Tomorrow is the return of star trek kino, how excited are you for episode 2?

Tomorrow is the return of star trek kino, how excited are you for episode 2?

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They finally did it! It took them 5 tries but they did it!
A mediocre sci fi show that doesn't piss me off but I have no reason to watch because it will never offer any thought provoking plots or characters

At least its not that woke, like throwing it in your with a brick kind of woke


Episode List

S1, Ep1
5 May 2022 Strange New Worlds
Captain Christopher Pike comes out of self-imposed exile to rescue an officer gone missing during a secret mission.

S1, Ep2
12 May 2022 Children of the Comet
An ancient alien relic thwarts the Enterprise crew from re-routing a comet on track to strike an inhabited planet.

S1, Ep3
19 May 2022 Ghosts of Illyria
Una must confront a secret she's been hiding when a contagion ravages the ship, incapacitating the rest of the crew.

S1, Ep4
26 May 2022 Memento Mori
Pike must find unconventional Starfleet methods to deal with a malevolent force that attacks the Enterprise.

S1, Ep5
2 Jun. 2022 Spock Amok
A personal visit causes a comedy of errors during Spock & Pike's crucial negotiations with an unusual alien species.

Hopefully these episodes have a bit more to them than the description, becaue each one of these is bascially a TNG episode. Most have multiple episodes using the exact same plot points.

You can't make that determination after only 1 episode.

The plots seem mediocre. Considering this is basically season 5 of a show, I would hope they improve quickly.
Hopefully like the mediocre early TNG, this can at least have some good character building for the main crew

They already had an episode about how the january 6 insurrection started WW3

It was protest footage, it didn't say Jan6 or Trump, or anything. Also historians may say it was the trigger point for a civil war, given how things are going. The unelected supreme court letting a minority of evanglicals to dictate policy. Republicans refusal to accept that they lost elections, and purging the party of anybody who doesn't accept it, gearing up for 2024. Growing stockpiles of civilian arms. Easy and ready access to drones by civilians. It may well be right

I only watched this show after finding out you guys were lying
Its one second of protest footage in a montage. He doesn't even say who was at fault for the American Civil War, just that we had one some time in the future

Every thread you say hhe same thing, then shut your mouth when I post this, no tell me how brave it was for them to show the image of a blm riot.

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So? its just one episode

Yeah I saw the episode too retard. I was talking about the possibility of a second civil war. Its entirely possible. Trump could get reelected, by fraud or not, mass protests could happen. Conservatives will call them BLM riots, and crack down with police and national guard, and then things spiral, into full out war. Thats a real possibility.

Its like getting triggered, because OG Star Trek predicted a nuclear war. Its predictions.

There is much more footage in that montage. You are deliberately making it look like Pike was showing footage of January 6th and not just protest footage of America
He also doesn't say what side was right and which was wrong in the civil war. Maybe he agrees with your retarded inbred protest?
I don't know why you're saying the show is painting is as evil. They're just showing it (briefly)

And also that clip wasn't really in your face woke, it was just a quick small sequence of a protest who cares

>The unelected supreme court letting a minority of evanglicals to dictate policy
>t. lawlet
The problem with Roe v. Wade is that it extended the powers of the Supreme Court far beyond its intended purpose to interpret the constitution, and instead invented new rights for women out of thin air.
The Supreme Court does not amend the constitution. If they did, they would be an all-powerful branch of government.
You want rights for women in the constitution? Do it the proper way.
Read the dissenting opinion:
>I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant women and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes.

No, because it was just archival footage. There was no commentary or indeed sides. They also showed pro Ukraine rallies. It was used to describe America being divided. The rest came later. It's a troon falseflag that came out of a Discord raid.

I don't care about what a bunch of dead old American retards said about not taking a husk of unconscious inhuman meat out of your wife.
I think they should be allowed just to dunk on constitutionfags.
Besides I'm sure when doctors find a way to get you pregnant via butthole science you can have an abortion too, so it's not real a women's right innit

Your hypocrisy would be astounding if you were not a leftist.

The Founding fathers literally published methods of inducing abortions. They considered it so basic a right, that it didn't even occur to them.And the constitution. And they specifically set out, unenumerated rights because they knew morons would try and read it as only the ones literally on paper count. This is all in the federalist papers.

