Throw Warwick Davis into a swimming pool

>throw Warwick Davis into a swimming pool
>cover the pool top in a hard plastic sheet with a few warwick sized holes cut into it
>stand on the edge of the pool with a sledgehammer, when the little goblin pops up for air his head is popped by the force of the sledgehammer

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i could stomp him to death and not notice

These posts constitute a physical threat against Warwick Davis and if you don't take this down right now you could be in danger of legal action being taken against you by my lawyers

I never could understand the hate for Davis. That tosser from GoT, sure - that guy is a serious wanker, but Davies? I dunno. I'm guessing it's just mentally ill Americans sperging out from sugared lard overdoses or some shit.

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this would be a great spectator sport

It’s just funny bruv just avin a laugh

Literally just an asspull meme

Midges are inherently funny don't think too hard about it.


i think warwick was talkin shit. not really sure about the situation

Fuck that midge

pls dont take me to small claims court

He couldn't handle the banter.

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I'm having trouble thinking of something more useless than Yea Forums's official Twitter account desu

not funny and he will always be more based than you


he should be the next bond

>Your Honor, I assure you that my client does not intend to harm Warwick Davis in any shape or form despite him frequently describing..."interesting" events in graphic detail. What do the British call it again? Banter? The stories and information he posted are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything he posted as fact.

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Wtf based midge.

Shaddup you queer, it's a larf innit.

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You think he gets those suits discounted?

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I'm not sure that's real. Actors get their agents and lawyers to do shit like that. He did however turn the usual internet babble into one of the funniest fucking moments on television ever.

Longshanks aint got shit on Warwick.

Tiny, tiny hands typed this.


lots of deals on ebay.

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It's not even hate, people would've moved on if it wasn't for this it's just fun thinking of Warwick Davis reading every single vile post about him and his family getting murdered and defiled in creative ways

I think I would install a treadmill in a bathtub surfaced with hard sandpaper. Then put him in the middle of the treadmill with a collar on his neck. The collar will be tied with leases secured to the wall, one to the front and one at the back. This way he won't be able to adjust his position or move to the sides. He will have to walk on the same middle spot. The speed will alternate slowly without certain frequency or period.

the two original pastas were about Verne Troyer but he tragically died so Warwick inherited the midge abuse

>I would force him to dress up in elf and leprechaun outfits and subject him to pure awfulness and humiliation, just terrible degradation and shameful acts
Why would Warwick have an issue with that when Johnny Depp already did that to him?

It's only because Davis actually responded to the memes and got offended by them

>blocked in my country
God I hate copyright laws. I should get a VPN.

I'd keep him locked away in a cage for however long it took to break his little midge mind. I'd feed him nothing but one cup of watery chicken soup a day and force him to shave dogs that I bought to his cage - with no explanation as to why. Then, once his mind is truly broken, I'd hold him by his ankles and dip him in a barrel of tar before rolling him around in the dog shavings. I'd then drive him out to the middle of a forest and release my little feral Ewok into the wild.

Trick him into inhaling helium from a balloon and watching birds attack him as he floats away into the sky.

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Ahh ok. Yeah that makes sense. Dude's ok in my book. Figured he's inherit another dwarf's baggage.

This would be perfect if Warwick got out the toy car at the end

It's summertime, which means our favorite thumb-sized thespian must be getting warm and toasty! Why not cool off the pint-sized prince by placing him in an ice cube tray (just one compartment must be like a Jacuzzi for him, think about it) and letting him "chill" in the freezer for a bit? Of course, we wouldn't want to leave him in there for too long... imagine getting some ice for a tasty, refreshing mojito only to find a flash-frozen midge inside! Oh well, into the glass he goes... do you think he'll still be conscious as the mint leaves, lime, and rum engulf him in his ice prison?

>equip Warwick with a snorkel
>throw him in a goldfish bowl with a single hungry goldfish
>wire mesh on top stops him from climbing out
>place a toy castle on the bottom where Warwick can hide but he has to periodically swim to the surface to breathe

kino moment

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ok midge

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>May 8
damn forgot to celebrate the midge tweet anniversary

Made with the leftover.

