I'm still mad about how they massacred my boy. This is my "sonics arms are not blue" moment...

I'm still mad about how they massacred my boy. This is my "sonics arms are not blue" moment. You can't just treat Black Bolt like a bitch. That's bullshit.

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>instantly becomes a fan favourite character
>bunch of Black Bolt fans start coming out of the woodworks
What the fuck is going on?

I've always liked Black Bolt ever since my dad bought me his action figure in the 90s. I read his comics, followed his story lines. He finally gets a TV show and it's garbage. Then I'm fucking ecstatic when I see him pop up in MoM, only to see him used as a complete fucking joke. I mad bro.

I don't want to sound hysterical, but we are in the final stages of a decaying society
People are retreating into escapism en masse because they feel like they can't make a change in the world anymore
If you could abandon everyone in your life and go live by yourself would you? Each generation more and more people answer "Yes"

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he was cool when he euthanized strange not sure why he had to job that pathetically

>His voice can't pierce through the front of his face
>you can see his teeth and jaw still remain behind it
>His voice immediately bounces back and liquifies his skull and brain

I dig Black Bolt in general and was surprised to see him in live aciton. Didn't know he had also appeared in a show prior to this.
From what I've seen though, the show is pretty shit.

Exactly. That scene was peak Black Bolt. Then of course Marvel had to go back to the whole, "he wears a silly costume so we have to treat him like a joke" shit that they like to do.

Wanda made it do that. She trapped his voice inside his head.

It was lazy as fuck.

The entire scene was really just a rip off version of the Invincible scene where Omniman crushes Red Rush's head and then everyone tries to go at him only for all of them to job

He looks stupid and his powers are stupid. If you are a fan of this character, you are stupid too.
His jobbing was well earned. It was funny if you think about it. “What mouth?” Good one, mommy.

>Black Bolt fans
Not a thing. He's a faceless mute in a generic black costume with a "power" ripped off from Black Canary.

YOU look stupid!

When you make a character dirty like that people usually respond.
Imagine if I dunno, Dr Doom appeared in there and Wanda conjured a banana peel, he slipped and necked himself out? of course fans of the character would complain specially over how awful, stupid and against the character the death was.

Black Canary has super strenght, super resilience and can fly?

Doesn't he have super fart powers? That would be perfect, turning her to dust with a sonic assclap.

Batman is the only superhero that has to be treated with respect in live action. The rest are all fine to make fun of.

>hurr durr do you like in a cave or something lmao!!!!
>white people are le bad

Takes the meds

Black Bolt gained fans from this, Batman in recent years has just been an insult to his fanbase

Does he? Cause I have never seen him use any of that in movies or cartoons.

oh shut up you faggots she got a power up from the cave of wanderlust or some shit. she was stronger. they could've done the fight better but your boy was fucked

>Wanda made it do that. She trapped his voice inside his head.
He could have farted at her and completely ended her retarded existence. Instead he sneezed like a cuck faggot.

I thought Black Bolt looked really stupid in this movie, but I can't really put my finger on why. Is it the chin strap? The tuning fork? Is the actor himself kind of dumb-looking? Maybe he just looks too generic to someone who doesn't follow the Inhumans at all

If you have zero fans to begin with, you can only gain more

The suit was cool but the actor looked kind on dumb in it.

It's the actor. He looked really short and gave off little brother vibes, especially when he smiled and acted all smug about being strong. If he was taller and acted more stoic, he would have looked completely fine.

He would have ended the movie right there-that's the joke. You should be proud he was treated as such a threat to Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch, S-tier and SS+-tier heroes.

What? flying or showing feats of super strength and resilience? yeah plenty comics.

He literally appeared for less than 1 min in this one and they changed almost everything about his character but name and looks. They only gave him a slightly related power akin to give Superman hovering in the air and nothing else.

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If you care about capeshit in 2022 then you deserve to get shit on 24/7.

