Why don't Felicia Day and Will Wheaton work together anymore?

Why don't Felicia Day and Will Wheaton work together anymore?

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She had some 60 year old man's baby and retired

dont know who the guy on the right is
liked the guild, dont know anything else she did
simple as

Not just some old man's either. Dude wrote Mr. Holland's Opus.

What are these types of people called

they were the prototypical millennials


>Mr. Holland's Opus.
Proper boomer hours.

Fake news

They were too nerdy, it was hard to relate.

God, I hated the corporate geek era of the late 00s

Felicia Day is from a different era of Internet nerd culture, where you'd get one 6/10 girl who maybe does a tiny bit of flirting in a PG comedy skit. How is she supposed to compete in an age where there are hundreds of thousands of 10/10 e-girl turbosluts who do actual porn?

These two and their consequences were a disaster for the Millennial race

They probably hate each other as much as the rest of us hate both of them. I will genuinely never understand why Wil Wheaton is even still famous. Why would ANYONE give a fuck about what he has to say about anything? He literally played the least liked character from any canon Trek show.

I used to love The Guild

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>Felicia Day is from a different era of Internet nerd culture, where you'd get one 6/10 girl who maybe does a tiny bit of flirting in a PG comedy skit.
The Smurfette era was insane on Yea Forums. Any 5/10 girl that posted tits was worshiped as a goddess

That's TNG's very own Wesley Crusher grown up into a proper manchild embarrassment.

Both have massive egos thinking they are the true representative of all nerds.

Didn't Wil Wheaton get Me Too'd?

It's only fake news if a billionaire makes all his pet media companies say it over and over. When a random retard on the internet says it, it's just a lie or plain incorrect.

She's still part of the ongoing zombie mst3k grift operation

The point of the metoo movement was for opportunistic women to gain notoriety by going outside the typical legal channels to destroy a powerful man for easy to justify reasons. Wil Wheaton is just a rich useful idiot, he has no power to usurp so the media didn't care and since, as always, there was no actual proof of his alleged misconduct, the police did nothing.

>how are these types of people called
based ESL tard is learning...

Literally impossible to find any info on her elderly husband

List of people I unironically hope get AIDs and die tomorrow:
- Wil Wheaton
- JJ Abrams
- Alex Kurtzman
- Akiva Goldsman

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That means he's incredibly rich. Try finding info on the Reimann family.

>As an adult, Wheaton described his father as being abusive to him as a child and his mother as being an enabler of that abuse. He also stated that his parents forced him to become an actor
come on guys its not his fault

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Felicia Day was big when pic related was the hottest shit you could imagine in the regular e-celebrity space.
Nowadays it's considered weird if you're a female content creator who isn't at least an 8/10 and doing triple-anal every other day on OnlyFans.
Ironic that the original female content creators (who all touted themselves as big-time feminists) had their GOTIS be the seed from which unabashed degeneracy grew.

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The producers knew what they were doing when they put him in that show. TOS fans were vocal about their hate for Wesley but there was a whole generation of nerd kids who identified with him. He was their self insert into the trek world. They grew up to be soi bois and bug men. For them, he represents their childhood.

Funny how he only started saying that after he made statements publicly denouncing his parents for not being leftists.

i liked the character desu

I was a nerdy kid who watched TNG when it aired and hated Wesley.

>He literally played the least liked character from any canon Trek show.
Retarded ass opinion. Wesley Crusher was a fine character for what he was supposed to be. Wil Wheaton is a real human who is far retarded than he should be.

felicia's cool, wil not so much

i actually really like their tabletop boardgame show they did, i'm not even into nerd culture. i was disappointed when i found out that wil was a seething libera type.

He’s beyond liberal, he’s a goddamn commie

Good point

He’s a sellout shill for kikes who rabidly hates White Christians for good boy points. Communism is a red herring.


This. Looking back Felicia was ugly as fuck but she was not fat and a token female in a nerdy game space so she blew up.

Her value was being the kinda weird looking thin nerdy girl next door. Now she is the old haggard cat lady in the attic apartment with five cats and stinks of cat piss. In short she lost her value and Will dropped her ass.

all kikes are commies, all commies are kikes

Because Wheaton is an insufferable asshole that no one likes?

>Felicia Day is still streaming

>ugly as fuck
certainly not conventionally attractive, but i've always liked weird looking girls, especially if they have fair skin.

238k subs and videos getting sun 1k views lmao, all those subs are dead accounts. Well at least she was smart enough to get fucked by a rich guy.

how do you know this?

there was a guy i used to watch who had like a million subscribers and one day a few years ago i remembered him and saw what he was up to, still doing the same videos but only getting like a hundred views. i wish i could remember his name to see if he is still going

I worked with him in the big bang theory. Its me young sheldon

There's something so unnerving and inhuman about Wil Wheaton and his mannerisms. Is he a pedophile or something?

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I actually liked Wil when all I knew about him was him showing off tabletop games

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Gen X, dumbshit. Wheaton came of age in 1990.

dear ESL user: the word "prototype" implies before, setting the standard for, preliminary
>an original model on which something is patterned
if I wanted to imply that they were actual millennials I would have used the word "archetypal" which means typical, standard, exemplary
>a very typical example of a certain person or thing

The full pic is even worse

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Pod people

Twitter was a mistake. so many people outing themselves as utter pieces of shit.

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>Implying Felicia Day wasn't a 10/10 redhead back in the day
Swear to God this board has the worst taste in women. It's almost as gay as /fit/

Her former boss, and out of wedlock. Baby is a bastard.

She never was a 10 are you fucking kidding me

He's just fake nice and it's really easy to tell

>2/10 elbows too pointy would not bang

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