Extremely based and incredibly redpilled

Extremely based and incredibly redpilled.

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Who are these men?

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wouldn't the women king just be the queen(s)?

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Lashana Lynch looks like a man.

Watch Cobra Verde for a movie featuring the Dahomey Amazons, sort of

Cool, whatever. Black people can make black movies. I'm not gonna see it, but maybe some people will.

if you crop this image just right, exactly at the shoulders, then ask anyone what gender these people are, everybody will say they're all men.

Can’t wait to see them torn to shreds by French colonial troops and tirailleurs.

why are they shiny?

>many successful queens throughout mankind's history
>still feel the need to do shit like this
These people simply make up their own version of history.

>we wuz men n shieet
not even surprised

Ah just checked it takes place before that. John Boyega plays a king who was pressured by the Brits to end the slave trade. Don’t quite know how they will spin the Dahomey slave traders in a good light, especially considering the Amazons captured slaves as well.

Could be nigkino, certainly not the type of films I'd expect to be made in #Current_Year

They all do.

>ummgunu mu'basa *click* mgebe. mgebe. *click*

coco butter.

so this movie about how they enslave their own people?

>that absolute unit in back right

Lynch actually looks like a fucking man hahahaha

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Will they show them enslaving their fellow blacks and selling them to white people for guns so they can enslaving more of their fellow blacks?

Can you imagine the amount of seething if they presented slavery as traditional African culture that the evil British oppressors put an end to? They are British african actors after all, descended from slave trading tribes rather than slaves like afro americans. It could be an extremely redpilled movie in that regard.

But let’s be honest they’ll probably just gloss over slavery and turn it into «wyte man bad»

I'm ok with this. It's black people doing black movies. Nothing wrong with that. What I can't stand is when white stories and white characters are blackwashed to suit some corporate box getting ticked. We need more of this, and less of that.

Not that I'll watch it. It looks cringe, and I doubt most back people would either, but whatever.

Since when did Africans possess the knowledge of metallurgy to construct machetes and spears like that?

>Don’t quite know how they will spin the Dahomey slave traders in a good light, especially considering the Amazons captured slaves as well.
Only slavers will be white, you know this

Why are you racist?

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The reason they want to infiltrate white stories is because no one gives a flying shit about black vanity projects. The only things crackers will watch is forced diversity and white guilt exploitation pieces.

Dahomey Amazons couldn't fight for shit, why are they trying to sell this felmale-super-soldier narrative?

so much diversity

It's intentional. I have plenty of empathy so I can read between the lines when it comes to modern neoliberal alt-left wording. By saying Women Kings they imply taking away the position of power and meaning from a word that's normally reserved only for men. Yes, they're this petty and retarded.

They couldn’t fight against europeans but they were more than capable to fight other Africans, especially since they were better equipped than the tribes they preyed upon.

Traded the honkies slaves for them.

I do not find black women attractive

sub-Saharan Africans did not build the pyramids

Do discord trannies actually make and post these images unironically, or is it all an elaborate shitpost?

Surrounded by my black cloaks

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Penis envy is real

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are there any females in this pic?

Shouldn't there be some white people in there for the sake of diversity? Doesn't seem very inclusive to me.

Is this news to you? Niggers have no dimorphism whatsoever, the average nigger has the same face as the average sheboon

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you may not realize this, but blacks buy/steal literal tubs of vaseline and skin creams to put on themselves multiple times a day. they'll put it on before put on denims, etc too. All so they can hide their chalkiness. Look it up if you want. They all shed skin like crazy and try to hide the powdery residue that builds up on their skin daily.

user do you not moisturize your skin?

Poland had female king, because word queen in Polish literally mean 'female of the king' but in this case it is poz like

Is this what the americans call gaslighting?

Box office estimations?
2 billion?
3 billion?

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I don't see it. I literally can't see anything

>trannies can't even make a meme, need to write a fanfic

>sub-Saharan Africans
Why are incels so obsessed with this term?

Vaseline doesn't moisturize, it just makes you greasy.

Where’s the diversity?

Hard to make a white man bad story about the people who ended slavery but I trust Hollyweird writers will surpass themselves once more

This is the movie I want to see.

What would you do if this is in your PoV.

Run towards the nearest body of water.

What do you mean? It couldn't be more diverse

shouldn't this be "The Woman King"?

Gross. Should burn down the studio to remove their stench. Preferably with them inside.

"The Woman King" was absolutely the biggest shitshow of an episode ever.
Fuck all Sagittarons right in the skull.

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>over 90 results

Reminder that jews had Africans literally shipped to the United States, thus ruining the world forever.

There's only one of those I would guess is a man, maybe 2

Why are they wearing pants? Are they in league with yt?