I only know who he is because Pet Avengers was good and I had to find out who owned the dog with the tuning fork head

And here is him literally going toe to toe with Gladiator, a dude who is similar to Superman but in Marvel, to the point he had to call backup. I mean sure he isn't Thor, Hulk, Ben Grimm or other power houses in what strength and resilience refers, but he's above 95% of Marvel heroes

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Lol who cares about comics, we're talking about more mature content in the movies.

Didn't these jokers defeat Thanos and have the Infinity Stones? How could they possibly lose? Or maybe X could give the soul stone to Wanda to resurrect Vision. I dunno, there are so many ways this didn't have to escalate.

How the fuck do americans know all these b-tier superheroes

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It's our culture.

You don't have comic books or cartoons, user?

Strange had a powerful book that rivals the Darkhold in OP-ness and used on Thanos and his army.

A week on Yea Forums is all you need.

Not American but I've known most of these since I was a kid.
Also, if you have any interest in comics whatsoever, don't go to Yea Forums.
Not only is their taste poor, but the board is awful.

Even if BB popped up in any of the cartoons as the side mook he is, it was always "oh shit, it's BB, once he whispers something it's over", but then he never did anything and things just went on.

my dad had a solid collection of pic related, Asterix and Tintin.

>a week on Yea Forums
I'll pass

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Thanos didn't have all the stones in that universe and Strange single handledly defeated him by using the book of Vishanti.

the problem with Yea Forums is that it's mostly a cartoon board and the two topics should've been separated into 2 boards
there's people who can talk about comics but they are fewer

Take your meds.

>if he was taller
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Are you from West or East Europe? Or outside of that territory in general?
I'm not American but there were quite a few Marvel/DC comics printed and I remember they were sold at regular street stands. Translated & all.

I don't know how many times this has to be said but you get what you deserve for watching capeshit

NTA but what the fuck is this kikeposting

>"power" ripped off from Black Canary.
Black Canary can't destroy the world with her voice. He's more similar to Banshee with the wings too.

if you could really destroy me i would have known. pussy. irl I would probably walk by you and intentionally shove my shoulder into yours. if this got any reaction from like a "HEY MAN WHAT THE FUCK" i instantly would go into attack mode and go straight for your neck. i live for this stuff. the thrill of the fight and not knowing if you'll live or die. stupid short clowns like you havnt been in HALF the situations ive been in and I have survived unlike you. i'd have no problem killing you if you kept insulting me. some people just arent the same and im one of them.

This is what happens when they do fanservice reshoots because No Way Home gave everyone a cameo boner and they had to do it also to show off Wanda's powerlevel.

His suit was CGIed on

they read them up on wiki and pretend they were always fans of them when they were kids.

haven't seen these in quite a while, thanks for the kek

He literally disintegrates dr strange by whispering "im sorry". It's just that the script went "BLACK BOLT IS INFINITY STRONG BUT WANDA IS INFINITY PLUS ONE STRONG"

I'm getting real tired of this lazy insta killing of costumed super heroes. The Boys, Irredeemable, Injustice, Invincible, Über, Ultimatum, JL Apokolypse War... It's all in bad taste in my opinion. These characters become grotesque when paired with extreme violence and consequences. It's supposed to be idealized, it's supposed to be larger than life, not blood and guts and shit and tears. If I want stronger content I watch something for actual adults, not capeshit... and I read comics for many years of my life and still occasionally obsess over batman. After The Batman and seeing how Mr Fantastic was killed in MoM I feel like the capeshit genre has finally become completely void of any kind of soul (for the little it had to begin with) This won't go on forever

just look at the mask

Yeah I looked closer and I think you're right, at least the mask is cgi'd on.

It's like that Black Bolt scene, and the Wanda fight scene were written by two different people. They're two completely different characters. The first was a leader and a powerhouse. The second was was insecure, fidgety and panicky. Why would they do that?

Sure, but "he can destroy the world with his voice" and then proceeding to not do anything isn't exactly a compelling or interesting character.

Don’t listen to them user, I know that you are perfectly sane. Its the world that is crazy.

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You wouldn't freak out a little if your mouth just all of a sudden disappeared? My only issue with that scene is that Wanda should have taken his nose too.