Delicious 'zah

Delicious 'zah

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that's a mighty fine lookin za'.......

what's the point of a pizza without grease? that's literally why you eat it

I'd absolutely DEVOUR that 'za. Ramsay should stick to burnt cheese sandwiches


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I unironically find this so appetising


looks too crunchy

post weight

6' 190

my mooncher senses are tingling

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God yes a faggot the only complaint is that the cheese ain't quite done

pic unrelated obv

Why does no one ever post a link to this scene? Is it fake?

>The literal puddles of grease
Jesus christ cheese is greasy i get it but there shouldn't be fucking pools of it

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when I make pasta I drown it in olive oil and cheese. grease makes everything better. you want like a ratio of carbs to grease of about 70/30

hard as a rock

>The crust... Soggy, undercooked.
>(Cut to a slow zoom of Gordon holding slice in the air vertically) Fuck me... *Visibly disgusted, and scoffing* (multiple cuts to Gordon's face and then back to the pizza)

look ANYBODY saying they wouldn't absolutely SMASH that za is a lier END OF DISCUSSION

>Owner: "Yeah my pizza is the best in the biz, no way Chef Gordon Ramsey wouldn't hate it"
>Gordon: It's disgusting, inedible. You can tell all the ingredients were frozen and processed including the dough.
>(Concerned owner looks on. Distressed guitar note to add drama)

>Owner doesn't change anything about the pizza
>Still in business to this day and even opens other locations

Gordo is a hack

'roni 'za is much better bro

why did he order a small one?

Pizza, oven, noice n hot. Beautiful.
Cheese, drippin oveh, greasy. Simple. Rustic.

Just because someone indulges every once in a while does not make them fat. They also didn't say they would eat the whole thing alone. You can eat more than salad and stay fit.

Looks like the kind of pizza you'd see the ninja turtles eat. Which means it's perfect.

I don't get why this particular scene is memed so hard, this pizza is atrocious, clearly made by someone who doesn't know shit about making a good 'za

oh great this thread again. same OP, same webms, same jokes. epic

Reminder that the pizza looks delicious and his restaurant is doing better than ever with a 4.7/5 star rating in spite of Gordon Shamsey.

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gordonbros... i dont feel so good

fucking embarrasing. how did he get away with it?

this webm will never not piss me off

Absolutely based

N-not like this, Ramseybros

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lads... I need more ramsay and clarkson kino....

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Small? That could feed a family of five.

post the nachos

here you go user

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Die they blackmail him to do this or something??

Would consume

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>this shit actually looks good to americans

and here's a pizza in europoor land

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You know pizza comes from Italy, right?

And they have the worst. It's burned in the crust and soggy as fuck in the middle. Can't even pick a slice because it falls apart. Face it, Americans have perfected pizza

yes, and americans improved upon the recipe

Wow if you hold the pizza upside down and scrape the top with the spatula all the toppings come off. Unbelievable!

I went to his restaurant once and bloody hellfire, what an awful fucking experience. I ordered the risotto and when it arrived (after 1 hour) it was literally a bowl of fucking water. Just water. I complained to Ramsay himself and he assured me that the bowl was just to dip my fingers in before the meal, and I was incredibly embarrassed but we still had to wait another 2 fucking hours for my risotto to come. It came and it was alright, but then we ordered a desert afterwards (chocolate mousse cake) and when Ramsay brought it over it had a big bite out of it and Gordon had chocolate crumbs around his lips. I confronted him about it and he began nervously laughing and said he had to go the bathroom. We could clearly see him sneaking out of the window into his car, so I followed him into the parking lot to see what the fuck was going on. He was crying alone in his car going on about how sorry he was, and said a bad review could ruin him. He kept saying how "Hungy hungy" he was and that the mousse looked "real munchy good". I said it was okay because he clearly was on something, and so we turned back to the restaurant to finish our meal. As soon as we turned our back to him, he began to bash the back of my wife's head in. She was knocked out cold. I franatically began to call an ambulance as Gordon began fleeing towards the nearby treeline, on all fours.

>turns food upside down
>surprised to see it fall apart

Americans are worse than jews

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Fucking dumb american.

bread, nice and thick.

>it's the americans
>it's the europeans
>it's the chinese
no. it's the jews.
and it will remain the jews as long as the jews remain

Post the updated version muttmerican

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>that's literally why you eat it
cleanse yourself from the gene pool

and the bread turns back to dough as well crazy haha

American website.

It's a perfectly looking and probably tasting za', everyone's just making a fuss about it, and brainlets go with whatever Ramsay says, just post the "OH THESE BURGERS ARE TO BIG IM GOING INSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE" webm which instantly cuts to him preparing some big ass burgers, man is full of SHITE.

thinnest and least glutinous american

I don't now if you joking, but if you are, take a slice of bread, remove the crust and kneed it like that.

After all this time, surely someone has eaten here and reported back with pictures?

You sneed it

Threadly reminder that the only people in these threads seething about Gordon Ramsay are mexicans larping as american

afterwards one might even rather chuck it than eat it.

The dough looks pretty fine to me here. He compresses it with his fingers so it looks more under cooked than it actually is.

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devastating. how did he get away with it? everything points to this being a fine pizza.

Ok, someone here needs to get this shit over with, we need an user to go over at Pantaleones and order the signature za' featured in the episode so we can have some feedback on this.

based obsessed retard