The joke happened 4 years before Bin Laden was found in Pakistan. How the fuck did he know?

The joke happened 4 years before Bin Laden was found in Pakistan. How the fuck did he know?

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This was pretty common knowledge actually.

>Debate about Iraq
>Talks about Osama who had nothing to do with Iraq
What did the writers mean by this?

Look at a map

He looks for Osama in Afghanistan, everyone tells him to look in Pakistan, from early 2008

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they were looking for him in pakistan retard. that is why they found him.

Not a hard guess that he's hiding in the other Muslim country next door given he's rich and Afghanistan is fucking filled with American soldiers, or was

>9/11 happens
>Time to invade the country that had nothing to do with 9/11
Do americans really

It was a no brainer. If anything it was surprising he was somewhere so obvious.

>she put on a beard, then a tunic, she said "invade my cave with your special unit!"
>I said "he wasn't in a cave!", but there was no stopping. I had to fuck her like the US military fucked Bin Laden.

>the other Muslim country next door
tajikistan? turkmenistan? uzbekistan? iran?

Zoomer here, who the fuck was Bin Laden. I know he got killed by the zog but like what did he do?

Those are made up places

ESLs are perma 15-20 years behind. The English-speaking internet will never ever recover.

He told the truth about America and that was not okay.

The deepest lore is Dana Carvey joking of the Tonight Show that Saddam was hiding in a stinking hole in Tikrit months before they found him in a stinking hole in Tikrit. I've looked for the appearance for years but it's hard to find.

Amazing how 2000s America was a hotbed of islamophobia and by the next decade every burger just shrugged as more and more hijab-wearing women appeared in their Costcos

I miss the good times as well, friend.

Because everyone knew and talked about it openly for years before he was caught, the W administration was just purposefully incompetent regarding bin laden

Just shows how progressive values bring peace to everyone.

Nah. I prefer when we hated everyone who wasn't us.

I think he did the funny haha with the planes and the buildings but I don't actually know


>rich and spoiled Saudi oil prince Jihadist with family ties to Saudi Intelligence
>told the truth about America

One does not negate the other.

>amazing how the Zionist administration that did everything it could to invade as many Muslim nations as it could was responsible for lots of wartime propaganda strumming up Islamophobia
>even more amazing how it went away with a new administration

It's funny how you can talk to a guy with a blue collar job sometimes who has an interest in the world and they have some pretty smart and interesting takes on politics, history ect, but you talk to some fag with a PhD and they're totally insane and live in a fantasy world.

>tajikistan? turkmenistan? uzbekistan?
3 irrelevant countries with no real way to hide Osama or any intent to
Wouldn't risk it
That leaves Pakistan, who can still reasonably deny knowing it and at the same time America can't do anything against it because they are one of the "developed" third world country over there.

>Wouldn't risk it
And you know, hates Saudi Arabia with a passion.

No, i don't know. I'm just talking out of my ass with extremely limited knowledge but i guess i was right.

Getting a PhD basically means you specialize your knowledge on a topic. Like you become the guy that absolute knows his shit on the topic of ww2 tanks or aluminium-magnesium allow metallurgy but that's about it and you're basically an average person on every other topic but you're also living on a fairly small bubble of society composed of "smart people" so you trust that those people knows what's going on so you just repeat what they say. Normal people meanwhile knows that everyone around them are morons and that the TV is complete bullshit because they'll tell you something like "the economy is doing great" even though everyone you know is barely scraping by and has been for years.

Obama ended up making thousands hate sandmonkeys even more with his dronestrike displacements

I don’t know. Maybe because Benazir Bhutto, the prime minister of Pakistan, said Osama Bin Laden was hiding there and that the US military knew where he was shortly before she was assassinated in 2007

The first 3 seasons of Scrubs are peak sitcom kino

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He was the scapegoat for 9/11. We all know the Jews actually did it.

That's a joke?

CIA agent who was "killed" so it looked like US did something about 9/11.

How many PhD's have you talked to to arrive at this conclusion? Or are you just parroting fox news and the con fear monger machine that says le college bad?

The only scene that I remember was JD convincing himself whether or not to pay for an Appletini with a $100 bill.

>dronestrike displacements
How retarded are you? What the fuck do you think drone strikes are like?

>How many PhD's have you talked to
not that guy, but phds dont wait for you to ask, they show up on every talk show and op ed to tell you what to think

Watch the show again then, its full of great moments

I don't know, you tell me, faggot

Will we ever have relentlessly slutty characters again?

We can only hope

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>look, I found the passport of the hijackers in the rubble!

good post

This post happened one hour after Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan. How the fuck did he know?

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>America can't do anything against it because they are one of the "developed" third world country over there.
america and the western world order doesnt give a shit if a country is "developed" or not (see iraq) the reason america has not shown or openly considered military aggression towards pakistan is because pakistan is and was an "ally" (ie they, like most, value the money and stability in accepting the america centric world order more than political polemics of opposition)
also they are not really a very powerful geopolitical player in the muslim world, the main interaction between pakistan and america strategically was them being used for supply lines into afghanistan

Scrubs level of comfy will never be surpassed because it was filmed in a real hospital

His cousin is a Seal iirc

He could smell it

Iraq invasion was a year and a half after 9/11, and it was a joint coalition with several other countries including the UK and Australia and was all based on the faulty assumption that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons which would have further destabilized the Middle East

Any day now, you stupid cocksucker.

Same applied in the Arab spring. Some countries were led by "dictators", other were led by "allies". The dictators had to go while the allies got US support.


It was a joke aimed at Republicans who thought this at the time

And they were right and liberals are still trannies

There was plenty of talks about Saddam having ties with Al Qeada before the war user.

You mean the Republicans who spearheaded the war on terror to give oil fields in Iraq to Halliburton? Those republicans?

>faulty assumption
I think you mean "fake intel"

Also known as "lies"

Domestic terrorism was kept to a relative minimum, minus the boston bombing and one other one that i cant remember.
This leaves the general population sentiment that either
A: FBI/CIA counterintelligence is actually effective at surveilling and preemptively arresting muzzie terrorists (lol yeah right) and they were all black vanned to gitmo with no news stories to flare up anti muzzie hysteria, so it eventually died down
B: "Not all muslims!"
We're now on the incel chud mass shooting mkultra news cycle and people are making memes out of it

Not look up sarah chalke now