The single worse ending of any show in the history of television

The single worse ending of any show in the history of television

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>The single worse ending of any show in the history of television
The Sopranos


you must have missed dexter: new blood


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Ozark is pretty fucking bad. Top 3 all time shitty finales for me personally.

This shit went 3-4 seasons longer than it should have

what was so bad about it? i've never seen a single episode of this show. please spoil it for me.

Dexter exists, you know. So does GoT and SnK.

I don't plan on watching it. What made it so bad?

The entire show, all 9 seasons are about Ted telling his kids the story of how i met their mother, in the final episode its revealed she died and that he really wanted to fuck Robin his friend all along and the fine shot is him going to Robins house with that blue horn so he can bang her while his kids sit at home crying about their dead mum

Ozark was kino though

just finished it, shit ending
first thing I said when it finished. completely unfulfilling. Wanted Wendy to get garrotted by the cartel

its on par with the rest of the show, pure garbage


Jesus Christ, this has to be bait

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how did quantum leap end?

it was a terrible show, what do you expect

i can't believe lana rhoades is ted's daughter

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Wait what?

>single worse

Fuck off, ESL.


t. ESL

They get shot and there is a timeskip and everything's fine, right? What was that about? Screenwriters tried to have the bad and good ending at the same time?

dexter new blood has one of the best endings ever

>in the final episode its revealed she died
that was revealed many episodes earlier.
>while his kids sit at home crying about their dead mum
it was years after her death

They wanted to do a 9th season i believe but Stana Katic the lead female wanted more money so they just ended the show instead, sad stuff

nice larp

St. Elsewhere ended with the revelation that the entire show was in the imagination of an autistic child with absolutely no foreshadowing that it was anything other than a normal hospital show before the last scene.

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larp? How is that making any sense? I've only stated what's in the show.

I liked it and I don't understand why R*ddit was so mad about it.

What was the alternative ending? He finally found the mom and lived happily ever after? That would've been dull as fuck. I think the ending added more nuance to the show and it was wholesome.

Also, the song was kino:

HIMYM is better than Friends

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Not two and a half men?

Main character is killed by crazy girl, haha not really she had him locked up in basement for years lol, oh he got out and he's coming back? JUST KIDDING A PIANO DROPS OUT OF THE SKY AND KILLS HIM and the fucking butthurt writer comes out and says "Winning" to mock him.

i can't believe lana rhoades is ted's daughter

Early Castle was great though and Stana Katic was pure sex

>kids gather round I have to tell you how...
>daddy NO I have to go outside and do some yoga videos for youtube

the single worse? worse than what?

WHatever helps you sleep at night


Yeah i'd 100% recommends the first 4 seasons of Castle to anyone, its really fucking good and comfy as fuck early on, Its ok season 5 onwards

>hasn't seen both Dexter endings

Single worse than your post, bazinga

Chuck Lore was butthurt and wanted to fuck with Charlie just because the series went to shit after he left. The ending was just the result of that.

Unironically the first 2 seasons of Two and a Half men are pretty good

love how some redditor/user posted up his prediction of the show and what would happen to the mother and how it's all really about robin. it even made it on the news, so the last two or three seasons was the creators trying to say 'no that's not true' and made bs storylines.

I'll actually defend the end of Quantum Leap. Yeah, it's sad that he never returned home, but at the same time, it's actually empowering and the bartender's revelation that this whole time he has the ability to leap to where he wants and help others instead of himself cements Dr. Sam Beckett as one of the most noble, selfless, and goodest heroes in the history of television.

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The only foreshadowing you need is the name of the hospital. Elsewhere. Actually genius and kino.

I mean if they wanted to make Ted and Robin end up together all along why not just make her the mother, why make her infertile and have her and Barney get literally married. It was so fucking retarded

kek what the fuck

that's where the creator stepped in and created those bs storylines to not give credence to that 'whistle blower'. but in the end it was always going to be about robin.

It was very comfy when Jake was still just a little boy

So he ruined his own show to dab on some redditor? Kinda based i guess

>he hopes the next jump is the jump home the entire show
>he never goes home

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i took it that he stepped into the accelerator to help his only friend 'al', which is why many of the leaps relate to al. the accidental death of the nurse, the photograph of him being captured, al's sister, etc.


Think of the rest of the show as his Agony in the Garden moment, and in the final episode he stops asking for this cup to be taken from him.

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Is Quantum Leap good? literally never seen it but thinking of downloading it

But what is the significance of the blue horn?

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it's fuckin great

Its from the very first episode, Ted and Robin go on a date and Ted steals it from a restaurant for her

Ok time to get it

first date and he blows it with her, literally (steals it from the restaurant they go because he wants to impress her). then goes back to her place and ask her to marry her.

It's fantastic. Very cozy, very funny, the lead characters Al and Sam have great chemistry, and like I said, you'd be hard pressed to find a "gooder"/more moral character than Sam (it's one of the few mainstream shows to constantly reference God as guiding a mission, but not in a preachy way either). Also some neat aesthetics in the future episodes.