Disney edited Daryl Hannah's hair in Splash to hide her butt for the Disney+ release

>Disney edited Daryl Hannah's hair in Splash to hide her butt for the Disney+ release

>Pollyanna opens up with a naked boy skinny dipping with his butt shown and Disney left it uncensored for the Disney+ release


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gay jewish pedophiles that hate beauty

Told you dvd/blu ray is the future

Probably because it's not anticipated that many people want to see a pre-pubescent boy's rear end.

tranny thread

>We must shove trannies, faggots and niggers down everyone's throat
>Oh my god, is that the buttocks of a real woman!? I'm freaking out AAAAAAARRRGHGHGHGHGHKIDHSJHFJKHDSBJKBCSnmdv

Really does feel like we’re going in a shota direction. Lot of small boyish men in porn.

>Probably because it's not anticipated that many people, outside of Disney inc., want to see a pre-pubescent boy's rear end.


God that edit looks like it was done by a day 1 street shitting intern

>talks about naked boy butt
>no picture shown
Very dishonest thread

The movie is pretty old isn't it?


Probably ban worthy


Christains and moralfags ruin everything

Didn't they do that with Into the Blue as well to cover Albas ass?

Yeah there's nothing shameful about the body.

we live in the most prudish times yet the narrative tells us the opposite

Christians aren't the ones doing this and you know it retard, stop covering up for leftard "comrades."

Cannot risk boys turning heterosexuals, they need to be trans abominations.
Reminder that there are no "gay genes", every child is more or less vulnerable.

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Someone should make webm about that high ranking femoid working at Disney talking about her trans and pansexual kids so we can post it every time someone has questions about Disney.

Seethe, mald and dilate

Actually a good sign. Shows the decision makers at Disney view a woman's butt as sexual but not a little boy's butt. This is the opposite of what I would have expected from them.

>DA JOOZ want to make everyone degenerate and are responsible for making women dress and act like sluts!!! But also they're responsible for puritanical censoring of women's bodies.
Make up your minds, conservaloons. Assuming you even have minds of your own.

dressing like sluts =/= beauty
better luck next time, jewish incel

Have you been in a coma since 2004?

>You will never be 10 years old and jerk off to this scene on HBO again
Why even try to persevere?

Shotas are the only people you can show naked without censorship, they’re so pure and precious.

Grow up.

Kys tranny nigger

That's not even the worst scene

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Including that sort of shot in a movie today probably wouldn't be considered acceptable, at least not in North America.

leftwing media is normalizing sexual exploitation of men for years now
just look at how every mcu male character is unrealistically buff and has to have at least one shirtless scene per movie yet not a single female mcu character has big breast or an outfit that shows of cleavage

I think you mean best.

>Sexual exploitation of men

Who cares lmao you sound like a woman


>live in LA
>go outside
>women hoeing it up like crazy, sexy tummies everywhere, short shorts, feet, booba, ass
>go on TV
>female characters all dress relatively conservative

I genuinely don't know why this is. What sort of liberal neuroticism has produced this odd contradiction? A good liberal would never in a million years tell one of these women to show less skin in real life. So why are they intent on making fictional characters less slutty? Is it because characters are "for men"? But isn't the outside for me too? There's nothing stopping me from walking out of my house and seeing titties. What is the game here, exactly?

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Women get to dictate what sort of sexuality is forbidden and they've dictated that anything that might appeal to heterosexual men is naughty.

Think about how many modern shows you've watched where a woman or a gay man makes a sexual comment and its treated like a fun joke where as if a man makes a vaguely sexual comment to a woman he gets cancelled.

male sexuality is oppressive and evil, they call it the "male gaze". women think it's oppression and dehumanization that their bodies are attractive to men instead of their generic and stupid brains/personality

it's actually pretty simple. female sexuality is beautiful and special and empowering, *unless* it's being enjoyed by men.

in media, that means both covering up anyone remotely attractive, and attempting to redefine "sexuality" as nose rings, blue-dyed buzzcuts, and earth-shaking triple-chin obesity

This screenshot doesn't do it justice. They completely blurred out her ass.

Why are they like this? It's just a butt

I don't get the American fear of ass cheeks. It would be like censoring a woman's cleavage. It's the bumhole that is the "bad" part.

its a sexy sexy butt tho

I still have the original cut pirated

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Male nudity is more accepted like the 2001 Keira Knightley movie where she only goes topless but the male characters go fully full frontal nude

>white people "ass"

That's the reality of it. It does not matter where lines are drawn, as they are arbitrary, and ready to be moved as soon as someone wants it to be. You cannot win because you are playing in a space where you expect rules to protect you, when in reality there are no rules and there never have been.

It's jealousy. The women in charge of these companies are all ugly and/or fat who could never compete with Stacy.

God damn it would you shut the fuck up about "Americans"? It's not "Americans" that do this, it's the media companies. Half of those people weren't even born here.


What is the deal these days with people going out of the way to "fix" problems that don't actually exist?

I have a feeling that whoever with Disney+ made this decision had a yearly review with his boss coming up to discuss what he "achieved" that year, and he needed to come up with some bullshit to do.

edited out the feet in this scene too.

100% a phat pussy

Maybe in Euro cinema

I think it's an Anglo thing in general

>Nipple silhouette is still visible


disney knows what's best for the children JUST.STEP.ASIDE.