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This would be my dream

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I would use that midge like a fucking toy. Useless little worm would wriggle, beg and I'd love it. I would push it even further and amputate all his limbs. Then I would put him in a oversized sweater and force him to shake the long sleeves and pretend he's one of those inflatable balloon men you see outside of car dealerships. I would rent him out to businesses and become a millionaire.

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Whack a Midge.

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Midgerton: It's Bridgerton but Warwick Davis plays every character and it's set in a doll's house

my people

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he only fears ants

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>t.Warwick Davis

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wtf is this real

Sir,I love you.

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very nice


holy shit. what is this from?

He fancies himself a fine actor and acts like he's the shit. Produces more midges to suffer for Hollywood with his midge wife. Also he's somewhat rich. Some people hate combination of these.

Why does the thought of a cute bikini girl whacking famous midgets to death with a sledgehammer give me a raging erection?

kek, i remember that thread

After Tyrion tried to cancel jobs for all other midges, Warwick stood tall against him.

It is for that reason alone that I kneel for Warwick-sama.

I will be long dead before Warwick has finished dipping his tiny little feet in ink and running out letters along a piece of paper to 'write' a letter to his lawyer.
>inbox email
He doesn't use it, he's afraid of falling into the gaps between the keyboard keys.

Don't discount Hornswoggle, he too told that fucking tool where to shove it.

>I kneel for Warwick-sama.
I guess you really see eye-to-eye with him, huh?

Life's Too Short. British comedy series where he plays himself. Certified kino.

>"I hate all that 'little person' shit. Call me a midget, but just be real. I am all for correct terms, but please don't tiptoe around feelings. Don't be too careful, because that shuts you off from people."
Dinklage used to be based but I think GoT shitting itself short circuited his brain

>After Tyrion tried to cancel jobs for all other midges

It's because he bitched on Twitter about people saying they would rape his daughter and kill his family. He couldn't handle the bants.

>cut the brakes to Warwick's little clown car
>chop down tree in the path of his morning commute
>hide behind adjacent tree, hilarity ensues as he furiously slams on his brakes to no avail
>world's tiniest car crash
>heroically rush in, pry postcard-sized door open, carry out a dazed and injured Warwick
>"nurse him back to health" in your guest room
Now the fun begins.
>remove his leg while he's zonked out on painkillers
>convince him he lost it in the crash
>make faint yet annoying sounds just outside his field of vision, convince him he's hearing things
>give him an old-timey wooden crutch and disparagingly refer to him as "Tiny Tim"
>pull him around in a rusty old wagon, making sure to hit every pothole on the way
>all the while pretend to have genuine concern for his health and safety
>after he starts to get his strength back, cook him a lavish dinner to celebrate his recovery
>cook him "veal" piccata with a secret ingredient
>it's the leg
>reveal this fact at the end of dinner
>as he chokes, dry-heaving and screaming while his eyes fill with tears, he asks why you did this
>lean in and whisper
"I was a LITTLE SHORT on veal."
>finish your delicious Warwick Piccata as he snivels on the floor

Well, I dunno about fine actor. But I gotta say the stuff he's been in is usually pretty entertaining. Other than that Lucha chicken wrestler, I can't think of any other dwarves who have made as much kino.

He also called out Dinklage for being a fucking faggot trying to sabotage the future of midge actors.

I want to stuff him naked inside a transparent warwick sized hamster ball. His family completely ignore him as a human as he rolls around the house, he becomes nothing more than a novelty toy. His wife remarries a normal human and warwick is forced to watch them have sex every night. The ball gets pushed around by his children, thrown down the stairs. He pleads to his kids to stop treating their father like an object but they can't hear his screams from inside the ball. His naked grotesque body gets folded as his children puts the toy away in the closet where he's left for weeks on end until he gets taken out again. Eventually his kids get tired playing with the ball and warwick is left in storage where he is inevitably sold to a toy shop