Be highest grossing film of all time

>be highest grossing film of all time
>have zero cultural impact
>nobody remembers a single line of dialogue
>nobody remembers the name of any of the characters
>nobody remembers a single plot point beyond le funny blue people living on wacky floating island planet
James Cameron is a soulless hack

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I wish sometimes we could just talk about movies instead of relying on disingenuous bait.

so just like every other movie

>This is what butthurt haters actually believe
Cry more

>Джeйк Caлли
Я пoмню из мнoгих, aнoн

The whole "evolving with technology to the point that it all looks organic and primitive to an outsider" stuck with me but I was pretty young and not well versed in scifi.

>zero cultural impact

Because it was all about spectacle. Nobody cared about characters, plot or whatever.

>Cultural impact!=reddit memes

The movie wasn't good, people just wanted to see the effects.

>nobody remembers a single line of dialogue
Turok Makta
>>nobody remembers the name of any of the characters
Jake Sully and Neytiri
>>nobody remembers a single plot point beyond le funny blue people living on wacky floating island planet
Handicap man replaces his twin brother to pilot the body of a giant blue alien to help the evil white colonials exploit the planet from the inside, but scientist girl wants peaceful coexistance, Jake Sully learns to respect the Smurfs and fucks the hot Neytiri princess (this causes some Pocahontas trouble), then he rebels and joins them. Evil white colonialists burn down home tree and are gonna burn down sacred ancestor tree but final fight at the end the Smurfs win.

the gooose best role

>have zero cultural impact
>nobody remembers a single line of dialogue
who cares? are you an epic memelord?
>nobody remembers the name of any of the character
doesn't matter. no one remembers this besides nerds
>nobody remembers a single plot point
now that's just trolling

The sad thing is that times have changed. People now unironically support corporations after generations of conditioning and as long as they can consoom and lie around idle they don't care what gets destroyed to feed their voracious void of empty nothing. So this is actually very common take now, and I very much doubt the sequels will survive the pro-corporate American need to murder everything for its resources to turn into cheap garbage chocking in landfill.

It sucks being Gen X. On one end we had delusional boomers, on the other delusional millenizooms. I fucking hate this planet. Which, ironically, is kinda what this movie was about.

love goose.

it's true, this is place has become like twitter for garbage babies

>zero cultural impact
niggas out here at Disney waitin' up to 3 HOURS for the Avatar ride. You don't do that for something without impact

Пoцeлyю мoю зaлyпy зaлyпy лyпy

wow a gen Xer who hates America and blindly believes the "raping the natural world" myth.
so shocking.

It might surprise you to know that it isn't as simple as corporations bad, nature good.

In this age no movie can have a lasting cultural impact. Everyone is overstimulated by entertainment and various content

Never felled compelled to watch it a second time. Just watched some clips on youtube: it's still shit.

It was Pocahontas in space who gives a shit

That's not true, I vividly remember that awesome monologue from the general about how mankind will look down on the aliens' tomb from the stars.

This is a redditor that memorized a review he saw somewhere else, probably RLM/youtube. Your 'assessment' is soulless. All you can do is regurgitate other people's opinions on different platforms, hoping that someone finds you interesting. You can't rope yourself fast enough.

>believes the "raping the natural world" myth
Right, the myths of mass extinction and climate change.

More like the myth that some slave-raping cannibal injun was morally superior to you because he shit in a ditch instead of a toilet

>nobody remembers a single line of dialogue

>Right, the myths of mass extinction and climate change.
Unironically yes.

>Mass extinction
just because some cats and sailors killed all the helpless native species of some isolated islands doesn't mean the world is ending. It's just natural selection. It's sad but natural. I personally want to protect all the helpless flightless parrots in the world and keep them alive, but if they die just as a result of us finding them, it's just nature.

>climate change
It's literally always been changing, and even calling it climate change instead of global warming is admitting that you've moved the goal posts for your myth. The planet was warming at about the same rate before humans ever started burning coal. All catastrophic projections of global warming have been proven to be extremely alarmist and inaccurate. The planet is warming, but not at a rate that is dangerous to life or more extreme than we have seen in the past. Humans contribute a tiny bit to said warming, but are dwarfed by natural events such as sun spots and volcanoes. You have no understanding of geologic and climate history. You bought a myth.

