So why didn't they nuke it from orbit...

So why didn't they nuke it from orbit? Surely they wouldn't just fucking up and leave on the biggest investment ever made?

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why don't you go fuck yourself?

unobtanium is volatile.

Why didn't they just do a coastal bombard of Roanoke?

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I don't understand the concept. It is quite obvious that with such a HUGE planet, its gravity would simply destroy any life on its moon.

How about leaving the noble Avatars alone!

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Private company doesnt have McNukes (yet)
Simple as

why didn't they just shoot the kikes?


Nuking something (or unleashing kinetic force equivalent or greater than a nuke) is trivial for someone who has achieved interstellar travel.

The answer is that that would be very inconvenient for the plot.

you dont know how far it is or how dense it is

They're not the military, why do people not understand this?

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>muh aliens
If they want to mine again in the future, killing some natives with better weapons and tactics is gonna be cheaper than trying to mine an irradiated wasteland (especially since the natives apparently live on top of the valuable shit).

Back in 2009 I thought everything sucked ass but now I’d give my left nut to go back

>reports have come in that AnonIsAFaggotCORP have not only been driven out of the lucrative Pandora mining operations, they’ve launched a massive terrorbombing campaign against the natives, allegedly utilizing makeshift nuclear weapons.
>apparently not content with losing, they’ve decided on genocide.
>news about this spells doom for the faraway mining operation, as any new euipment will take at least 6 years to even arrive, and sent AnonCORP stocks plummeting.

First of all, because the RDA is by treaty forbidden from taking weapons of mass destruction to Pandora. But maybe you just mean bomb it, and dropping a kinetic impactor would do the job too. Let's follow that train of thought. It's the end of the movie, Quarritch over extends the RDA forces, and even though they destroyed the Na'vi troops, they're defeated by Jake, and by Eywa pulling a litreral deus ex machina. The remaining Na'vi troops show up to Hell's Gate, and toss the aliens out of their world.
In the movie, they just leave when they get on the ship. But let's assume, they follow your advice, and they decide to hang around in orbit and bomb the Na'vi to shit. Maybe they use empty cargo containers, maybe they drop an asteroid, maybe they use some of the ship's AM fuel. Doesn't matter. They glass a few hundred square kilometers of jungle. Kill a few thousand Na'vi, a few million critters. You aim it so it glasses around Hell's Gate, but not the base itself.
Okay, what now? You just land your shuttle again and start the operations again? Except you're still in the same situation. Jake is still alive, still has a fucking dragon and a stock of human weapons and explosives. Eywa is still out to kill humans. You still don't have any attack helicopters remaining. How did throwing a nuclear temper tantrum help you exactly? You're back to square one.

2009 did suck though, it was those awful early years of smart phones where everything had that terrible 00s UI design and still required keyboards so they tried to do both but couldn't do either well

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blue cats would surrender without the tree

It would be wise to watch the movie if you want to poke holes in its plot. The Omatikaya might give up, or they might not. The other clans though would have no reason to. The tree's value is not that the Omatikaya worship it, it's that it's a line of communication with Eywa, and Eywa is already pissed off, that ship has sailed.
That is off course ignoring the fact that the tree is under the floating mountains. You can't bomb it from space for the same reason you can't bomb it from ten kilometers up. You have to fly under the floating mountains to reach it.

Roanoke was a backwater colony
The economics of Pandora are more like the British Empire's activity in China or India, in spite of the parallels to Native Americans. And very bloody wars were waged against the natives there, by the colonists, all the time
Wish we could go back t b q h

>Jake is still alive, still has a fucking dragon and a stock of human weapons and explosives.
No he wouldn't be lmao. Are you retarded?

Depends on where he is when the bombing happens. There's no way you'd be able to track a single dude from orbit, especially through mountains, canopy, clouds. You'd be bombing randomly and hoping you hit him.
Let's say you do. Fine. There's still a couple hundreds of you, no attack helicopters, and all the wildlife on the planet is still out to get you. Unless you destroyed all life on the planet, sooner or later, they'll get you. And if you did destroy all life on the planet, congratulations, now you've rendered it even more inhospitable than it was, and you don't have the gear to work on the surface anymore.

You think he's going into fucking hiding right after? They knew where his holf ups were. Literally just fucking bomb those. Stop being retarded. He's not going to be on the other side of the fucking planet.

