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show me the kino

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>no JPW
literally the most kino interview

where's Big Tex?

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Why was this random Jack Black comedy weirdly well shot?

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Brought to you by the color orange

I wish I loved this movie because it's clearly something unique and visually stunning but I was completely filtered

>random Jack Black comedy
How dare you speak of Nacho Libre in this manner!

Because it was made with passion. It's so rare these days that it stands out in past productions, even ones as humble as Nacho fucking Libre.

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Does anyone have a Paris, Texas one?

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just put the titles in faggot, not everyone has seen every kino ever.

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Manhunter and The Prisoner.

>the end scene of leatherface swinging his chainsaw
One of cinemas most kino shots

You guys edit these yourselves in ps or is there some site I can just use?

Best Spider-Man trilogy coming through

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windows paint

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learn the ways of ffmpeg+bash script

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>watch movie
>ctrl + c on nice scene
>ctrl + v into paint

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Still remember the first time I saw this image hoping it was some obscure kino

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Ah yes copy and paste a webm into paint. Bravo retard!

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