Did anyone see this show? Was it good?

Did anyone see this show? Was it good?
Apparently it just aired and I didn't see anything about it

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there was most always a small thread up throughout it's run. consensus seems to be 1st ep is michael mann directed kino then it kind of skates by on the production design and mood if you like the tokyo vibe but is kind of bogged down by the female hostess sub plot, inconclusive s2 setup ending and we didn't care much for the lead actor. not bad overall but nothing special


Does it have Mann flair? I saw he directed only one but produced several episodes. I just watched The Insider so I'm ready for more

the first ep definitely has his finger prints all over it. the rest not so much but still pretty good lighting and production in the vibrant city. not quiet cinematic but what you'd expect from tv on HBO

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Pretty much, wasn't much interested in the Mormons chick's B-plot, and the ending wasn't great, didn't really help the story much either when we have an Opening with the MC sitting down with the detective and being threatened by the yakusza boss, I thought that would've been the end of the series, I was supprised when some user here said it was the last episode, because it just ended on a wet fart.

I really liked it but its got completely pointless female characters in it because current year. and the season starts in media res, flashbacks to years previous, and then never arrives back to the point it started at. really weird as it doesn't even end on a cliff-hanger. it just stops.

I enjoyed it. Filming on location in Kabukicho was pretty neat.

Disappointment. The mood and looks is ok but the writing is really amateurish. Also there's no resolution to anything because there will be other seasons and I don't think I will be watching them.

>show about yakuza
>half of the show is devoted to "men are evil pigs who kill women and no one cares fuck patriarchy am i right"

>show about cartels
>half of the show is devoted to "men are evil pigs who kill women and no one cares fuck patriarchy am i right"

>show about prohibition gangsters
>half of the show is devoted to "men are evil pigs who kill women and no one cares fuck patriarchy am i right"

Bit tiresome.

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I enjoyed it and I'm really hoping for a season 2.

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Guy it's based on is a massive liar apparently.
There's a bit in his autobiography where he said that women would only talk to him after he had sex with them, and then they'd pay money to keep having sex with him.

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The real guy sounds like a massive faggot. But at least we have a better remade version for the TV show.

The show has nothing to do with his book. They just borrowed the name and the idea of an American journalist working with Yakuza in Japan.

its worth a watch

>90s tokyo setting with yakuza
>let's spend a good 70% of the time following a bar girl with zero charisma

what the hell were they thinking?

does it have nippon booba?

This is important for me to consider watching

meh show but "i want it THAT way" scene is wholesome

"how do we make our crime show more accessible to the people who hate crimes and men"


Based. I thought this was one of the best scenes ever.

Yeah the opening was quite bizarre. I already hate the opening-ending-loop-thing because it almost always deflates tension, but to not have it end there? Even more infuriating apparently.

Pretty good show, liked the late 90s setting and they seemed to avoid anachronisms quite well. Enjoy it as a piece of entertainment not a historical piece. Seems it hasn't been renewed for a Season 2 yet, I hope they do at least one more.

Based Adelstein working people like Frank Dux.

retarded mark detected

It was okay. The problem is that because of the source material they focus a lot of the journalist storyline, which isn't interesting other than for an episode of viewing Japanese work culture. The BIG, huge, glaring, what-the-fuck-were-they-thinking other problem was the entire arc covering the white hostess. It was literally just "get a white woman in the show", and it was a shitty storyline that just killed momentum.

Surprisingly yes. And not the dog-shit 2000's and onward Mann.

Decent show. The blonde hostess was fucking sexy

>massive liar
Any weeb was already very familiar with the Weeb Jew. Also they aren't massive lies, so much as he drops himself into a bunch of situations as if he was partaking in them, rather than hearing about them or at best observing them. He's also a drama queen in general - For instance, the loli industry is for pedophiles, but he writes about it like the Yakuza are some illuminati sex trafficking cult. But that's his job as a tabloid writer. Sensationalize everything.

Also the show isn't even meant to be an authentic version of the book. It's just a jumping off point for a fictional story.

I really enjoyed it but boy is the ending of season 1 unsatisfying. I'm gonna forget all about it by the time the next season is out.

>person i know steals my life savings
>should i go the police
>should i ask my yakuza friends to help with it
>nah i'll just take a mobster loan to cover it
bravo rogers

I thought she was cute at times, but they really are focusing too much on her character. Surprised that she hasn't been seen wearing a Kimono yet.

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This fucking cunt gave me flashbacks to my manipulative borderline ex-gf. Holy fuck any time they showed this bitch and her stupid ass problems and stupid fucking subplot I immediately skipped forward. Is there a more obnoxious manipulative piece of shit in any tv show?

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I enjoyed it a lot. Samantha's plot was intrusive was it at least did not end up developing into bullshit. Sato was the most interesting character to me.

There is at least one scene with explicit nudity and several other with just tits.

>should i ask my yakuza friends to help with it

Who? She stopped being friends with Sato

>The blonde hostess was fucking sexy
That vanished the moment she opened her mouth for the first time.

Weren't there supposed to be 10 episodes?

She's literally working with him right now and went to them to beg for money if Sato is the young Yakuza.

They have strictly professional relationship like he said. And didn't he earlier refuse her to help her find that Polish roastie?

Should have done a professional deal where they get her money back desu.

She knows where Polina is because Sato asked that lady.

based Tozawa
S2 better have more Yakuza action and less roastie trying to run a business shit

I concur, just fyi.

why are amerisharts illiterate in their own language?

>here's your love interest bro

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Low IQ due to all the breeding with negroes for the last 200 years.

She's cute. I hope her real personality is better than the whore characters.

Nice ass though...

STEM pls understand

i enjoyed it even though there are some obviously modern cars in the background of what is supposedly 1998

oh absolutely. shes actually reading this thread right now and I think she wants to sleep with you bro!

>google rachel keller nudes
Oh. Well, nice that she's lost weight.

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That would be very nice I also would like to sleep with her.

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I still cant believe the autistic lead actually learned japanese. he must have yellow fever or something

pretty good if you skip all the scenes with the girl when she's not with sato

He studied it 4 hours a day for a month iirc

Ignore all the haters. Its pure kino. In fact Id argue its among the top 3 new series this year.

Was pretty good. Complete scam if they don't make a second season though.

>(((adelstein))) suddenly and abruptly leaves
>Surrounding people instantly realize everything gets better immediately
Lmao, you cant make this shit up

Best thing Michael Mann has done in a long time. Hope it gets a second season.

How low are your standards?
I thought that gold dress sato got her to try on would at least give the lingerie effect, but all that came to mind looking at her in it was how abysmal her tits and skin is, anorexic smoker skelly

Its very good but sometimes before bed I dont want to pay attention enough to it.

It has a 6'4 (((white))) guy sensually and graphically fuck a tight 70 lb nihon hooker a couple of times.