I guess it's better that you died anyway

>I guess it's better that you died anyway..
The first episode of this show has more character development than the 20 something Marvel movies combined.

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Kuwarbara is the best character. He is a real bro

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This shit is sadder when you rewatch it imo

is this anime good, it looks old

It's peak 90's soul.
Made by the same guy who made Hunter x Hunter.

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It is old and yes. There's a few filters, the Dark Tournament in particular goes on for fucking ever and is where most people drop it for continue.

I dropped at the dark tournament because it felt like it dragged on forever and there were times I thought I was watching a rerun, and others I found that I was watching a rerun and ended up losing track. Is it worth watching as an adult? I think I'd feel like a bit of a faggot queueing it up nowadays.

It's very good, I'd argue that it's one of the very best shonen animes. However it does have issues with pacing at parts like this user says It's got some great animation, great villians, actually funny dialogue and the main cast have great and interesting relationships. If you don't like shonen, I'm not sure if it'll win you over though.

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I personally prefer the arc after the dark tournament, and I'd say Its worth pushing through to get to it. The biggest problem with the tournament arc is there is just too many rounds, they spend so much time on the earlier rounds it gets kind of boring. The final round is pure kino though.

And you can tell because this show is even more of a clusterfuck as far as coherent settings go.

Shut up faggot how'd you get filtered by Yu Yu Hakino of all things?!

Never thought i would share Yea Forums with someone who hasnt watched yuyu hakusho

Yeah same, what a faggot.
t. finished it a few weeks ago.

If I have to pick between the two, should I watch this or Hunter X Hunter?

Was the dark tournamnet the one where they were fighting the percentage muscle man? That's the best part of the entire anime.

this desu.
HxH is more mainstream, this has more interesting stuff going on.

It has Toguro in it.
This is everything you need to know.

You can watch only Chimera Ant arc from HxH, nothing more from it deserves any attention.

Not him but does hxh take a while to get good or should I just turn it off if I don't like it right away?

The Psychic/Shinobu arc is the best in the show and should have been the finale.

do you prefer to watch shonen dubbed or subbed?
dragon ball for example is impossible for me to watch in japanese because of hearing it in english as a kid and partly cause most of the jp voices are awful.
yuyuhakusho is also more enjoyable dubbed I think.

This is probably bait, but Yorknew and Greed Island are holistically better than the Chimera ant arc, it's just that CA is more epic in the beginning and has some really kino moments. Even if you prefer CA as a whole, it'd be retarded to say Yorknew and GI aren't worth watching

The first 20 episodes are a bit meh and then it's just varying amounts of kino

For me, it's largely nostalgia factor. I prefer to watch Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho, InuYasha and others in dub. But modern anime I can't stand dub.
Dubbing companies are all cucked and boring now and the voice actors are flat. Yu Yu Hakusho didn't translate everything literally and there were script changes but it's all for the sake of kino. You won't ever get that kind of stuff again.

what did netflix mean by this

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depends on a dub, really
anime and cartoons sometimes more superior when dubbed but sometimes not.

Yu Yu Hakusho has an amazing dub. Up there with Cowboy Bebop. Those are exceptions though, in general the dubs are lacking.

Okay cool I'm on episode 14 I'll stick with it.

Isn't it a Japanese production and netflix is just funding it?

Definitive point at which the show peaks.

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>Starting this january i started to go through the dark tournament again on a 4 or 3 days a week basis
>took me until mid-april to finish it


Ah, that explains why I'm suddenly seeing a Yu-yu Hakusho thread when I've never seen you retarded faggots mention it once in my entire time here.

>Poo Poo Shitusho
no thanks lol
babby's first "it's shonen shit but it's not dragonball so I can pretend it's superior" animu

That's not saying much

YYH is a god tier anime and even in English dub, it's god tier.
Yea, it's actually touching.

I watched a lot of anime as a kid, quite seriously as there wasn't much I could watch on tv coming home.
Rewatching most: they suck
OP's anime is one of the exceptions. It's VERY good.

Rurouni Kenshin kinda holds up if you skip the filler. Kyoto Arc is still amazing

So his mother fucked a demon god?

Dark Tournament is a big long but Chapter Black is AMAZING. So it's 100% worth it.
Three Kings has a great set up but the final few episodes crash and burn. Still, final episode is a great conclusion

Don't pick. Do both. HXH is definitely deeper but YYH is comfier. HxH takes you focusing on it.
But you SHOULD watch/read both.

Ignore this guy though:

Chimera is great but I think all the arcs are amazing.

Hmm, Togashi builds things up so it doesn't show its mastery till Yorknew.
If by the end of the Hunter exam you don't feel SOME interest in the story/characters, you probably never will.
But I don't think it's ever slow. A few episodes in should be enough to get you.

I prefer subbed, even in games. but YYH is an exception. RK is also good. Hell, most Toonami is good. Except Tenshi Muyo.


Mistranslation or something. It was a far distant ancestor.


Hes literally our guy

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Kenshin is great, very comfy show.

>villain who just gets bigger muscles
>can even go past 100% for no reason
>ends up being one of the best villains ever
Still can't believe it.

Botan is so fucking hot, it's unreal.
For those who only know rule 34, just search fanart on the japanese boards like
Danbooru, gelbooru, sankako
Hell, even Pixiv has some.

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>decided to watch this show last night
>Yea Forums thread first thing in the morning
stop stalking me

Seriously, me too. I literally just watched the first episode like yesterday.


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I would but there's no afterlife with Botan.

Can't wait for this scene in the Netflix live action!

Chapter Black was sick

HxH easily, I watched the 2011 anime and liked it so much that I watched every episode, then read the entire manga and then watched all of the 1999 anime. YYH is watched up until a few episodes after the dark tournament arc finished (~70 episodes) and dropped it because I clearly just wasn't enjoying it anymore, I'd been watching episodes at like 1.5-2 times speed for a bit before that and realized that was fucking stupid so I stopped. I'm not sure if I want to say it was bad or if it's more that the tournament arc's format had just worn me down with how absurdly long it is. If I ever give the series another shot I'll just start from the end of the dark tournament.

I loved it. Very dark and more mature than it had been thus far.

Yea, the tournament is a bit long. But you definitely need to continue into the next arc which is the best.