Cast him

cast him

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will smith

number 1 choice Willem Dafoe
number 2 choice Nicolas Cage

>Behold...a man!
What did he mean by this?

Only a dubs man could be so based.

Plato's such a cunt, watch this.

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He’s literally me

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James Wood. Philosopher king of Hollyweird.

>Hey faggot the great, you're ruining my dick tan
Tom Hardy just because he plays unhinged well because he is unhinged.

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Paul Dano once he hits 50-60 years old

>If I were not Anonymous, I would be the big guy.

70% of Yea Forums would be this guy

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-t. butthurt Platonian
Go back to looking at cave shadows and blabbering on about the four elements you geezer.

Wrong, even between the homeless you could find great minds. Diogenes is one of the greatest philosophers in history and he was also a crazy homeless person,
And given the hedonistic and elitist life of ancient Greece, Diogenes could see the hypocrisy in it all, so you can see the guy loved the truth so much, he'd rather be a dispossessed than a hypocritical elitist.

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Viola Davis

OG neet.

Johnny Depp

>he doesnt chill with homeless Chad's, listening to their insane poetry, wrestling them for bragging rights, and swapping cigarettes with them for interesting pieces they found in the garbage
Sad. There's a lot of different kinds of homeless guys but the drunks over 50 with a death wish are by far the top of the pyramid. There's a certain security in knowing they literally dont care about life enough to even bother robbing you despite the fact that they're slowly starving themselves to death through negligence.



Klaus Kinski

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Stop glorifying white culture you dumbass

Greeks are only borderline white lmao, they weren't considered white by the United States until the early 20th century I think. Also, no!


first actor that i could think of that has the right class to loonacy ratio to play him

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Anyone who wasn't from the british isles and protestant weren't considered white at one point

We Greeks are just better at everything.

He's literally me but smart

Daniel Day-Lewis but who will play Alexander The Great?

I also thought of Willem Dafoe

sure, you ottoman rapebabies

>you're next, Mr. Bond

didn't exist, created by plebs hundred of years later who seethed over Plato/Socrates

Terry Davis

Welsh people weren't considered white.

Were you also recommended Asha Logos' new video today?

the orginal sigma

How is that homeless? Look he's got a roof and everything

>How is that homeless? Look he's got a roof and everything

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I had a really poor education. Who is that?

welsh people shouldn't be considered white today

t. welsh person

what's this silly welsh nonsense?

greek words
but a dog guy

modern greeks have nothing in common with ancient greeks

Since inventing democracy, they've been... coasting.

>be an incel
>live in a barrel
>make up laughable "philosophy" for brainlets
>thousands of years later betas think you were hot shit
lol betas

But it's glorious

you will never be truly homeless

t. doesn't know crazy homeless people
I'm a fucking magnet to these fucks. It's funny when you get to spend a few hours with one just one time but soon enough you'll get that they aren't that interesting. All they have going for them is the fact they're unhinged and mythomaniacs. Once you get over that you understand there's nothing more under the surface after years of lies and drugs.

Reminder that your casting choice is shitty and inaccurate if it’s an anglogermcuck


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I am sick of seeing this faggot like he was anything other than a homeless schizo