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she probably likes to eat human meat as well, tell her to call me

>Trad on cam
>Trad in real
What's not to love?

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Has she apologized to Serbia?

I can't decide whether she is attractive or not. I find her super hot in certain pics/scenes and disgusting in others. She has grandma body with wide drooping hips, pic related, they don't look normal. Not sure what this part is called, but it sticks out in this droopy way only on grandmothers.

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i believe i could spend entire time on blowing on her cleavage

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serbia is basically a non-country

Look at those feet though, based Raimi does it again

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Super visible in the magician outfit scenes as well. Something is off about her body.

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Saddlebags ain't just for horses, user.

Still would.
And I would bring my own saddle.
The medieval kind. Just a big old wood saddle.
HYA, ye wench!

so in the movie a white woman wants to have children
but then realizes that it's racist to have white children
so she kills herself?

Oh God. It's just an average female body. Grow up, incel.

I love her so fucking much bros
I just want to cuddle and hold her tight and never let go

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lookin' thin.

Based lizzie lover

I wish she could act.

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Lizzie is fertile

>She's a month younger than me
>horny zoomers call her 'mommy'
i want to go back

Based dubs

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not for long

post bottom left pic

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I like calling her mommy

I don't understand what your problem is here. You don't think a 30 year old woman should be called mommy? How old do you think mommies are?

Olsen genes are kicking in

She looks crazy

I hope she didn't fall for the just freeze your eggs and have kids at 60 meme :(

she is, all women are in general, but add to that a hollywood actress rife with drugs and pedophilia...

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You might be gay, better get yourself checked!

I've got this, it's close enough

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how many dicks did she sucked for the gig?
shes so...mediocre

It's literally just normal hips.

Just one.

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damn she is getting old, looks so fresh there

Her sisters did the sucking for her.

Based, thank you. She cute.

>damn she is getting old, looks so fresh there

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>when you tell her you’re pulling out


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me too user, me too. no other actress can compare. she’s beautiful inside and out.

Love me lizzie

it's being done in a sexual manner by coomers on an 18+ board.

She had fertile, breeding hips you gender blind, zoomer faggot

My dick has just grown to space and wrapped the around the Earth twice

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she's alright but overrated


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Woah it's almost like she's in some sort of Doctor Strange 2 in the Multiverse of Madness™ (incinemasnowratedPG-13)
also the new super tranny jannies gave me a 15 minute block just for posting in this Lizzie thread. Fuck em, I could've posted the deepfakes or actual lewd shit alongside these pics and it's hardly against the fucking rules to say you like an actress and post pics of her. The board is actively getting even worse because of this new crop of homosexual jannies who don't understand the culture

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How is she so much better than her coked-out sisters?

Ayy lmommy, more like.

She stole their life force, why else do you think they look so decrepit while Lizzie keeps going strong?

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They kept her on ice until she was needed so she stayed fresh. That's why no one knew she existed for so long.

She looks soft and smells good

At the rate her face is going, it's gonna be 'mummy' soon

Unbelievably brutal mogging.
They might as well not even exist any longer.

They were coke addicts

I feel the need

hating. ass. nigga. that’s what you are.


Fuck off

a lot of fags on Yea Forums this morning

>this is the brain of a coomer

Forever Jaded that the love of her life chose a random Serbian girl over her.

>I can't decide whether she is attractive or not
I agree with this but because her face looks like it's just skin stretched over a skull. Like there's no musculature underneath.

Fake news, seethe more b*lkoid

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it's over lizzie, i have the high ground

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Strange too

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She's not my go-to but I did like the movie

I just need someone to explain to me why her face looks so strange, so I can decide if it's hot or not. What about her face is it that makes her look kind of like a skull? And is her head really small or her eyes far apart or .. what is going on? She ain't normal. I know her sisters were sick.

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I would literally do anything she told me to
I want to be her slave

it's the nose
she does mog her sisters dough


You will never be a real country

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I understand how how look might be confusing to the average Yea Forums user,it's what a mix of pure white tribes look like.

x-files remake looking good

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