Obi-Wan Kenobi, they look thrilled to be there

Obi-Wan Kenobi, they look thrilled to be there

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Do you think they'll make a high quality star wars kino this time, at last?


>white t-shirt
>white socks
>creme colored pants
>black shoes
what the fuck was his stylist thinking?

sludge, but it was my childhood, but there is a gross negroid that will take up most of the screentime so i shan't watch

>Being edgy on Yea Forums
Go back to pol

they wanted him to look normal and approachable
t. /fa/shion
i'm sniggering at your niggardly behavior

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I will watch in your place, and you will bitch about negroids on Yea Forums for my entertainment.

is it entertaining? wow. what about /qa/posting?

reddit capeshitters sure love ugly negros

Powerless scum of society bitching on Yea Forums about seeing a black person on a tv? Yes very entertaining. It's so amusing to me, I almost feel like they should charge me for providing me with such entertainment.

that's not what i asked retard

I'm on Yea Forums, so factually, it should be "Yea Forums capeshitters sure love ugly negros". If you're gonna be a bitch, at least do it right.

> is it entertaining?
> that's not what I asked
> retard

whatever, you took too long to respond that i forgot what i said

Hayden is dressed up like Darth Vader, the long loose pants mimic his robe and the jacket is quilted like Vader's sleeves and legs.

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> i forgot what i said
> retard

Me on the right

No, that's ME on the right

Based Hayden. Too bad this shit is owned by Disney.

Kinda kino desu

you are a retard yes. i make like 50 posts an hour

>"Hmm, that was an interesting Kenobi TV show pitch, but we're not quite sold on it. Perhaps we could include a black woman?"

> i make like 50 posts an hour
> i forgot what i said
> retard

Genius when you think about it. Well done disney


actually based

How is Hayden even going to be in this? Is he really going to voice Vader or some shit? I understand JEJ can't be used anymore but still

I accept your surrender.


they are going to fight
i won because you're dumb

I just love how the show isn't even out yet and Yea Forums is already whining constantly about a black woman appearing on it. You just can't contain that racist streak in you for a second.

Is there something wrong with that?

I really don't see problem with black woman Yea Forums anons are retarded


> i won because you're dumb
> i make like 50 posts an hour
> i forgot what i said
> retard

if you can't see how those are related you are a retard. anyways pedo, kys

Ah yes, finally what the fans have been waiting for. The big three are back together! Obi-wan Kenobi, Shaneequa, and Anakin Skywalker! At last we will see these great stars reunite on screen! George would be proud.

Keep it coming. As I said, you and your low mental capacity, are free entertainment for me. Dance little poodle.

still obsessed. why are you so insecure that i called you a retard anyways? seems like you might be one

You can do better than that, poodle. Or can you?

they get approached by designers and brands and get paid to wear an outfit
they dont give a fuck about the socks

blah blah blah retard

Shaneequa's the key to all this, she's really a blacker character than we've ever had before.

> You can do better than that, poodle. Or can you?
> blah blah blah retard

Question answered.

post degree tardo

If I did, you might commit suicide.

doubt it tard. post it

I love how Hayden doesn't give a shit with his power stance. He was the best all along, the material were trash for him. Bless him.

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gross monkey feet

At least post the better version

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yeah im thinking star wars is back

I just want to watch a show about obi-wan and anakin. 80% of the screentime is going to be sucked up by these other actors. Nobody cares about their gender or race, we care that they aren't the characters we want to watch stealing the focus in a show TITLED after the character we do want to watch.

You don't give orders, poodle. Your only function is my entertainment. Remember that.

Would love to see Hayden mating press that nigra.

no degree then, got it

my boy mainmanswe made it to hollywood... i'm so proud

Is it just me or does Hayden look a little bit like Dave Prowse there.

Didn't based Hayden buy a ranch and live like a rancher/farmer?

niggers are objectively ugly and dumb tho

> not taking orders from my dancing monkey
> no degree
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So are Yea Forums posters like you. Both entertain me. Keep it up.