Why was this episode such a joyless slog to get through?

Why was this episode such a joyless slog to get through?

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They tried to mirror the movie.

I miss the times when they made fun of bad comedies like Paul Blart or Jack and Jill. Capeshit, horrorshit and Netflixshit is only varying degrees of interesting.

Mike needlessly recalling plot points in his fake alcoholic dementia voice is stale as fuck and he does it for every single movie he talks about

>fake alcoholic dementia voice

Were you angry that they enjoyed the movie?

Why aren't they talking about upcoming WW3 or how evil russikes are?

>tfw can't save Mike from alcoholism

They did the Bruce Willis movies and its been years since they did Capeshit but people BEGGED they do another one.

Why was MoM?

Good point.

Because it's not what we need, what we demand: the Picard finale review.

Jay obviously didn't want to be there and is over capeshit, while Mike loves it more each year but pretends it's just alright.

You're not owed anything, stop watching if you don't want to

>NFT jokes
>loved nu-spiderman childrens movies
>no criticism because of 'muh raimi'
>no actual discussion of plot or dialogue

they've lost their fastball

I am a Patreon supporter, disable adBlock just for their videos and even bought a few things off their store including Space Cop. I am also a subreddit moderator. They actually do owe me.

bruce willis videos. before we knew he had dementia they were hilarious. still are.

What do they owe you?

Because it's an episode about capeshit and it's 2022


seems more like mike was dragged there by jay because its a sam raimi movie.

>before we knew
They always knew, and it was mostly done to juxtapose with their Picard reviews. (aging, bald actor destroying their career)

Mike and Jay think they’re too good for movie theatres and they’re too good for superhero movies. They’ve come full circle, they started off as pretentious film snobs in film school, then they lightened up and found the joy in watching superhero movies and being excited for the next now, now they’re back to being pretentious snobs. They’d rather review direct to streaming movies that no ones ever heard of.

They're still shilling capeshit unironically. It is pathetic. I thought it was over.

>now they’re back to being pretentious snobs
Did you not see Mike barely able to contain his joy about those shitty spiderman movies? Though he does do the "it was okay" bullshit at the end.

that skin color is no fake

>movie about a wizard
>review doesn't include "The Wizard"
There you go, OP.

I enjoyed it. I don't know why either of them thought that Raimi would be able to leave his trademarks on the film though, other than little easter eggs. Of course marvel would take full creative control. It's the reason Edgar Wright left antman.

You wouldn't know a Raimi movie if it's anti-sematicism hit you in the face, this was clearly a Raimi joint

They gotta intervene at some point....right??

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>Tfw Dr Strange never met The Human Holocaust in the multiverse

>>no criticism because of 'muh raimi'
>no actual discussion of plot or dialogue
So you didn't watch the video huh?

Yea Forums seems to really not like these guys. If that's the case, maybe you should all stop obsessing over them and watching every video they put out and making constant threads about them all day every day.

Because they really don´t care about superhero movies anymore

>movie was bad but we pussyfoot around it and sort of recommend it
Based 100% confirmed, not even hiding anymore military grade disneyshills

>spent most of the review talking about how good Spider-Man is


Isn't that 80% of Reddit Letter Media post 2016?

>it's another episode of them being triggered for a company not being woke enough

Yea Forums is tsundere.

How so, I didn't catch them talking about that at all.
For the they made several okay points, except for Mike wanting more jokes.

>it's another thread where autists twist RLM's words so much that they don't even come anywhere close to reality

They should have reviewed The Batman. It would have been fun to watch them tear it apart.

some really weird choices this past year. I'm not sure why they're refusing to talk about certain films like Everything Everywhere All At Once or the Northman. Hell I at least thought Jay would have seen The Green Knight at least since he liked Ghost Story.

>It would have been fun to watch them tear it apart.
Except it wasn't a bad movie to the vast majority of people except for a few contrarians on Yea Forums. You know, the kinds of dipshits who care what RLM thinks about anything

>being mad at NFT jokes
Cryptonigs get the rope.

I think disney has learnt its lesson that it's not a good idea to send their shills against DC high kino. Remember how many ships they burned with Joker and the only thing they achieved was to lose credibility. Ignoring the kino and trashing the garbage, their current strategy, looks much better

My favourite bits of RLM were always where they went on a tangent to talk about the industry and cinemas and the stuff outside the film - when they just talk through plot points I feel like I'm wasting my time.

They're just sad that it's Raimi and it sucks

It wasn't the first time he sells out or proves that he has lost his childish charm with age.

Apparently the reason why they went to a theater (even though they hate theaters) to see the latest just launched cape shit (even though they claim to hate capeshit and find it boring) is because this is a Sam Raimi movie and Jay likes Raimi. Yet Jay seemed the most bored while Mike drunkenly rambled and heaped shitloads of praise on the Marvel Spider-Man movies and Dr Strange. It was kind of pathetic and came across very shill like on his part

Jay needs to post more. I didn't pay 10 mBTC to join the secret Telegram group just for one measly bike video.

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I am a fellow Patreon member and I am withdrawing my support from Patreon post haste.

He bikes? That's mental

Did they post anyhing about the Picard finale? I can't wait another week. I have already watched every RLM copycat review on youtube.

>Mike the one who wasn't interested in comic movies tries to throw shade at The Batman's deleted scene and praise Doctor Strange after watching Picard
>Jay the one who wanted to see it because of Raimi craps on it for most of the review to which Mike has no real rebuttal
I had fun, why didn't you?


-Captcha was: "AOXN4"

I still like their videos, but let's face it, the guys are two losers.

I'm not sure even if I can call them failed filmmakers, "failed" implies trying. They never made a real movie, other than that stupid thriller crap with a girl, I don't remember the name. "The Repossessed", something like that. "The Re-something". No one cares about that movie. I think not even 1% of their subscribers even know it exists. If that counted as an attempt, it'd be total failure.

If these two losers weren't leeching off excess attention from big pop culture garbage franchises they'd still be making shitty wedding videos.

These guys are pushing 50 and getting all snooty about how they don't like some crap movie made for children. Well, duh. You know what 50 year olds aren't suppose to give a crap about either? Star trek and the evil dead. That's for children. Or manchildren too, I 'spouse.

But you see, they're not regular manchildren, they are slightly more discriminating manchildren! Yes! Give these men a badge.

They are just a hipster snooty version of collider. That's why they hate collider so much. They depend on leeching off of pop culture garbage franchises for their livelihood the same way. Do you think people would watch them if they were doing The Gabowskis or whatever still, instead of becoming full blown pop culture parasites?

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Why did they duck Dune, Batman and Northman. Why are they so afraid of forming an opinion if they can't hide behind smug cynicism?

seething prequelbabby detected

>seething prequelbabby detected

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I like when they do things that are good. I don't like when they don't do things that are good, because I still have to watch the not good things to find out that they are not good. For a long time now the not good things have outweighed the good things by a lot.

it felt very unfocused, just random talk about the movie in random order

>Why was this episode such a joyless slog to get through?
Star Trek Picard broke Mike forever.

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oh so he did buy a mountainbike with patreon money?

Nitpicking Nerd does a much better job at being a trekkie and tearing that shit apart and pulling TNG and behind the scenes clips than Mike does.

>He bikes? That's mental
i bet he used to rollerblade