Fine. He's dead then. What about the millions of other life forms that are hell bent on killing every human? Couldn't deal with them when Quarritch's troops were alive and their equipement operational. Now they're dead, and they're equipement destroyed. Why would it go better the second time around?
If it's going to be a war of attrition, there's hundreds of humans, and millions of flying monsters. Sure, in orbit you're safe. But you need to be on the ground to work the mines.

one thing i learn from history is that the best way to defeat a guerrilla force is comitting genocide against the civilian population, that´s the way the british defeated the boers

so this colonel should locate the navis who aren´t fighter and killed them mercessly and then ambush the fighting ones when they want to rescue them

Why would they nuke it from orbit? The residual radiation would fuck up their systems and increase mining operations budget exponentially. Pandora is a key to eternal life. That's worth more than any element.

That's exactly what he did. Destroyed their home, the survivors went and got all of the different clans together for an attack against the humans, but the humans hit that force as it was still gathering, and slaughtered them. The Na'vi were never a threat to the humans, and every time they fight, the Na'vi get destroyed.

>its gravity would simply destroy any life on its moon

How does a moon with life work? Won't it not get as much sunlight when it's behind the planet?

oh no haha smartphones that were still kind of analog how terrible a world that was before everyone was connected to the internet 24/7

opinon discarded

If unobtanium is so valuable and vital to Earths survival they would just come back with even more.

The russians didn't give up at the first sign of ukranian resistance.

They have interstellar travel. They don't need nukes. Just accelerate a vessel to a fraction of the speed of light and set it on course with the moon. The kinetic force released on impact would obliterate everything.

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this would trigger the bionukes from the Eywa AI, space still operates on MAD theory user

Pandora only gets eclipsed for 100 minutes every orbit. We don't know how long the orbit is, but it's likely weeks or months. And because there's a giant object in its sky that's reflecting the sun's light even at night, it actually gets more light than a planet on the same orbit would get.
What do you think is going to happen in the next four movies genius. Just hours upon hours of Jake being a dad and teaching his kids how to tell the good berries from the berries that give you runny shits?
Sure, you could detach a few tons of cargo from the next ISV entering the system before it starts braking and punch a big hole in the moon. But how does that help you with ensuring a steady flow of unobtainium to earth?

cool you've just destroyed the very thing you wanted

A reasonable reply. Just call it in and report that you discovered a way to achieve biological immortality. They would send 10x the equipment and personnel. Use heavy duty military tech to establish humanity on surface, resume mining operations and expand with constant supply from Earth. The unobtanium alone is worth it.

the good thing about fermi parardox is that one the answers that can solve that paradox is that humans are one the first sapient beings in the whole galaxy/universe which makes me sleep soundly at night

The whole point is that if humans would do that to yet another species which was getting along fine before Humans arrived, demanding to destroy their living planet and ruin their environment and way of life, all to fix problems Humanity created itself and refuses to control or prevent (over-population, over-consumption, over-pollution, etc), does Humanity really deserve to continue? Humans could fix themselves but they don't want to. They want to find the next pool of oil that allows them to keep spreading and keep the status-quo going.

yep, someone has to be first, and the universe is still very young compared to how old we expect it to become. Barely even a year old relatively speaking

The problem with fermi paradox is that the crucial component of the equation is unknown. Arthur C. Clarke said:
>Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.

This is a copy-paste of the argument of The Dark Forest.

Exactly. Leaving is the smart option here. The smart option is also for the ships already in the pipeline between earth and Pandora to refuel and leave without attempting to land. The next ship to depart from Earth though, should transport a lot more equipement, appropriate to take back control of the surface. Which is what I suspect happens in the next movie.
In the RDA's boots I would also try to get a line of communications directly with Eywa. Negotiating with the Na'vi is pointless, they're not in charge. If you can convince someone to let you have some of the shiny rocks, it's her. She's actually in a position to guarantee your security while on the planet, if you can find a way to convince her.
Someone watched black science man's documentary series. (I don't blame you it's a fun watch)

Might makes right kiddo

Maybe the universe is teeming with life. Maybe we are alone. We don't know the odds. Life on Earth existed for 4 billions years, which is 80% of this planet's existence and 100% of this planet's existence that would allow for the type of life we see. The real trouble in the paradise is exponential growth of technology and intelligence. It only took few thousand years to space exploration, and right now it's impossible to keep up with the advances even in your own specialization.

le doesn't understand how gravity works man

Thanks. Was waiting for someone to post this. This shit right here is how the story ends for me. Total human victory, because when pressed, there is no limit to the savagery we can unleash upon each other... can you imagine the depths of darkness we'd employ against a xeno threat to our existence?

Delete every tree of souls, save one, from orbit. Allow some sad remnant of that pathetic race to endure, and more importantly, to remember, as a humanitarian gesture/zoological economic prospect.