Its been the law for 50 years. Nobody cares about your muh constitution faggotry. Its been the law for longer than you or I have been alive. People care about results. The results are that abortion rights gets rolled back to pre roe, and the worst states go balls to walls, with total bans, without even medical exemptions. Women will die from medical complications and ectopic pregnancy. They are already drafting them. The exact same thing happened in Poland, and happened in Ireland until they overturned it. All because Fundies want to control the rest of America with their busy body bullshit. I want the god botherers to fuck off.

And everybody with half a brain knows it only happened, because Republicans stacked the court with 6 Heritage Foundation Nutcases. Not because the law was suddendly read the right way. The Law is the exercise of power, with bullshit words.

I don't give a fuck about your left vs right culture war you NPC
You prob want Pike to talk about archetypes or some small scope shit. Obsessive little American gremlin
Go get radicalized on Facebook and check your BMI
>um um I'm actually not an NPC I just agwee with the highest viewed cable news network in the USA owee

>projection the post.
Enjoy the next episode.

How will they fit the January 6th, 2021 MASSIVE RIOTS AND CIVIL WAR THREATS into this one?

My original intention was just to show that, no, the supreme court is not just throwing out this decision because a bunch of rednecks told them to, there is a legal argument to be made here. We can discuss the merits of that argument but it's a separate discussion - it exists.

What part was a projecting you American piggy
Did Twitter tell you to use that word? Am I gaslighting you too?

BRB inventing a device that I can shove in your asshole that causes your ass to rupture in blood every day for 9 months. Oh sorry I remote linked it up to an embryo so if you remove it the embryo dies. Guess sucks to be you lmao.

Better yet I'll just chain a homeless man to you the same way. Only way to remove him his to kill him. Guess your stuck with him the rest of your life! All life is sacred afterall, 3 months, 9 months, 9 years, rest of your life, who cares! That homeless man chained to you has the right to your body because his life is more important.

Why does everyone in that image have b cups?

That's a good argument to amend the constitution. Might want to do it the proper way so it doesn't get thrown out.

No.....they....put their shoes up on...the desk...and they RAPED AOC so hard she wasn't even in the same building.... the monsters....

You have to dedicate at least an hour and a half a day to diet and exercise as a man to even be considered average anymore
Actors must look above average
So when Discovery can have giant overweight women in the lead, the men must be super in shape with giant muscle tits

>The unelected supreme court letting a minority of evanglicals to dictate policy.
t. Retarded Moloch Worshipper

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>"if you want to add rights to the constitution you have to go through the proper branch of government so it doesn't get thrown out"
You people are psychotic.

>inhuman meat
Pretty sure baby humans are made out of human meat, bro.

Yes they are. The Republican Party wants to trick redneck retards into voting for the Lower taxes for the rich, and Fuck the Poor Party, so they stack the Supreme Court with Heritage Foundation Hacks to give them their abortion red meat. While those same judges also loosen campaign finance law for big corporations, gut regulations, repeal government laws and lock in gerrymandering. And in 2000 just outright picked the President.

Also the actual judges tend to be Catholic, because actual evanglicals are too retarded for law. Its literal a caste system for them.

>The Founding fathers literally published methods of inducing abortions.
No, they didn't.

>They considered it so basic a right, that it didn't even occur to them. And the constitution.
False. Abortion was illegal in every American jurisdiction when the Constitution was ratified and continued to be until the 1960s.

Just saying random things is not a counter to an actual legal opinion.

>Its been the law for 50 years. Nobody cares about your muh constitution faggotry.

The retarded guy, isn't the black guy who sides with the party that hates Black people, because he unironically believes the boot strap meme, and likes raping women.

Funny how pol hates Black rapists in concept, except all the actual black rapists, like Thomas or Cosby

You're talking a 60 IQ schizo, fren. I'm surprised he has enough brain power to use the Internet.

>there is a legal argument to be made here

Yeah, it's bunch of conservatives going "umm.. sweetie, the constitution doesn't literally say abortion is a right so we're going to overturn it because Roe v Wade is not old enough precedent" while also signalling the conservative lawsuit manufacturing machine that wink wink this opens up an avenue to get rid of gay marriage, etc. because those aren't actually constitutional rights either so start cooking up lawsuits we can use as pretext to roll back other rights we disagree with.

