Little Mermaid 2023, the prince is white

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Are you outraged?



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Actually the prince’s actor is Jewish

Da Lil Murmay.

Oh no another thing I can ignore anyways black people in Hollywood is perfect I hope they take it over it will end bankrupt in 2y.

I’m white and have railed a lot of black women, I’m sure that upsets you like everything else.

he's white jewish

/roll credits

made me laugh

>Haha I got herpes to own /pol/

Hope it was worth it.

how is she gonna play the little mermaid if she can't swim?

Definitely worth it

Honestly im just laughing at the horror of the jokes we made back then


Shieet nigga these waves is wet and shit fuxking up ma weave nah mean my nigga shieet ayo where the weed at my niggas im thursty need some drank with ma kfc and watermelly sheeeiitt

He's Jewish.


Mutt ghetto garbage next thread.

*Underwater sounds* Dey Hea!

Is this official?

she kinda cute, black women's hair is so gross though

What the fuck is wrong with Hollywood?

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>black chick white dude
Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The result is Zendaya

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Honestly yeah. Not because she's black but because she looks like a weird alien.

Who is playing the prince?

See? RED hair!

Zendaya's dad is black

She's not a natural redhead though

A jew.

Neither was Ariel. She used Pantene

Are you trolling?

>the prince is white

Of course he is. Black 'royalty' at the time was far too busy selling their own subjects to foreigners to fuck fish people.

>hires a black to play someone who swims
The casting director Shlomo Finkelstein is stealthy based.

He's right though.

I don't care that she's black but why did they pick a sid the sloth looking nigger over an attractive one?

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> the prince is white

good thats how I like it

All I see is Hollywood proving Tolkien's "evil cannot create" comment is 100% correct.

Was not really sold until I saw this pic. Now I'm a little hard and want to see the movie.

>black skin


Whenever black people try to swim that's where they end up.

Oh shit. I just realized Disney is making "Part Of Your World" about racial segregation.

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Quiet you.
I find sloth women hot.

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Literally no-one cares about the ghetto whores you've fucked schizo. Are you retarded?

hollywood execs should be hanged from street lights

Jamaican crab > Black mermaid

>black mermaid
>Under the sea starts playing
>Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away

Bravo Disney

No such thing.

did Disney seriously give Ariel ugly red poop hair?

nigga finna make me kek frfr no cap

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There is nothing wrong with this
Hollywood saw how the northman flopped because the all white cast

It's been done.

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>hard mode
>gotta fuck the dad if you wanna fuck his wife and daughters
would you... COULD you, user?

>Red hair
That's all I wanted

why is it swimming in dirty water?

God I hate seeing happy wypipo. I hope those daughters get blacked and those genes and phenotype erased.

Of course. It's just nightmare day but the blessing is multiplied by 5.
>Suck the dad off
>you get sucked 5 times in exchange
>Fuck the dad in the ass
>You get to fuck 5 girl asses in exchange
It's a fucking great deal, people live with a lot less for a lot more of work

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Same. Nasty ass colonizers