Black user here, who are some of your favorite black villains in television and film?

Black user here, who are some of your favorite black villains in television and film?

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That's not allowed here. Black people do no wrong ever.

when's the last time there was a black villain that wasn't opposite a black protagonist or wasn't the henchman of a bigger villain who was white?


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>Black user here
Do you feel good living necromania?

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Snipes in Demolition Man
Denzel in Training Day

this guy gets it

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Jon Jones

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Martin Luther King

>checks if there are any cameramen around before threatening to murder DC
Miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe. Evilchads we're back soon

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also tony todd

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Stipe vs Jones is the only fight I'm looking forward to. Maybe Conor getting murdered by Volk, Olives or, Usman

Was this the most obviously rigged judge's decision ever? It's amazing the kind of shit Jones got away with

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Literally everyone in the comments are saying Gustafsson won and they're right.

it's gonna be great also checked

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Jones vs Reyes was pretty bad to, even with Jones turning it on and winning the last two rounds. Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua I is pretty notoriously bullshit. There have been a lot of robberies over the years, thats why you never let the fight go to a decision even if you think you won.

What a weird reference.

Based race swap.


What is this from?

The whole Sopranos crew.

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The Witch King from LOTR.

DOTA cartoon. DOTA Dragons Blood S2 E8
Use reverse image search, comes up right away.

That dota anime.

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I laughed when patrice roasted this change saying "kingpin is a white guy" I would've thought he liked black kingpin.

Also only race-swap that actually made it better.

A few days ago

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I thought he was one of the Dwarves from Hobbit?

Based. 838-Mordo is a completely unsympathetic cunt. Rami does it again.

Thulsa Doom

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Thulsa Fuckin' Doom

based riddler of steel

Fun fact: they role swapped. Foxx was supposed to be the bad guy.


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Simon Phoenix of course

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Stipe is going to get wrecked by Jon "Roid Rage" Jones

He was the bad guy.

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It's black and the dude in the suit was black so it counts.

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Wasnt it that Foxx's character was meant to get blown up at the end but he had a tantrum so they changed it so Butler's character gets outsmarted by Foxx's and gets rekt?

he genuinely dindu nuffin

Simon says bleed

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Patrician taste ITT

Based came here to post this

I believe it. I wanted butlers character to win the whole time and it was lame when he didn't.

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dude planted a bomb in a prisoner's cell

didnt he try to kill jamie by that point

This guy.

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Isn't he all about following the law? Why is it okay when he kills people?

Are you still there, pussy?

>Black user here
post bussy

Thulsa Doom was my favorite villain growing up. James Earl Jones ate scenes like Pacman.

This dude. Technically a henchmen but mogs the guy he works for.

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not a villain but this is blackino

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sure, but he ain't the main villain so I don't think it counts


George Floyd

>No Alonzo
Shit thread

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i always post simon phoenix. hes the best


he's no villain; just a dumb one little fish in a giant pond