Was it the advertisement that failed this movie?

Was it the advertisement that failed this movie?
Seriously who would ever want to want to watch the movie based on THIS

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theguardian.com/film/2022/apr/10/the-northman-director-robert-eggers-interview#:~:text=Still, the film's rich historical,, he says

Why do you post about this movie every hour?

A better question would be, why is there such a false narrative around this film, acting like it failed?

>made 50million
>cost 180million
>acting like it failed
lmao ok.

She looks bogged as fuck and it's disturbing, couldn't enjoy her scenes because she looked out of place.

rent free.

Once they sell the rights to the movies to a streaming service it will definitely make them money. It underperformed, but it wasn’t disastrous either. By the time it leaves theaters it will probably have matched its budget, then they have a little bit of a cash cow for decades

>cost 180 million
Budget was originally 60 million and due to Covid delays ballooned to around 85 million

It cost around 70 to 90 mill counting their advertising costs

They didn't help

ok, still didnt made its money back, so it can be considered a failure.

So it needs 180 million box office to break even
It failed

Why is it so important to you that it failed?

The thread is about it

He doesn’t have a life or any friends so this is the sort of thing he ends up caring about

It wasn't an "epic" CGI fest with quips. Gladiator would flop too if it was released today

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are you kidding me lol, the thread is about it.
also its important because you sure as shit wont see another eggers big budget movie again anytime soon.
for him its marvel and indies for the next 20 years now.

Good, Gladiator was overrated shit

It will make money on VOD / streaming too though.

As are the 20 other threads you make about it every day.
>Eggers will only make good films again from now on
Cool, that seems like an upside?

Ok, not really, but why do you care


wont be enough anytime soon, maybe it has made its money back in 10 years, but noone gives a shite about that in hollywood.

I can't believe Varg hasn't seen it yet.

>/int/ards know it's VIKANGZ fatigue
>fa/tv/irgins still don't know

Zoomers are ugly mutts who like ugly people. There is literally nothing wrong with this poster and she looks good in it.

thats the stupidest explaination at all, the viking hype was 10 years ago with the show and died pretty quickly after that, wtf are you talking about?

the biggest reason it failed is that eggers will never have mass appeal and the guy who greenlit this movie was on LSD apparently.

Why is it so important to you that you have to make 3 threads about it each hour?

>There’s even a cameo from Icelandic pop deity Björk, in her first film in 17 years. Still, the film’s rich historical idiom, rampant spirituality and ambiguous heroism feel far more Eggers than its blockbuster budget ($70m, he says)
theguardian.com/film/2022/apr/10/the-northman-director-robert-eggers-interview#:~:text=Still, the film's rich historical,, he says
70 million budget

You do know like .1% of people who went to see it did it because it’s Vikings. The medieval era will always appeal to a certain amount of people, but the main draw to the movie is the action and the story

Good thing Eggers doesn't need Hollywood budgets to make kino, see VVitch / Lighthouse.
Northman exists and is a fantastic movie, why do I care if some Hollywood jew lost shekels?

because its kino

i love eggers movies, nothing puts me to deep sleep quite like it.

user, you don't get 100% of the money of the box office, you do realize this right?
Even if the budget was 70 million (there are sources about 90 million but who knows) it needs to make twice as that in the box office to break even

Friendly reminder that OP will never be woman.

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already am

He's the Northman?

That was the case precovid days. You have who franchises that cost a fortune to get the rights of such as dune, that they not only realized in theaters, but also realized for free the same day on HBO, which would’ve seriously hurt the box office numbers. The Northman was highly rated enough that it will demand a very high price to whoever wants to buy it. Maybe it’s not a movie people felt like going out to see in theaters, but when they see it on their queue, they’ll want to watch it. This shift happened around covid time, but even a little before, streaming services were growing and beginning to get more of the market. Rental sales, blu-ray copies, and especially streaming services will make this movie profitable. People who say otherwise are retarded. And the people on Yea Forums, well, some of them are unfortunately autistic and detached from the real world. It probably is right around its projections still. Although I guess maybe it’s slightly behind i don’t really know

The "movie" doesn't break even. There is no Northman Inc. with a big hole in its balance sheet.
Everyone who worked on the film got paid. The only people out of pocket are the studios that financed it. So what?
Lots of studios have had flops and survived. Lots of big name directors have had flops and still carried on making movies, sometimes with the same studio, sometimes with new studios.

>it's you ! you're the Northman !

The promos did have the look of a cheap hbo show to them.

for some reason all movies about medieval/viking/sailing shit never do well at the box office. Despite them being incredibly successful on tv.

seriously it's a known thing that dudes in armor = box office poison. I have no idea why, it just is.

Troon op confirmed

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I saw it with a normie friend who loves all the capeshit. He didn’t like it, too artsy and slow paced . Had no gay quips to break the tension and no big battle scenes. It just doesn’t appeal to the average mouthbreather . I enjoyed it

what is this vikings fatigue meme? fatigued from what

Probably how much rowing they do

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As fucked up as her face was throughout, she did a really solid job in the scenes she was in.

Nicole is basically a wretched winch in real life, so she’s meant to play those roles now. I won’t lie, I think she nailed it too. But it’s Queen-esque to be getting plastic surgery after you hit the wall and are getting old, so it sort of fit Almeth’s mom okay, and enhanced the vibe I got from her character