Avatarchads, we're going home

Avatarchads, we're going home

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Why is aang blue

Avatar mode. Daboodeedaboodie

I always cheer for the humans when I watch Avatar. Does that make me a bad person? I just want my species to succeed.

I hate humans

I'm doubting if I should go see it in the theater. Wasn't really feeling the first one.

>100 plus million less than Thor, the avengers movies, and Spider-Man
It’s over

If they bring back the god awful 3D trend I'm going to bomb one of the premiers.
This shit must be stopped from coming back. It was absolutely dreadful and took years to fizzle out.

No. It just means you couldn't even figure out the most blatant of subtexts. Which is that he decided to grow beyond his limitations and stood up against corporations. Sure, this may seem trite today, but had some resonance back then. And if you look around, it’s corporations that are fucking everything, right here on earth. For a rich Jew, Cameron at least was right.

And yet it will triple what Thor makes, near-double what Spider-Man made, and make nearly $1b more than the highest-grossing Avengers movie.

>no 3D gimmick

>no 3D gimmick
>still 3 billion

Normalfaggots arent going to head out to the theaters in droves for Avatar. Democrats are trying to start more lockdowns as well because of midterms.

I noticed the subtext, but man the mechs are just really cool and quaritch doesn't afraid of anything.

Totally. I loved that shit, too.

Dems will not lockdown because of midterms

>subtext>when it's spilled out directly multiole times
>meanwhile the "enlightened" user completely misses the point how earth was on the verge of collapse without new resoures
But I get it, cheering for race traitors is the new "in" thing.

Earth is a shithole because corporations like RDA destroyed it and are about to do the same with Pandora. They are basically space jews, and the navi are trad-folk. But I agree that Quaritch and the human machinery were great designs.

Avatar is a good movie because it has more soul than nu-Star Wars and the MCU put together

>In 24h
Check again

Capeshit is one big gimmick but people don't seem to notice.

why mention star wars exactly? is it to trigger people?

user the first movie made most of its money in Europe China and India. Europoors Chinks and Poos don't have a democratic party, they don't have midterms.

sequel to a 13yr old movie most ppl already forgotten about
biggest media franchise on the entire planet


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He’s a /pol/tard

He can't breathe

no it only got 12 million views

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It's just Pocahontas 2, it's the exact same fucking concept, what a hack lmao

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Weak bait.

I would say that Hollywood has probably learned their lesson from the first 3d wave but they probably haven't. Short memories and all that.

It has less hype than Jurassic World and even

that only made 1.7 Billies

>no longer has monopoly on good CGI

>its over

>oy vey we can charge extra again for 3D features no one really wants and cost no more than a few bucks in post production
I don't have much hope to be honest.

is a crutch for capeshit
Say it with me:
Hype is a crutch for capeshit.
One more time:

With theaters getting raped in general the past few years I think that if they try that shit again they'll remember pretty quickly how it failed last time. Avatar got away with it because they made a legitimate leap forward in the tech that nobody had seen before. We will see if Cameron can do that again.









I completely agree with all of you. If this post ends in repeating numbers, Avatar 2 will make 3 billy at the box office and become the highest-grossing movie of all time.


Movies actually shot in 3D are good

So is Avatar 2 going to be 3D or not? I don't mind the 3D gimmick as far as the Avatar franchise is concerned, because it's genuinely gorgeous eye-candy.

lmao you’re Asian

oh that's funny. why aren't the box office figures listed? it's almost like they went hunting for any positive statistic and rolled with it

Movie isn’t out

Yes. All of the sequels will be in 3d. Honestly if the effects are only just at the level of Avatar I'll see them all but I really hope that they advance even beyond that.

These fags are trying hard to make us forget the first avatar bombed. That's why. Actually all of Cameron's movies bomb, it's a wonder he still gets directing gigs

fucking retard

I completely agree with you, man.

Avatar was the only movie, aside from Spy Kids 3, where the 3D actually worked and added to the movie

>dislikes gone
>corporations are now free to use "Wow, this trailer got 5000 gorillion views!!!" as a headline even if 4999.999 gorillion of them are from people hating it


Every MCU "fan" in those comments shitting on Avatar is pretty interesting

I know Avatar it's nothing amazing besides the visual part. But honestly I can't stop myself from supporting it.
The blind "Avatar hate" started right when Endgame was around the corner and had a chance of surpassing Avatar and becoming the highest grossing movie ever. It was right then, up until that moment few people cared. Pretty much all Avatar hate was started by capeshitters overnight, and I find it incredibly ironic when they say "it's just Pocahontas in space" when literally every Marvel movie is exactly the same movie over and over again.
I'll just keep editing blue pepes and apus to make them seethe. It's fun. And I'll make sure to watch Avatar 2 at least two times.

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>people checked it to see how bad exactly it is
>OmG ReCoRd vIeWiNgS YoU GuYZ!1!!

holy cope

.999 gorillion of them are from people hating it
Baited weak cuck cope. If you watch their media they don't care. You can't take that back. You paid the toll, you're free to think what ohh want as long as you give them the attention or money like all the retards that seethe at tv shows and movies they paid to watch.

It's beautiful... bros I want to live there...

I hate marvel.
But I also think James Cameron is an overblown cuck piece of shit and didn't like Avatar.

Who do I support bros?

Support the one you hate the less.

It looks terrible. But also like it will be of the same quality as the original, and everyone liked that, so...guess Jim is going to be king of the world again.


Both are Disney so support neither.

I would think it would be cool because it's 3D and HFR. Except we already saw 3D and HFR (at a higher frame rate no less) with a movie that wasn't just CGI already.

So I don't know what the point of this is. Other than there really is more furries out there than anyone realises.

Is Colonel Quidditch in it? I only liked him in 1.