In your opinion, is it fair to say that Padme is a canonical groomer?

In your opinion, is it fair to say that Padme is a canonical groomer?

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No, they only knew each other for like a week and didn't see each other again until Anakin was an adult.

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Being a queen she probably had people to do her hair brushing and stuff for her.

Those handmaidens did more than just brush her hair

Aren't they 14 and 9? Five years difference, episode 2 is a decade after right? So by the time she starts getting wet for him he's 19 and she's 24? That seems less weird if those are the proper ages.

It's weird to take a sexual interest in people you knew as preteen children

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No it's not, what the fuck? Especially if you haven't seen each other for a long time

That's...not a normal outlook

Y'all acting like Watto didn't have him acting as a shota prostitute when the shop wasn't turning a profit

Get the fuck out of here, clown.

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Nah, they didn't see each other for like 10 years after this, and when they reunited it was Anakin who'd had a long crush on her and wanted to push for a relationship.

Some women like younger guys. Older girls always treated me weird and still do. My manager is 34 and im 28 and shes always doting on me and giving me chocolate

Lucas ruined this kid's life. He could have just made Anakin a teenager or in 20's at the start of the story like it was supposed to be in the OT.

She didn't think Anakin was hot until he returned age 20 and a rising star in the Jedi ranks. It really isn't weird at all. In TPM she thinks he's a quirky little boy.

If you start hitting on people you knew as kids, people are going to start questioning what you were thinking back then OP, that's how it is, sorry to break it to you. It isn't normal behavior.

She thinks he is funny, but does she think he is cute?

it's absolutely normal, healthy, and fine.

>he's a quirky little boy.
This is how women have always treated me


Pitty hot

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thinking what? I literally sucked on my childhood friend's pussy when we were like 9

Then you're a pedophile

Unfathomably incorrect.

Of course. Why else is Anakin so angry? Nothing really illustrates his slide into madness all that well and it just makes sense that compounding years of unacknowledged abuse would send him into the insanity of darthing it up.

It's predatory to take sexual interest in anyone that was a ever a child like they were literally a child atone point. Men are gross.

>Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.

You're exaggerating to make it sound absurd. Everyone was a child. Doesn't make it okay for you to sexualize poeple you knew as children.

He didn't exaggerate anything.

This. You should only fuck people who were born adults

Being a powerless slave boy who got sold this idea of being a super powerful chosen one by an old man, left his home only to find out that he is once again a powerless slave boy to this organization

Nobody sad that

you're telling me that song is all wrong then?

>Doesn't make it okay for you to sexualize poeple you knew as children
ok but why? you're not children anymore.

Youre just making rules up at this point.

I know people who have been together since their childhood. But then again i live in a society where people trust one another and don't suspect the devil behind every tree.

These faggots:
are saying that.

they hadn't seen each other in the years between ep1 and ep2, and by that time they were both adults

Not really. He was hitting on her. Just like Weird Al said. But Herschlag is a kike so I wouldn't put it past her. The movies ruined the kid's fucking entire life.

>is friendly with a kid
Americans are mentally ill.

Well, those are me, and I'm not saying that, so no, not actually

LOL shut up faggot.

I would have groomed teen Nat if you know what I mean

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>Man talks to a child in a movie.
He's a pedophile!!!

So fucking exhausting.

That's a boy

I think the rumor was she had some kind of hygiene thing and smelled sweaty on set until someone talked to her, so might want to hold off on that

Actually it's a woman, unless you think women can't be pedophiles

Let me know when you're ready to make a point

like the other user said, I know people that have been together since they first started at secondary school. it's not common but it happens.

Sounds like they're the same age, and not a teenager hitting on a child.

No. She didn't speak to him about her sexuality and if he wanted to be a girl if he wanted too.

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>and if he wanted to be a girl if he wanted too.

you said it's wrong to be attracted to people you knew when they were kids though.

I didn't realize I would need an autism disclaimer for people that fall in love in school, vs. a fifteen or sixteen year old girl flirting with a nine year old.

we clearly have different ideas of what flirting is.

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you've convinced me user, she was clearly fingering his asshole in this scene

Nobody said that either. Every time you're wrong, you exaggerate and try to wriggle out of it

>You're a funny little goy.

>wearing autism shoes
>wearing the "my feet hurt" look
is she one of us