Do you think Dr. Strange 2 should have earned a R rating, Yea Forums?

Do you think Dr. Strange 2 should have earned a R rating, Yea Forums?

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baby movie no one cares

>streaming era
>movie ratings mattering anymore when the average kid can watch all of the R-rated movies he wants at home

It was nowhere near R.

Apparently the OG director thought this could only be done with an R-rating once he read the script and this was one of the reasons he backed out.
Honeslty, they got away with quite a lot of risque content in this one. Maybe the most I've seen in a PG movie aside from the Ring.

what? no.

This was also PG-13. People are such pussies nowadays.

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I didn't see a single one of Liz Olsen's titties so absolutely not.

> this was rated r

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What we got wasn't R-rated. Should we have *got* an R-rated Dr Strange 2 and had a proper horror movie that wasn't forced into its watered-down state? Yes.

The movie as it is, is only slightly risque for a Disney film. Take it out of the MCU and the horror elements would barely raise an eye in a Scooby Doo film.

scooby doo is scary

Yes but only because the ratings board hates Raimi

>Should we have *got* an R-rated Dr Strange 2 and had a proper horror movie that wasn't forced into its watered-down state? Yes.


>Multiverse of Madness gets an R rating
>Raimi sighs, orders several barrels of corn syrup from Amazon with a 15% Subscribe & Save™ discount, and calls everyone back for reshoots

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Cringe edgy underage teens, what we got was pure kino. If you want a horror movie watch a horror movie, no amount of gore would have improved this movie

it should have been R, they pussied out not showing captain carter fall into two pieces. Reed richards head should have exploded blood and ribbons of brain everywhere too.

>Gore is all there is to horror
Brainlet take.

The small amount that did make it into the movie did make it better though.

Sounds dumb af, glad you aren't involved with these movies

No, The Batman is more deserving of an R if anything.

Because it was used sparingly and had to be implemented in creative ways which made it interesting

quick question piggy backing on that thread since i watched the whole film in about 10 minutes of skipping ahead: across all universes of the multiverse our universe is the one where dr strange gets cucked by a black man? was it his love interest that got married to a black dude at the start of the movie?

Nobody cares

The only scene deserving of an R rating was Black Bolt dying, I'd say.

should get a PG rating. Pozzed Garbage

First Marvel movie in years. I sat next to someone who was literally doing the onions face and noises the entire time.

That was me anything something vaguely resembled Evil Dead

Why were you sitting next to a mirror?

Is this another one of those episodes where teen boys argue something they like is hardcore to the max and really adult and mature and for grown ups?

lol that was me
I was checking out your ass as you were leaving btw lol hope there's no hard feelings

This. It's not like Raimi is afraid of gore and horror. An R rating would have pushed for more blood instead of leaving as it is.
Wanda: MOM is the only mcu movie with a twist of horror, and it's great because of that. You don't expect the horror elements, nor the music, nor the night on bare mountain/evil dead vibes, ao you get surprised by it.
In the end, the movie is more of a musical than it is a horror movie, and that's why it's good.
This movie will be one of the few capeshit that will be watchable in 20 years, like spiderman 1/2.

Agreed man I just watched it in cinema and enjoyed what was surprisingly graphic content for a superhero movie. No need to turn it into a snuff torture film.
Not sure if the speakers were fucked at my cinema though. Was it just me or was the mixing shit? My only complaint

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Really? Weird.

Almost every film has shit mixing these days. Especially when viewed in a cinema.

i gotta go up and ask them to turn on the subtitles every time

First cinema trip in a decent while. Why do they do it? It’s such an important part of the experience and the budgets are massive

>qiuno! quino! le quino in my heckin superhewo movies!
fuck off

Saw it on IMAX and the sound was glorious. The elven man STILL has it

When the fantastic 4 dudes limbs slowly turned to spaghetti until the spaghettification reaches his head and it pops would have scared the shit out of me as a kid.

you’d think in the progressive era, compnies would have a little more faith in R rated entertainment, but no, being family friendly is still the focus just like it was in the 1950s

>a few literally who twitter posts
Every time

welcome to modern "journalism"
some even base articles on anonymous posts on a vienamese fishing forum

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>it should be R because....mommy ....its scawy!!!!!
Fright was literally never a reason for rating a movie higher

Sounds like I rustled your jimmies

If anything, the Daily Mail is just doing what they've always done.

my sides that’s hilarious. Imagine if they could see the 13 year old faggot that shitposted that

an R rating would've been great since the gore that was sorely missing could've complimented the brutality on display.

The movie felt very evil deady. The pov shots of the "ghost" watching the other Liz was very familiar.

Grow up, you're having a conniption over a superhero film made for children.

Maybe they were afraid of spreading the school shooter aesthetic to the kids

>zoomers can't handle soft violence

The avarage kid comes to Yea Forums and laughs as Mexicans being flayed alive

based movie enjoyer

It had too much body horror for it not to.

Yes it was vewwy scawwy oh no no no how intense for my American eyes!

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Can we have more bondage scenes with America Chaves?

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Switch wore a see through tube top so there were nipples.

post it

I was wrong, it wasn't the black latex tube top from the Red Pill, Blue Pill scene, it was some nearly sheer white shirt under her coat when they went to meet the Oracle.
And they aren't nearly as prominent as I remember. Probably about as bad as Monica Bellucci's bush through her latex dress in 2.

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Well that is practically the same scene so yeah

>no nudes
>no f bombs
>less blood than a paper cut
No. Zombie Strange wasn’t scary, but it wasn’t for literal babies hence pg-13

This. What fabricated controversy retarded chuds fall for