I was thirteen when this piece of shit came out, kids in school treated it like it was some kind of forbidden fruit...

I was thirteen when this piece of shit came out, kids in school treated it like it was some kind of forbidden fruit, one for two kids claimed they’d seen it probably didn’t but liked to talk shit up for middle school bragging rights, gave no fucks myself cause we had a copy of Porky’s on vhs at home

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When are they gonna go to space Yea Forums?

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>see stickam vids of girls shoving flutes in their holes
>Alysson Hannigan pops up to mind
Every Time.

>watching Porky’s instead of American Pie
OP is a man of culture

Porkys is garbage aside from the 2 second shot of Kim Cattrall's ass and bush. Painfully unfunny and obnoxious. Pic related is real nigga kino, saw it at age 12 and fapped my little peewee raw

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I watched it around the same age and found it mostly disgusting
>checks writer and director
>early life
Checks out

So you thought half a second of bush in Porky's is hotter than all the tits and ass in American Pie? Lmao fag

Janies got a gun?

These films and E. G. Vince wilder gave me the confidence to get laid at uni because they made me believe uni was about getting wasted and laid. And it was. For me anyway.

Ok and you're telling us this why?


not another teen movie is the intelectual coomer choice, if I'm not mistaken it has a very brief pussy shot in the beginning

why dont they make more movies like this
this was quite funny

The whole scene of family walking in while the main girl is masturbating is hot as fuck.

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Mischief (1985) was my teen sexploitation flick of choice.

looks like a cult kino

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Sorry, the only acceptable jokes today are quips, dry sarcasm, celebrity cameos and social media jokes.

it popularized the term MILF so it will always be based

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Whole worlds come undone.

Rehash of 80s coming to age comedy's. Millennials have nothing original, empty must consume generation.

American Graffiti with tits, I approve

>to talk shit up for middle school bragging rights, gave no fucks myself cause we had a copy of Porky’s on vhs at home
You hate them for bragging but ironically you are also bragging on an anonymous image board about a memory in middle school. They most likely dont even remember that part of their life anymore.

>still seething over school 20+ years later
Yup, we got an incel

It did have a certain edginess to it at the time. Kids too young to understand it wanted to watch it and seem "cool." My and my cousins rented it from the small-town gas station at watched it at our grandma's house. She joined us to watch and when the webcam scene started she silently stood up from the couch and pushed the fast-forward button on the VCR until the scene was over then we watched the rest awkwardly.

Good description. Boomer nostalgia & full frontal nudity.

Correction, being able to remember anything in detail is a win and worth sharing.

>be me
>sitting on the train
>suddenly think of the pool scene from this movie
>"that's gonna stain!" pops into my head
>smile to myself, almost breaking out in retarded laughter
>old spanish lady sees me smiling to myself
>she smiles
This movie pays dividends, lads.

>Jason Biggs gets a role because Hollywood assumes he’s one of (((them)))
>when he’s found out to be a goy his career is blacklisted

He is a hero.

Fapped to the blonde girl from my name is earl so much in this

You must have had so many friends lmao

Porky's barely had any tits in it though. I've never seen American Pie

Someone has virgin energy

Carina Vincent was the exchange student. She was naked all the time. She was so fucking hot.

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Compared to nowadays these movies are pretty wholesome actually. No forced "diversity", no feminist or other soap box political bullshit, juvenile male sexuality and corresponding behavior like peeping at girls etc. is treated as something natural and humorous instead of le ebil toxic rape patriarchy and in the end it even has a somewhat traditional message about friendship, ssc and relationships in the sense that the guys enjoy their comradery and emotionally mature. It certainly doesn't preach whoring yourself out.

>prime Tara reid
was there ever anyone hotter?

>the token black guy
How did they get away with it

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I know what you mean actually. I saw the second part for the first time the other day and the whole early 2000 energy was pretty strong like how bad have things gotten when a 20 year old teenage coomer comedy feels more like an actual movie than 90% of the shit coming out today. I can't quite put my finger on it but you can feel it when you watch movies from before everything turned sour.

>11 years old in 1999
>pet hamster dies
>dad takes me to rent a movie to cheer me up
>want to get blair witch project but he suggests something funny
>get american pie
>half the jokes fly over my head completely
took a couple years before I figured out what was happening during the webcam scene

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Saw Porky’s mentioned, my brain went immediately to “have you seen this prick”, and started to chuckle like a idiot at my med station, mean old bitch who gives me a ton of shit during medpasses was visibly freaked out and actually takes her meds and fucks off without giving me shit, thanks OP

I still don't understand how one cooms so easily, especially since he's supposed to be Jewish.

>jamie pressley in this

as a child i got very conflicted boner at the brotherfucking

They hold up pretty well. They are still funny if that's your type of humor but the characters are what make them great. 2 is easily the best.


Basked porkys family. My parents had Fast Times at Ridgemont High and "Going all the way" 1982.

Not another teen movie made american pie look like disney

I used to always watch it on Comedy Central’s secret stash hoping they’d uncensor the titties or the ass but they never did. I usually just ended up jerking off to the Girls Gone Wild commercials. I kinda miss the days before internet porn. Girls in bikinis used to give me harder rods than naked girls taking it up the ass even do for me today

Jennifer Jason Leigh is so fucking hot in that movie. The best I had as a kid was Office Space with the 3 seconds of him watching topless women on channel 9

This. Also why didn’t he keep the cum as is with Jewish tradition?

Jamie Pressley wasn't the brotherfucker, it was Mia Kirshner. Also I got so horny watching this on Comedy Central when I was 11 that I felt guilty and confessed to my parents afterwards. I wasn't even fapping at that age, I don't think I started fapping until like 2 or 3 years later.

This movie is kino, user. Quit being a contrarian faggot just because you didn't have any friends in middle school.

Same here except it was Superbad.

There was an old man named
Allyson hannigon
she grew whiskers on her chinnigan
The wind blew and it blew them in again
Poor old allyson hannigon begin again

I wacked off the scene where the girl slams her bare ass on the glass and is screaming "love me harder" at the dude fucking her.

I learned recently Stickam is still around in Japan

I have massive nostalgia for the early 2000's. It's not a s wacky as the 90s and it's just comfy. Same thing in which old Gap ads make me feel

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>Today on Wild On, we're headed to the party Island of Ibiza!

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I've scoured the internet and, no, there hasn't been.

Hollywood exec:
>this man, right here: he's our Captain America

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>He acted in a movie with sexual themes?! H-he covered some parts of his body in cream in attempt to seduce a woman!? S-save me mcubros! This can't be happening!
Literally what's the fucking problem? Actors make films where they play many many different roles, and this is in fact a much better film and much better role than every marvel film combined, he should be proud to have done some work that isn't just a large pile of excrement

The actor has a problem with it, he's embarrassed by Not Another Teen Movie. Which is sad since it's his best role by far

What a faggot no wonder he started doing marvel film