a buzzword and self-identifying group.
The label isn't a self identifying one, it's quite explicitly a label applied on a group external to "theirs".

Millennials, retard.

why did it take so long for garrison to realize that trump was just another jewish puppet?

Donald Trump himself is not alt-right, it should be noted. He’s just pretty dumb.

>After leaving the Trump administration, Tillerson spoke to Bob Schieffer about his tenure: "It was challenging for me coming from the disciplined, highly process-oriented Exxon Mobil corporation ... to go to work for a man who is pretty undisciplined, doesn't like to read, doesn't read briefing reports, doesn't like to get into the details of a lot of things, but rather just kind of says, 'This is what I believe.'"

>Speaking to members and staffers of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in May 2019, Tillerson said he and Trump "shared a common goal: to secure and advance America's place in the world and to promote and protect American values", but he noted they do not share the same "value system". Asked to describe Trump's values, he replied, "I cannot."

wow, so thats where it came from? ive posted it quite a bit over the years, never knowing the origin

Kek exactly.

>lower class wages increased the most
>small private companies taxed less
>gdp per capita showed significant growth
Don’t care still based.
Based I miss strong economies.

It was coined and initially used by republicans who did not identify with ”mainstream” republicans.

It is also a buzzword that’s used pretty indiscriminately. Re-read my post, there’s an ”and” in there.

>he thinks GDP is real

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It's not about chinks being based, it's about a very, very tired Chinese man dealing with niggers. It's all so tiresome.

We don't need the milenials to foster our memes, we spread them just fine our self.

>ignoring the main metric by which to judge an economy’s well-being
You do you I guess.

It isn't

Amount of whites?

I could see a correlation
Oh ok I’ll just believe you instead of my Econ professor

>It was coined and initially used by republicans who did not identify with ”mainstream” republicans.
No it was not. It was "coined" by Richard Spencer, and created/used independently during the 2016 election cycle. most notably by Hillary Clinton.

>It is also a buzzword that’s used pretty indiscriminately.

>Re-read my post, there’s an ”and” in there.
It's an irrelevant distinction, as the context we're talking about is it being a label applied by others onto a group.

>my Econ professor
You can always download books online for free and not have to listen to some overpaid babysitter tell you things

All trade is imperialism.

Books on GDP not existing? It’s literally just a calculation based off existing assessable values.

Who cares?

>Based I miss strong economies.
during the 50s when america was at its peak, the corporate tax rate was in the 80% range.

It's really weird this film is rarely talked about let along being know in the Chinese speaking part of the internet
I guess it made china look back and they shut it down
And it doesn't help it was more or less a independent documentary

t. Taiwanese

Yeah because we were the worlds biggest exporter after competitors were wrecked from WWII. Not tax rates.


Damn that’s a good one

>>it’s hard to define something that is a buzzword -and- (lines for emphasis) a self-identifying group
>bwuhh that’s an irrelevant distinction because people called other people altright, even though it was coined and popularized by a guy who called himself altright
Nevermind that i don’t think this is internally coherent and i don’t really understand what exactly you’re trying to argue here, do you get what ”and” means?

>means anything
>muh econ professor
par for the course with the current quality of universities

kys adl fag