What are some student-teacher relationship kinos?

What are some student-teacher relationship kinos?

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nl.spankbang.com/4xpnc/video/alaina dawson tf

se pas me votre
je voi le sotre

notes on a scandal

Sauce on the cute tranny?


not a tranny

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Love Dawson but that bald freak ruins every scene for me. Sleazy fuck is disgusting and has a gross penis

Lost my interest then

Not a sauce

filename ya retard

Ok but please provide sauce fren

Where do I find filename?

QRD on this method of getting sauce

you stop phoneposting

Alaina Dawson - TeenFidelity - Need Girls 6 - 2015

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The piano teacher.

Here you go, user

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>not a tranny
Good, then I won't have to fap today.

not a bad scene, that guy is pretty annoying and a red flag for videos though
i like slow and sensual, he cant do that, he is trying to piledriver them upside down while doing backflips

Any porn stars similar to her?

Macron, the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world, got groomed by his teacher. France did not give a fuck.

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Reminder that this stupid whore's career was short because she added a zero on a cheque for a porn scene she did and ended up blacklisted by all studios because no one wanted to do business with a thieving whore anymore


Stupid porn studios dont know how to write a check

men can't be groomed

neither can you lol
it's cheque, not check

A Teacher

how do you even find out about stories like this?

Found the bong

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Sweet 5 ft 3 in

I'm french

I hate that retard. His back Is all crooked, looks like fucking Quasimodo

That's worse

hope she made at least 10 grand sticking it to those slimy illiterates

nothing is worse than anglos

bongs and americans aren't human

It was a pretty public thing in coomer circles

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nl.spankbang.com/4xpnc/video/alaina dawson tf

She's his beard, he's fucking that bodyguard.

I legitimately was a high school teacher and used to furiously jerk off over the youngest girls.

They usually get paid about 2k or something for a scene, so if you add a zero it's more like 18K profit.

she didnt even try lmao. whoever cleared the cheque needs to get fired

should have added six zeroes to won the pigjews. dumb bitch.

Never mind, i'm retarded. Women out here ruining their entire lives over 700 dollars hahahaha porn whores are so fucking sad.

700 usd for a scene? Jesus, even the GDP girls got paid more


What do porn whores do when they get blacklisted? Just become regular whores?

I wanna make out with her so bad bros wtf

Schulmadchen (1976), it's the best.

Honestly, this just makes me like her more.

>selling your soul for 700

For me it's Staci Silverstone and Tanya Tate but only the part in the hallway. The rest is meh

700 dollars for a porn scene? No wonder whores mostly do business on OF now

Winter Jade's scene was kino.

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Shes fucking her bodyguard, he's fucking his.

That's so much worse. Why would you admit that? Next you'll tell us you're from Quebec or something.

She also stole some items from set once.

That's where you're wrong frenchie
Silence mystery neat

is this guy who i think it is? because if it is, i fucking hate porn with him, he fucks like a dog and it's disgusting to watch

OH SHIT, i didn't recognize her with the glasses. but I actually have loads of her videos. She looks like a girl I know.

the québécois aren't french
and you aren't human

>t. whitest man of France

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keep seething, my Australopithecus friend
are you gonna post a soijak next?

Too many dick close-ups. Why do you faggots always have the worst taste in porn?

there are stories of much dumber whores then her

Maya Bijou literally conspired to commit murder when some handsome white boy at a party inferred the smallest slight that she was a low value loose woman (a whore). She went into a rage saying "You don't fucking know me" over and over and enlisted the help of two thirsty negro men to come and murder the guy by phone, which they did.

August Ames killed herself after she got the slightest pushback on twitter for not wanting to do scenes with bisexual male actors like the family therapy guy Alex Adams. This was before L+Ratio+bozo was even really a thing.

Addie Andrews was a mormon missionary who did the knock on people's doors enlistment thing before she snapped and randomly decided to become a total whore at the age of 30

many very strange people in porn