$2.99 surcharge for sharing Netflix password

It's a small price to pay, but one I will do so gladly. Without Netflix, we may never have such shows as, 'cuties', 'dear white people' and 'Burning Chicago: the fight to end racism'.

Will you pay the extra $2.99?

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Imagine paying for movies, especially streaming. Couldn't be me.

Netflix is Jewish cultural Marxist poison. Get rid of it and go outside with your family.

Why do white people commit digital crimes?

The moral grandstanding over 'cuties' is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen on Yea Forums. you fucking people make cunny threads 24/7 and then cry about pedophilia when you think it allows you to own the libs

Do these fucking retards not realize that people will drop the subscription if that happens?
They won't be making more money, they will be making less.
Are corporates unironically retarded? I feel like if I opened a business I could do much better than any of them.

>you fucking people make cunny threads 24/7 and then cry about pedophilia
Have you thought about the possibility that's it's 2 different types of posters? Yea Forums is not one person, I would hang every pedo in the world, and that includes many anons.

I think most of us were upset cuties didn't have MORE sexual shots. Not that it exists. It was like a bait and switch.


piracy is not a crime
you, however, are a nigger

How will they even enforce this?

>YOU looting Louis Vuitton and Walgreens
>white people streaming a movie that's too shitty to pay for
Which is worse?

paying? do normies really? I started sailing almost a decade ago and still my mast is strong and my ship steers into the sunset.

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They're desperately reaching for any shot of revenue they can after they missed a growth target, projected huge subscriber losses next quarter, and their stock started tanking. They're doing ads too, pay more to go ad-free! And a lot of their garbage has been canceled to cut costs, good riddance.

I was outraged. It wasn't anywhere near as sexy as everyone was saying

Kind of mindboggling they allow this in the first place. I've been using my sister's netflix for years, she's paying for 5 households.

yes massah i don't need entertainment, yessir i'll go work the fields with mah boy

>$2.99 surcharge for sharing Netflix password.
>It's a small price to pay, but one people will do so gladly. Without paypigs, we may never have such shows as literally everything ever released in any platform or form.
>Will I pay the extra $2.99? No I won't, but others will.

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I used to use hacked accounts from sketchy pajeet forums but those days are gone. Mainly only did it for obscure foreign stuff that no one ripped elsewhere.

what does sharing mean exactly? how will the quantify this? i have 6 adults in my family that all watch netflix on their own devices. we own several properties across 2 states. will netflix realize us as 1 user or think im password sharing?

such bullshit all this is. im even getting tired of everday tech life like using my phone or just surfing teh web bc there are sooooo many ads now everywhere or just roadblocks to make you engage with the shit instead of just let it rock.

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Imagine paying for media
Over the past couple years
I've seen several shows and movies
I've read over 70 books
All without paying because that would be very gay
The only thing I've paid for is spotify because it's convenient

>How will they even enforce this?
"Are you planning on sharing your account? For 2.99 you will be able to"

I know where you question is coming from but you are not thinking like normal people do.

>paid for is spotify
very very gay

Nobody will watch Netflix in India anymore after this.

>chuds cry about black people fighting for their rights
>are actual the worst criminals themselves
>"Piracy isnt crime bros. You just copy uhm the movie."


>copyright infringement
>"the worst criminals"

Yeah I forgot most people don't think critically. Netflix putting that ok their website would be enough for normalfags to pay for it.

This reminds me of going to a grocery store self checkout and the staffis guarding the plastic bags. Like seriously? You're concerned over chump change?

Anyway this seems like it will backfire. I only pay for this shit so my mom can watch it. I would cancel tomorrow otherwise

>Not using youtube vanced
idiot, it's got YouTube music too. should've downloaded it before they got shut down

Netflix should have fired all the useless (especially women) diversity hires and increased the subscription price. Karening out over passwords removes the one thing that made normies streamers feel like they were gaming the system.

No, I just don't want you abusing kids.

>we're losing customers, have lost billions in stock depreciation,and our profits are way down. How do we fix it?
>Let's find new ways to squeeze more money out of people who use more than one device to access our shit!
Fuck these people. Let them continue losing money.

>Louis Vuitton
Are you some kind of faggot?

>Scenario 1
>Password sharer receives movie, pays nothing
>Zero dollars profit

>Scenario 2
>Password sharer now cannot share password
>Refuses to pay, does not watch movie
>Zero dollars profit
>Less bandwidth consumed on servers

How could this possibly be worse?

lol you still see ads? Why would you not use an ad-blocker?

>cancels subscription
>15 bucks a month less from customer
>Is considering to buy a subscription
>sees he can't even share it with friends or family
>doesn't buy subscription

You forgot they will also spike the price to 30 bucks for content without ad.

>such shows as, 'cuties
What is it about this movie in particular that retards don't understand its a movie?
The problem was it wasn't sexy. It was full of ugly niggers because it was made by an ugly nigress.

Spending years and billions of dollars running beloved IPs into the ground out of spite FO DE WHIDE MAWN isn't a great business model, as it turns out.

shit always finds its way through. plus they're everywhere on every site or video. google searches for simple issues only result in a vomit of useless info. its just all so unfiltered and useless. i think in a few years i'll be off it entirely once i have carved out some more assets for myself

Good thing they're a failing company and will be defunct in 5 years.

Never subscribed to any streaming service, never will

I use Ghostery, UblockOrigin and NoScript and I see no ads. Why do you use jewgle? For someone who hates ads you sure do go out of your way to see them.

>user thinks consumers will be smart and vote with their dollar

Is there any other Spotify piracy stuff for phones?

The only reason I still have an account is because I share it with my retired boomer parents. If they do this shit I'm cancelling.

>Netflix going down in a blaze by completely misreading the market just like Blockbuster

I am willing to bet this is about 30% of their base...

yeah you only want yourself abusing them

I dont mind paying for books. Its a dying form of entertainment anyway and as much of a meme it is I really prefer reading a physical book.

Not a pedophile, just like trolling libs

Just cancel anyway. I was hesitant to cancel because my 65 y/0 dad was using it (he was the only one). But he adapted pretty quick. We've still got:
Youtube with adblock
Amazon Prime Video (free with Amazon prime)
HBO max (free with ATT phone service)

Between all of those he's still got something to watch without giving Netflix any money.

The strawmanning you've been doing in this thread is really sad, dude.

who do you think i am, schizo? this is my first post in this thread
seek help

I was upset since I expected actual cuties, but got a bunch of uglies.

Or trying to explain torrents / pirate sites.

Because you need a minimal amount of intelligence to commit them.


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I can see your nose from here rabbi

Every conservative has the "cunny for me, but not for thee" mindset. That's what a lifetime of Christian brainwashing does to simpletons.

Imagine the writers room for some unannounced faggy show they're developing that's obviously getting axed soon as this is tumbling down

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>movie is called Cuties
>only cast extreme uggos
this is why no one on Yea Forums was defending it. if you put some of Yea Forums's favorite ig models in the film, it would have been the most shilled movie ever on Yea Forums

>I would hang every pedo in the world, and that includes many anons.

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We just loaded up our parents roku with all those free and decent steaming apps like Pluto.tv and peacock (free with their internet). And that pretty much gives them 99% of what they need.

But you wont since you're just a fucking channer seething in front of a keyboard

>i run a closed source software on my computer so i can install 3rd party dogshit app on a peripheral i have to plug into my tv

Netflix won’t downgrade their servers because suddenly having slowdown when their numbers go back up would look worse

So it’s a lose lose situation