The last two movies you watched are now a single crossover movie

>the last two movies you watched are now a single crossover movie

How good is the new movie, Yea Forums?

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Braveheart and Leaving Las Vegas

... I don't know if this is good.

King Kong vs Godzilla & Mothra vs Godzilla. There's no difference, Mothra stomps everyone still but now a monkey is there

Dr. Strange 2 and Deep Rising. Not bad actually.

Sonic 2 and Strange 2. Has potential to be kino.

The Batman and The Crow.. nothing changes because it's the same movie.

Dr Strange 2 and The Northman. Idk? I guess the Northman is more colourful now at least

>RRR and An elephant sitting still
Guess the Indians convince the Chinese to not be depressed by dancing?

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Frightfully well, since you ask. Saw "Dog" (2022) and then "The Wild Beasts" (1984). The former is about a retired military service dog with PTSD, and the later is about PCP in the water supply turning zoo animals into crazed killers and rampaging across a city.

Troll 2 x annihilation sounds kino to me

Django and the batman
I think they would make a great team

>In the Mood for Love
>Fallen Angels

Not really sure. Think it was Lancelot du Lac and The Agony and The Ecstasy. Crossover would be either extremely kino or absolutely terrible. Depends on what's taken from what.

>The Batman and El Camino: Breaking Bad

It would be kind of interesting to see Jesse trying to run away from Batman

AmbuLAnce x Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
It would be an incredible clusterfuck

>An elephant sitting still
how is that movie?

Treasure Island and Black Panther

Based pirates looting all the vibranium from the savages

>Shin Godzilla
>The Sadness

ShinGoji's radiation being responsible for a mutation that turns a harmless flu into the virus from Crossed? I'd watch it.

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>the last two movies you watched are now a single crossover movie
Demolition Man.
The Running Man.

Sounds based to me.

Hellraise 2 and Liar Liar, Jim bros...

how many people just looked her in the eyes and fapped hard do you reckon?

>you look like a good bat...

I'd watch it.

Chungking Express x Kramer vs Kramer
I guess it could work in theory at least, in some weird Chinese breakup story

>Star Trek II
>Star Trek III

>Better Call Saul S06E04 and S06E05
The show now features time travel, I guess.

honestly would be kino if batman had a joi virtual girlfriend but ends up meeting the original basis who falls in love with him

Apocalypse Now and The Batman

>Emo Batman meets egirl whore


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>Ferris Bueller
>Sonic 2
I guess if Sonic's theme wouldn't be him growing up I'd say it could be the third movie.

>Multiverse of madness and Taxi driver
Who knows, Strange and America travel to Travis's universe and end up in his apartment. Travis shoots Wanda in the back of the head when her guard was down. End of movie.

Terminator and The Duellists

The sphere and sonic2...
doctor robotnik looking for the sphere to kill Sonic, can work...

Holy shit they just killed a major character that had been around for decades!

Just kidding here they are back again!

It may have been shocking back in the 80's but now it just comes across as comic book level bullshit. Star Trek into Darkness did it even worse by doing both in the same movie literally minutes apart

>Blade runner Final Cut
>Strange MoM

>sex, lies and videotape
>the northman

kino af

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The T800 arrives at several points in John Connor's life to kill him but due to a flaw in his programming will only attempt to kill him by the rules of honorable duels

>Last movie I watched was "Before The Fire." So it would be fucking terrible.

Kiki's Delivery Service + Evangelion 3 + 1.

It'd be interesting...

The Northman and The unbearable weight of massive talent. I Guess Nic Cage plays Amleth or his uncle, could be kino

Doctor Strange 2 and The Batman.

Strange and America end up in Gotham and Strange stops the flood with magic foiling Riddler's plan, then goes on to the next universe.

>Godzilla vs Kong
>Lord of the Rings
Godzilla solos Sauron's forces.

>Lost World Jurassic Park and Drive
So the driver is trying to outrun dinosaurs in Dominion.

Ghost Rider and Drive Angry

I'm thinking KINO

Doctor Strange 2
Savage Streets

Linda Blairs sister gets raped by Doctor Strange, so she obtains the Darkhold and seeks revenge

>Big Trouble in Little China
>The Last Samurai
Before he dies, Lo Pan teleports Jack Burton to Meiji-era Japan out of spite, and there he teams up with Nathan Algren to fight the Imperial Army, while still thinking he's in ancient China and not Japan until someone finally corrects him near the end of the movie

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Oceans 11 and Kong: Skull Island
I’m thinking kino


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I don't know how to combine these
>Bruce becomes batman simply because of how much people annoy him, and he kills em.

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>riddler is based on Michael Douglas’s character instead of Yea Forums
Instant kino

dr strange 2 and the revenge of the nerds

pacific rim and pacific rim 2
It's pretty shit ngl


Would honestly love to see larpagan Hollywood vikings btfo by grizzled gunslinging christian men

>the thing
>the bad guys

>Dr. Strange and America are frozen
>Remain frosen for 500 years
>The world has devolved into idiots
>easy to control, so Wanda is trying to become ruler of the world
>Avengers has been replaced by retards
What an abomination


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>Spider-Man: No Way Home
>Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness
Uhhhhhhhhh this is just a Dr Stange movie that lasts 5 hours.


Northman's vikinger Iceland being one of the lolsorandum universes the asian lady visits wouldn't change the movie that much honestly.