Why did this flop

why did this flop

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was never that good to begin with, the whole show is like some idiot took a day time cop drama and slapped a bunch of artsy gore and drums on top of it to make it edgy


It started off superbly but by mid season two Bryan Fuller went full tumblr yaoi fanfic in the worst possible ways. By season three nearly everyone was an ass backwards caricature of who they're supposed to me.

it was a pile of shit with some Mads gems sprinkled in
I dropped it in S3

seriously everyone in the show was a terrible actor other than mads. the guy playing will is english irl and his accent in the show is so fucking weird.

It didn’t “flop” it had a huge fanbase. It just peaked in season 2 and never got back on the level it was at before. Also there were rights issues with the novels so they couldn’t add Clarice, which would have easily been the most iconic and well known character in the franchise they could’ve introduced.

>no kiss
God dammit, Bryan.

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I thought it was pretty great up until the beginning of season 3. Not sure why they killed everyone then pretended like they didn't kill anyone and made a different show with the same characters. I didn't get it.

unnecessary season 3

>people got filtered by season 3
Every day a fresh reminder that this place is overrun with complete plebs.

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>You've been a very bad boy Will

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he wanted to tell a greater story but was forced to wrap up with season 3. I still liked it a lot and love the show, but 3 was definately a decline in quality after the perfect first two seasons

See, I just don't get the hate for the first half of s03.
"Oh, it's too artsy and meandering!"
It's beautiful and tells the logical progression of everyone's story.

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>gay fag show for homosexual
>gillian anderson literally made my peepee hard in every single scene she is in
what a hot fucking grandma she is

Normal people were put off by the fart huffing and the underlying faggotry

it would have been such a wild way to end a tv series, if season 3 never happened. Everybody dies, the based cannibal serial killer gets off scot-free, and he takes off on another adventure with his MILF psychiatrist to go eat more people. THE END

I remember being so excited by the start of S3, when I thought it was just going to be Mads and Gillian Anderson tooling around Italy to murder annoying eurotrash

It got 3 seasons against all odds, it's not a flop. Also, people have shit taste in general, especially Americans. Maybe instead of studying 78+ genders, they should be taking art and literature classes at school lol

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Bedelia is a better character anyway, I'm glad Claricefags are seething to this day.

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It's better that way.

And it gets worse by the year. I feel your pain. I think the introduction of the new captcha resulted in a higher proportion of retards in the userbase. Hiro is such a cunt.

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all the normies I recommended the series said it was too "artsy" I dont even know what that means. because it has slow ambient music and well made shots instead of whatever marvel series you watch? there is tons of blood and gore and crazy shit in it its not like nothing happens all episode

Go back to /pol/, you shouldn't be posting on any blue board with your lower than the average intelligence.

that scene where they meet up in the church was incredible. perfect depiction of people who love each other but have done to much awful shit to eachother, it was great.

it wasnt that kind of love user.

10% of every episode is the same repeated slow motion show of wine being poured. Really got old by the third season.

Man I would've been perfectly happy with an entire season of just this

0/10 bait

I say "This is my design" after doing retarded stuff all the time and chuckle to myself

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Walk into a church, see this. What do?

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that jackets looks like shit, this is revolting


It's comfy for him, so he wears it.

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Seeking out my heartbroken cannibal and going off into the night with him after leaving a voicemail for the FBI simply saying "fuck you" is the only logical choice.

I luv ur work :3
he was always so happy when he met another psychopath

Didn‘t he eat her leg instead of her ass?

Gideon being so smug and terrifying only to get humilated by Mads was chefs kiss

At the end of Hannibal book Lecter escapes with a brainwashed Clarice to be happy cannibals in some 3rd world country I don't remember.
>tv show
>le gay
In the books he never shows interest in homo sex. The only person he likes is Clarice.

I enjoy how bad Will's fashion sense tends to be desu. It's a good contrast with Hannibal who is always immaculately dressed and dripping with style and elegance even when in a goofy murder suit, drenched in blood or a prison jumpsuit.

>after leaving a voicemail for the FBI simply saying "fuck you"
Nah. Just leave this message
>Jack... Jack, it's Will. I don't know where I am. I can't see anything. I was so wrong... I was so wrong! Please, Jack! I don't wanna die like this!

she would have been a great clarice btw

I'm no cannibal but I would eat Scully's ass in a heartbeat

Hannibal was the top of the food chain.

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I loved Chilton's reaction to finally seeing Hannibal in his murder suit
In fact I loved Chilton's reaction to pretty much everything

they also made him live in a house with a bunch of big dogs. if he wasnt hollywood casted he would definately look like a big ol autist

i was so looking forward to chilton being a smug asshole to hannibal in prison but they gave alana the job instead. that's my only complaint about season 3.

Will just doesn't give a fuck, like a proper autist should.

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imagine drinking

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Man Chilton really had a hard life in this series

the biggest disapointment of not getting more season is how many things they could have kept cutting off him until he was just a floating brain in a jar

Chilton was enough of an asshole already (I bet he never felt remorse for that nurse he got indirectly killed either). He would have overstayed his welcome.

he was just so good at hamming it up and after everything hannibal did to him he more that earned it

everyone wants a Mads boyfriend, but I'd be 100% content with a Will boyfriend

It didn't, girls love it

You'd know your boyfriend is approaching just from the dog smell alone. I wonder how anybody in-show can tolerate how he smells.

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All those viewers they gained through sweat and tears and an exceptional second season, they lost with the pretentiousness of the third.
There were a lot of fantastic moments but they were ruined by everybody talking slow and whispering every single line, characters suddenly going LGBT, and almost half of each episode going through slow motion sequences.

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I'm glad you got filtered.

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cute smelly hobo autist

How did Yea Forums react when Bedelia lost the Hannibalbowl?

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Not a bad take, but a bit blandly phrased. Could have used some more metaphors.


>Will definitely smells like dogs, is sweaty and his scent is likely even worse when he's gone fishing because of the old and likely unwashed gear he wears
>Hannibal has enhanced sense of smell but still takes opportunities to sniff him

>why did this flop
Cos is gay and nobody likes faggots.

piss off fujo

Terrible pacing, character motivations are a fucking rollercoaster, cops are stupid as hell for some reason, unnecessary "artsy" shit like bizarre visions and elaborate gory scenes, armchair psychoanalysis, just shit all over really

The first few episodes of S3 are some of the most pretentious bits of TV I've ever seen. Still haven't finished it

You know you don't belong here, plebeian.
You're not here to appreciate art, acting, discuss screenplays and symbolism in cinema, provide insights into work of writers and directors; you're here to shitpost in a masturbatory fashion, thinking that you know better than anybody else and seething that your particular taste is not being catered to. You will forever remain a low-empathy, low-IQ manchild. A pitiful creature.

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Agreed, but it's someone's blogpost, not a submission for an art magazine.

my IQ is 89 but i liked the show, can I stay?

ur mom

>uhmm it good because it bad!
contrarian faggots like you are insufferable

whats your favourite show of the last 10 years user


Because it's a very niche and insular type of show that isn't about attracting viewership. And also because season 3 was eh.

we're all retards here user

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This. One of the greatest shows on tv, the masses are too stupid to properly enjoy it.

Filtered harder than I've ever seen anyone get filtered.