Gremlins on HBO

Are you excited for the Gremlins TV show? The showrunner is a based bully slaying chad

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loser energy

>I'm kind of a medium deal
I'm all for leaving the past behind, the best revenge is a life well lived, etc..., but I like this guy

yeah, but with a kind of style

>im going to do a le epic dunk in the dms then post it for everyone to see, no biggie

Another franchise that will break Mike & Jay's heart

How much you wanna bet it's all done in CGI?


So based. No one is going to bully him ever again!

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Why do Asians passively-aggressively seethe so much?

Saying this to his bully in private is acceptable. Parading it around on social media is a loser move.

There are so many stupid streaming shows being produced at any given time that there's a clear shortage of qualified talent for showrunners and writers (plus arbitrary diversity quota bureaucracy bullshit means they're forced to hire from even shallower pools)

This just makes me want to bully this frail yellow monkey even more

>seething loser

Nice. Little dick energy

It is. Plus it's set in China so it's going to be gay as fuck.

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>based bully slaying chad

This show is going to be a dumpster fire.

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Can't break out of model minority mindset no matter how hard they critique it. They just need to start throwing punches already.

Wow. Bad ass.

>being bullied by an Asian
I mean that’s pretty sad

yes, something I have familiarity with a a kid growing up about to get doped up and mega pozzed by a bunch of freaks who don't give a shit about it but cant make anything themselves. gonnna book a day off work, get in some craft beers, send my wife round DeShawns and settle in for some kino. time to get comfy

lmfao I thought the throwing people in trash / stuffing them in lockers / drowning them in the toilet was a complete Hollywood meme? Are Americans really like this?

how can you guys be so insanely violent but act like faggot liberals at the same time?

>animated prequel set in chinkland
Who cares. Give me Gremlins in the white house with John Glover as President Clamp

>only "confronts" his bully on the internet, a decade later and in a passive-aggressive pretending to be friendly tone
Chang bros...

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>Bully comes to him like a man and owns and and apologizes for what he did.
>Loser faggot proves why he was bully by being a passive aggressive bitch and holding on to shit from high school

It’s nice to see he can let it go


whyd you just repost the same shit OP did?

Gee I wonder why they want a cute animated kids show focused on Gizmo

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Will it finally answer what "after midnight" means?

Telephone tough guy. I bet he wouldn't say that to the guy's face

Small cocks, no sex appeal

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Should've just been during a full moon or something. Gremlins adhering to time zones seems silly, even in a fantasy movie with an animal that that survives without water.

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Literally no one wants this or ever wanted this and the only people who are going to lie and say they wanted this are CHINESE

>set in China
Not inherently bad, but part of the fun is watching Gremlins fuck up modern stuff, so 1920 is meh

>making a gremlins movie without puppets

Terrible idea. Someone really dropped the ball.

time zones aren't even the most obvious problem. it's always "after midnight", with the one exception of however small a unit you put "during midnight" into.

Gremlins are hurt by sunlight. The sun itself is their antithesis. So when the sun is furthest away, they are at their most powerful, and are able to transform. Once dawn breaks, the effect ceases.

Why are people on social media so petty and vindictive?

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They're adhering to the moon dummy not timezones.

Didn’t happen

>things that never happened

40% of the time, people bullied in high school deserve it.

I will kick the shit out of your faggy little ass, cunt.

Love when twitter nerds type all tough like a suburban-raised trancel threatening curbstomps. See it a lot with lame liberal types where they were clearly teacher’s pets, hall monitors and theater kids that just cannot let go of highschool shit.
>Joined October 2015
Srs? I can’t imagine not deleting your twitter after 2013, but to join even later? These people suck, boring, fucking late. Every current leftist is so far back.

No, we'll get an answer to white supremacy.

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>Send Request

shouldn't it be around midnight then? the sun isn't meaningfully further away after midnight to sunrise, than from sundown to midnight, right?

Why the fuck do we need the origins explained? Gremlins are agents of chaos.

I think it's just a case of their biology deciding that midnight is the "safest" time to transform.

Tse still seething about trash cans after 30 years

This dude hates white people, a white Chad must have fucked his crush in high school or something.

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i'm a virgo too. what are the implications of this???

This dude is a living cope and seether.

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>open a part to all ethnicities
>no one but white people apply

If I was that guy's bully I'd tell him that I doubt he could cave my face in, and that bc of his gay response that I vow to toss all 3 of his kids in a trash can, but on garbage day.

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This is permission to make fun of chinks.

Jesus this guy is even worse than the shang-chi actor. Did he write those comics crying about Iron fist too?

He's tough.

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I am surprised Gotham was helmet by such a collosal faggot.

That tweet is exceptionally cringe and laced with small dick energy

>successful, happy, married asian father: cant wait to show you all gremlins!
>sad, depressed, lonely white incel: this fucking loser is so insecure!!! ahaha asian men are SAD!

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I don't get fucking immigrants, really. You hate racism and bigotry in our country so fucking much, go back to your shithole of a country.


Imagine getting a lapdance while Teen Titans Go! blares for five hours.

He doesn't seem happy at all. The bully went out of his way to apologize and he was like "hurr look at how successful I am, also I'll pound your head in"
No one likes bullies but this is just sad.

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Don't worry about him, worry about your racist relatives.

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The former bully's DM reeks of trying to "apologize" so they can be friends with a rich-ish dude with some connections to showbiz.

Should have just told them directly to fuck off, but too bad he's a massive faggot.

they were both kids that's a stupid rebuttal

best explenation I've heard. I guess it fits with how some animals go idle and other migrate at specific times.

How does a faggot like this still have a job tweeting this retarded shit?

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Boomers... we lost..

Wow I can't wait to see what kind of crazy technology the Gremlins will mess with in 1920's China.
Dude they're smashing my electronic cathode ray tubes! And they're playing with the radio knob! argh now they're wrecking the phonograph! This is totally bonkers!

I'll burn his fucking house to the ground the minute i find out his address.

>hello strangers i am insecure

Sooo she's gay but fishing for dick on Tinder

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He's not insecure at all.

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It could be fun if they were Kung Fu Gremlins, but I get the feeling that'd be too much of a "racial stereotype" for this particular writer.

I honestly think you would still lose to the child who threw his children into the trash can


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America is so cucked.

>threatening to cave in the face of an imaginary child who might bully his children
Not at all unhinged or cringy, very cool

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and brags about it

Say what you want about him but no stupid fucking pronouns, no gay fucking politics and no BLM or Gay hashtags on his twitter like all the other hollywood jews. Already like this guy better then other Hollywood types on Twitter.

Fucking KEK