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Good morning sirs

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best robbari

good morning sers! I do magic for she

How they did this, sirs!?!?

Very best moveie scene inspiring me every morning

im a village boy from pakistan

I walked past a group of Indians last week and they all smelled like shit.

imagine doing this in exam
good morning sirs

I hate these fucking shitty movies so much you wouldn’t believe it.

I don't understand. Is it genetic, what they eat, or they just don't shower enough? I'm assuming it's the last one. I had an Indian friend and he never smelled nor did his house.

The food. It's so over blown with spices to the point it just spews out of their pores making then smell like death.

How he hide the card?
Please send mobile number


they unironically don't wear deodorant

this scene goes very hard

greetings from india


>that one time Yea Forums made fun of innocent poos

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*wobbles head enthusiastically*

Why is Yea Forums full of sad cunts who need to talk shit about every POC every single day? Do you pathetic faggots not have anything better to do with your life than to hate on others?

good morning sirs

yeah it smelled like they didn't

I hate on myself in my spare time.

I shit in the street watching this

Kill yourself

Ok rape you tomorrow

Bloody bitch bastard why you

they do not shower. i worked in a call centre with predominantly indians for about 4 months.

holy fucking shit the stench, i had to get a usb fan and point at one of them sitting next to me to keep the stench away

Ok but seriously, why do they talk like this?

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try going to a gym where the international Indian gig workers like to stay. Ive quit my membership because the gym smelled so bad I got nauseous at night when these guys like to do their shitty random 1 set exercises whilst akwardly staring at you after work. Its like deoderrant is against their religion.

Someone once told me they follow the animal kingdom in the way they use their pubescent sweat as a calling card for theur village girls, since for some reason indian girls are into smelly indian men of a certain scent. Maybe European peasantry the same before being civilised by modernity. I dunno. All I know those cunts smell like shit and its intentional.

the only mass replier that I will never tell to kill himself
good morning gud sir

Good morning sirs
Someone explain this meme to me.
What does this video have to do with pajeets?

Shut the fuck up faggot. I bet you're a curry nigger.



Now that the dust has settled, why DID she redeem it?

no u

I don't get this what does this movie have to do with pajeet scammers?

ok benchod paki basterd

There’s a huge picture of some of the youtube comments on this scene and it’s all pajeet nonsense

Fuck you bloody

me an the bois in exam B-)

They never ever shower and they never ever EVER in their whole life clean up their houses

Bloody Bastard bitch

Benchod bitch

fuck u bloddy basterd I rape u tomorrow ok

>parroting memes you don't even understand

Poc do not deserve respect. They deserve the rope. They literally destroy the communities they become a part of, look it up.

say me how to do it!
wishing all the time to robary but nobody doing the needful.

Good morning sirs

I hate Indians. 98% of grad students at my university are Indian and they are all ugly stinky poos

morning sers

RRR torrent when

indians no longer talk like that. shut the fuck up
>inb4 screenshot of a few comments
everyone can cherry pick

bloody basterd benchod i speak english good



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stupid scene

White people are pedophiles and shoot up schools because 7th grade math is too hard for them and it stresses them out

my uncle is trains, is hard job

>mark rober recently released a video of him messing with Indian scammers
>jeets have been seething since
pretty funny seeing someone has clean and high profile as him subtly red pilling people on the indian problem

why didn't they just use anthrax instead?

love kitboga, no idea how he keeps a straight face when massively trolling such subhuman trash