>talks about a civil war and a fucking third world war
>just shows stock footage of ten people at a protest and a small riot with a burning trashcan
They couldn't be bothered to hire som vfx artist to just animate some explosions on aerial footage of LA or something?

Why the fuck if Uhura a tranny?

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Try that post again. Be coherent this time.

Retard, read some history

Too stupid to understand

Its sad that you are stanning a hack thinking you guys are on the same side. You are not. You are the sheep, who serve their agenda. You will be discarded and ground up as well.

Thomas is a retard, uncle tom.

>10th Amendment is back on the menu boys!

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The most was that rather unassuming events had a butterfly effect. This leads Pike to not only think about the future of the federation but his own
It's not even a good story and he directly explains it, and it still needed to be dumbed down for you. Retard alert
>umm more explozin pls

But those things aren’t actual constitutional rights. This isn’t a merit less argument just because you don’t like it.

You're right, I forgot the supreme court was beholden to their voters for the next election cycle. I bow to your superior understanding of the American judicial system.

There is no right to abortion under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to faggot marriage under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to sodomy or other depraved sexual conduct under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to trannyism under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to contraception under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to flag-burning under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to pornography or obscenity under the United States Constitution.
There is no right to vote for President under the United States Constitution.

It's all getting rolled back, bitches. The days of Warren Court faggotry are ending, all thanks to Donald Trump.

How much are you being paid to shill this show 24/7?

>Its sad that you are stanning a hack thinking you guys are on the same side.
lol I helped Alito get nominated and confirmed

>unenumerated rights
Its Literally the 9th Amendment

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

They made it clear, that they weren't going to list out every right, that it was a evolving text. Most of them wanted the Constitution itself to have to be rewritten every so often. Organialism is just slapping a name and some bullshit over right wing hackery.

Pls Alex.

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sure you did, moron who doesn't even know the basic amendments like

You know what's not a right either? To own a car. To eat red meat. To be allowed to fly on an airplane. To smoke indoors. To use the internet. etc.

I would recommend people watch this before posting their opinion on this forum.

Everyone on this show worked really hard to bring a new show that is looking forward to the future but not afraid to confront our past.

I think this is just the type of show we need right now especially after 1/6.

I just ask that everyone goes into this with a open mind.

All the talented professionals who worked to bring this show to life would appreciate it.

Much Love and Respect!

I'm sorry to break this to you but your interpretation of the constitution is not the only valid one. Entire schools of thought on constitutional interpretation are not invalid just because you don't like them, nor is anyone pretending to spend their whole lives writing on the philosophy of constitutional interpretations you don't like because of some hidden schizo christfag agenda.

This has nothing to do with the Ninth Amendment. Nobody has seriously claimed the United States Constitution PROHIBITS abortion. Only that it doesn't protect it. Ergo, no Ninth Amendment issue. Learn law, retard.

>You know what's not a right either?

>To own a car.
Correct. The United States Constitution does not protect car ownership.

>To eat red meat.
Again, correct. A law banning the consumption of red meat would be fully constitutional under the United States Constitution.

>To be allowed to fly on an airplane.
Correct, but let's be clear that due process and equal protection in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment and the P&I clause of the Fourteenth Amendment render selective barring of airplane use without due process a federal constitutional violation.

>To smoke indoors.
Agreed. The United States Constitution says nothing about smoking either expressly or implicitly.

>To use the internet.
Wrong. The First Amendment protects the right to use the Internet.

Now you're getting it.

>hidden schizo christfag agenda.
I don't know why you think christfags are hidden, they control most of one Party.

Take a basic law class, I beg you. You might find a little thing called precedent.

i laugh every time i hear shitlibs use this word

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Holy bullshit, Batman, this head canon is some seriously delusional shit. And fuck whores. If they're too dumb to put on a rubber when getting pounded in a public toilet for 10 bucks, then they deserve raising Tyrone's genetic weapon of crack destruction.

Might christianity have influenced some decision policies? Maybe. I'm talking about this idea that there's a hidden christian caste society that forms the political right and is used to somehow control redneck voters with Supreme Court decisions. That's some schizo shit.

>how excited are you for episode 2?
Apparently, not very optimistic outlook

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>The First Amendment protects the right to use the Internet.
And the right to privacy protects the right to have a abortion, get gay married, do sodomy (which by the way for you idiots, also includes oral sex, its not just anal). And it should have banned the survillance state, but the Heritage Foundation Judges liked that, so that stayed.