In this universe, humanity has the means to make the journey from holy Terra to Pandora, a moon of the exoplanet Polyphemus, which orbits the star Alpha Centauri A, a distance of about 4.367 light years in about six years. Simple math tells us this isn't light speed but it's horrifyingly close in relative terms. Over 120,000 miles per *second* in case you were curious. For reference, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit our planet at just under 19 miles per second. At the speed of 120,000 miles per second, a can of cola can shatter a continent.

This "war" was over before it began. All that's left is for Parker Selfridge to remember God created our race in his image, aim, and fire.

>The Omatikaya
In this scenario, the Omatikaya, and the traitors who stood beside them are *gone.* Every trace of their existence is a crater.
>The other clans
*If* the RDA chooses to allow anything on that moon to survive, I think you'll find them quite agreeable. They have, after all, just learned a very important lesson: fuck with terrans, and they will drop the goddamn sky on you.

Just got a surplus of racial memory that amounts to a whole lot of confusion, terror, and awareness of a power it cannot comprehend. It will bow, and pray for it's continued existence to whatever it is a pretender-God prays to.

>floating mountains
I trust you now understand why this is irrelevant.

Pandora is ours, because we're stronger, and we say it's ours.

Its going to be 4 movies of humans losing which is pretty dumb.

And Eywa was mighty enough to kill Quaritch and his goons. That makes her right.
I blame Hollywood for making people believe "orbit" means "float above something, motionless, and held in place by a magical force"

They should get rid of the gay Matrix ripoff robots and wear cool power armor

>It only took few thousand years to space exploration, and right now it's impossible to keep up with the advances even in your own specialization.

not only that, out of hundreds of human civilizations that existed since throughout history, only one managed to put emphasis in technological breakthroughs and market incentives in order to develop itself (western civilization) so if the west didn´t rose to world preeminence, we wouldnt have space capabilities to begin with

that may be the case for sapiential aliens that don´t put emphasis in technology

>Pandora is ours
A bombed out rock is "yours", that level of devastation would make it unworkable. No unobtanium for you. Humanity dies out. Happy end.

I haven't seen it
Yeah we still don't know if we'll even end up being a spacefaring species. I mean look at our fertility rates. Being "civilized" means people stop having kids. Can't expand across the galaxy if you have no kids. The further we get from living in our natural state, the fewer kids we have, like pandas that won't bang in a zoo. I doubt anyone will be having kids in a spaceship for example, let alone trying to raise kids on Mars or wherever

>We don't know how long the orbit is, but it's likely weeks or months
It's most likely similar to the moons of Jupiter, so from a day to a week maybe. I would say it's closer to a day or two, taking into account how close Pandora seems to be to it's parent planet.

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You can't achieve immortality without Eywa. And taking the unobtainium kills her.

Not gravity but radiation will. Look how jupiter's magnetosphere fucks up its moons

what happens if the planet has a solar (planetary) flare that hits Pandora?

I think the more likely explanation is species self destruction once a civilization weaponizes fission. The problem is there are many civilization ending filters in the universe. Long before most species get to the scale of relativity wars they destroy themselves.

Most food chains are fed by the massive amount of radiation poured on the moon by the planet's van Allen belts.

You can always glass Eywa, even with all her focused might she would stand no chance against military tech. The RDA base in the first movie is just that, a single operating base that doesn't represent the true power of humans. Eywa can only zerg them so much before spending its biological material capable of violence. What's Eywa going to do next, evolve toxic corrosive plants?

I think the reason why Quaritch was so unhinged was because his body is just a human avatar and he could afford to be reckless. He was trying to put the toothpaste back into tube before his military industrial complex overlord would know any better, like a good useful dog he is.

It's parent planet (I don't remember the name) has a very powerful magnetosphere which would deflect most of the effects from the solar flare. Just like here on Earth.

The ISVs do seventy percent the speed of light. I don't see how that's relevant any way. Sure, you could glass the surface of the whole planet if you wanted to. How does that help you access the shiny rocks? Now instead of having to contend with monsters trying to eat you, you have to contend with an airless and radioactive world that none of your mining equipement is designed to work on. I understand you like warhammer a lot user, but this is not warhammer and the RDA is not the empire.
You're also wasting the true treasure of Pandora, which is the secret of immortality, life after death, and the transfer of consciousness.
And that's not even touching on the fact that as soon as you set foot on Earth you're tried at the Hague for xenocide, and one of the dozens of organizations competing with the RDA gets granted the mining rights to Pandora.