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I remember a line of dialogue. "Jake Sully." She says it like 20 times too so technically I remember 20 lines. Also "unobtainium"

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Imagine coping daily over a trailer

lmao @ chuds

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Weird how Cameron brought Raimi on to direct this scene.

Back to your capeshit threads, zoomie

>nobody remembers a single line of dialogue
This is Papa Dragon-- i'm gonna have to dispute tat

This, but unfortunately we’re adding (yous) to the bait. As a conscientious person who tries to do my civic duties to the board I usually ignore baity threads and try to respond to good threads, but there’s none really rn anyway

When this makes another 2 billion, what will you say then?

You can immediately feel his presence and impact. Apparently there was actually a ton of similar cut content that didn't make it into the final film.

"Disney bought 90% of the tickets"

The fact he just calls himself Papa Dragon in the middle of a genocide will never not get a smile out of me.

>a single line of dialogue
We must stop them
>Name of a character
Pandora, Colonel Kilgore
>Plot point
Jake connecting his hair to the tree to speak with the ancestors

>le zero cultural impact meme

what is that even supposed to mean? lel

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Eat shit, nigger.

it has cultural impact for how many of these threads the movie has generated

If you google "Avatar funkopop" you get shit from that kids show instead of this.

> He thinks the world is heading toward another ice age.

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Oh wow, heckin funkopops?! Yeah, I remember how popular those things were back when Avatar released.

You absolutely retard.


>A quote misattributed to your movie is better than your entire script

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How did you get that from what I said, you absolute retard?

Avatar was just a normal movie. Normal movies don't generate fandoms. A normal movie has a relevancy lifecycle of about a year, even people who LOVE the movie will stop talking about it after that.

Some properties are better suited to creating fandoms
>tv shows/cartoons
>video games
These things have much longer and wider avenues for engagement. Video games you play for multiple hours, TV shows may last months. Franchises may last decades, and have multiple movies a year, plus a whole economy of books, games, tv shows, events, etc.

Fandoms slowly took over after avatar, partially because the internet grew fully normie in the 2010s, and it became a lot easier to engage in fandom. You didn't have to subscribe to magazines and go to events to be a "fan".
Some relevant dates
>iphone 2007
>iron man 2008
>avatar 2009
Obviously there's lag in developing these strats and developing properties to fully exploit these things.
But now the fandom thing is really important, even arthouse films employ this strat. That's exactly what a24 does.
The reason why it's important is because views aren't all alike. A view on twitch is worth more than a view on tiktok. The twitch viewer is more dedicated, more of a "whale", they'll give attention for hours but a tiktok user gives it for seconds.
A fan works as an advertising node, they can create more fans and they can generate interest. A fan will see everything you make, a viewer is transient.
"cultural relevancy" isn't organic most of the time. A "cult classic" would be an exception.

Avatar was a very popular thing to talk about at the time, but mostly it was about the technology and 3D stuff. But you weren't seeing memes about it like you would today. The main cultural "meme" at the time was nerd chic, which was about older stuff like star trek, comics, and 8-bit games. And internet memes were a totally different thing, and not at all mainstream. I think only lord of the rings and star wars had internet memes.

I remember it being packaged for free on phones back then. Seems like the absolute worst movie for a phone screen

Memes mean a movie is memorable. Nobody's gonna make memes quoting dialogue or situations that nobody knows

I don't remember that.
It's possible you bought a DVD that came with a digital code and that's where you got the copy on your phone.

Keep coping

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Bold claim.

>nobody remembers a single plot point beyond le funny blue people living on wacky floating island planet
Didn't the main character forget about a diplomatic mission to get some blue alien hussy? funkopop

Well, that was the mission in a way. He had to gain their trust and become one of them in order to gather as much intel on them as possible, to increase the effectiveness of a first strike if it was required. Alternatively, he had to negotiate their relocation. The latter of which he eventually realises is not going to be possible.

What kind of point did you think you were making here?

What kind of point did a manchild bringing up funkopops as an argument think he was making?