B-but I read it in a Slate article... p-please read a book for once!

What are they all looking at?

That's not what the Ninth Amendment means. The P&I clause of the Fourteenth Amendment actually does do that, or at least was intended to. Idiot 20th century SCOTUS justices located that in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (and Fifth, for fed enclaves), but then went on to find rights protected by "substantive due process" that were clearly not the sort of "foundational rights" intended to be protected by anyone who had anything to do with any of the relevant amendments.

Alito's draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade explains this in detail. I suggest you read it. Yes, there are unenumerated rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. No, the Ninth Amendment doesn't protect them. Yes, some component of the Fourteenth Amendment does, but the "right" to murder an unborn baby is not one of those rights.

the camera

The Slate article quotes passages from Franklin but they say nothing about abortion whatsoever. They are homeopathic remedies for irregular periods.

Why are leftists such liars?

Yeah I totally think that someone who claims to have worked on Alito's nomination by Bush Jr, totally hasn't heard of the religious right. Stop playing dumb.

They were protesting. They didn't kill a guard, or set up a gallows, or say they would hang him.

None of them are looking at the camera

>And the right to privacy protects the right to have a abortion, get gay married, do sodomy (which by the way for you idiots, also includes oral sex, its not just anal).
The main problem here is that there is no "right to privacy" in the United States Constitution.

A second problem is that even if there was, abortion is not a private act. It involves one person killing another person, usually with the help of a third party expert. That isn't "private," kemo sabe. Therefore this hypothetical right to privacy couldn't protect it.

>The First Amendment protects the right to use the Internet.

No it doesn't. The Internet was not something they founding fathers were thinking of, stop trying to interpret the constitution as a living document!

t. Never read the constitution and is unaware of the 9th amendment
Like it or not abortion is fully legal

>All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Depriving Women of their life and liberty, there done. Just because a hack puts words to paper, doesn't make them gospel.

Also wrong, you clearly haven't even taken a basic law class, your ignorance drips off you.

>abortion is not a private act

It's is a private act between you and your doctor. Or do you suggest we make ALL medical records public knowledge?

There's a big leap from being religious and knowing religious things to giant underground christian caste society that makes up constitutional interpretation philosophies

>its called "protesting" when we do it

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The First Amendment protects the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and free religious exercise. The Internet is a vehicle for all three. Therefore access to the Internet is inarguably protected by the First Amendment.

Oh shit they killed a guard!? How? They made him commit suicide? Or was it the one that died of health issues? Genuinely curious if I missed something

Not for long lel

>Also wrong, you clearly haven't even taken a basic law class, your ignorance drips off you.
My Juris Doctor degree says otherwise.

>It's is a private act between you and your doctor.
LOL this dumb faggot doesn't even know what "private" means. No, Person A killing Person B, with or without the help of Person C, is by definition not a private act.


no. A fetus is a collection of cells. It does not have the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death, without the mother. Thats the definition of life. It does not have complex brain activity, and the fetal heartbeat is literally psuedo science.

Also nobody cares about your Muh Pro Life cries, from the party that rolls back healthcare, removes the social safety net, pollutes, invades other countries and excutes people. Republicans kill people every day.

Those are all rights granted in the constitution

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>Siamese twins are at home by themselves and get in an argument
>one shoots the other one in the head
>gets arrested for murder

>its okay to murder someone if you do it in private

Access to the internet is not infringing on you exercising your religion, it is not a press, and your speech is not limited by not being allowed to use a digital platform same way it isn't infringing it when a newspaper don't let you post a wanted ad.

Yet again, you fail to understand the Ninth Amendment. That's ok. Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett understand it just fine.


Its not a secret

Sure, make up lies on the internet. You can't even demonstrate knowledge of basic constitutional law. You would flunk out.

It allows states to decide instead of federal control. They should basically do that for everything and neuter the federal government. Fucking faggot. You all type like retards.

>Its not a secret
Should be really easy for you to back up with evidence then.

It will be appealed

>Access to the internet is not... a press

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>it didn't say Jan6 or Trump
You can clearly see MAGA hats and Trump flags in front of the capitol building. Its pretty clear where/when the footage is from.