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>construction of lab on private property spans multiple seasons
>le super secret underground tunnel between houses in public neighborhood casually exists


was my favourite episode so far, loved the pacing

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there's a pretty good documentary on Apple TV that just came out called The Big Conn that's about an IRL Saul Goodman.


What did I do

>Gus couldn't have built an underground tunnel legally years before because... He just couldn't, okay??

is he /our guy?

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I like him the least out of the Howard-Cliff-Rick trio, but he seems the most honest of them, I wonder if he'll try and persuade Howard to get faster with Sandpiper as the old people are dying

no, he's reddit

>Some people itt actually believe we're getting more than 1 Gene episode in the second half

I don't want Eduardo Salamanca to die bros :(

>tfw Erin will never lisp about discovery while you blow raspberries using her thigh meat

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>One day, much of the fruit was gone from my tree. Pieces were scattered on the ground, half-eaten. I thought it was probably a coati... an opportunist.

>I built a snare using branches and wire. It didn’t take long for the animal to set it off. But the coati thrashed so hard, it broke out of the snare… broke its leg, as well.

>I tried to grab it, but it slipped away. It ran under the house.

>I knew it would show itself sooner or later. So I waited… for hours, into the night. When my brothers called for me, I did not answer. I didn’t make a sound. I was so still.

>Finally, it came out. It knew I was there, but it was hungry. This time, I was ready.

>I caught it. It fought me. But I was stronger. The merciful thing would have been to kill it.

>I kept it. It lived for quite some time.

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hes one of the few characters in the whole BrBa/BCS universe that is genuinely a good person with good intentions
>gives jimmy the best work conditions he couldve asked for, a car, and a fucking 7000 dollar table
>truly cares about howards well being and instead of thinking about the impact on their business he only cares for howard´s feelings

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Do you guys think Jimmy is justified in dismissing Chuck's letter considering their final confrontation was bitter? I wouldn't be quick to take someone's final undated words in good faith either.

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You could take a "how it's made" episode, replace the audio track with some vintage music and you'd have the intro to next episode.

You know something? You're alright.

>The German dog understood Spanish
Vince you fucking hack!

What would have Lalo done if it was a PitBull or a German Shepherd

Black hair/blue eyes really is the GOAT combo

Imagine making her oink like a pig while you fuck her ass

>random mid level cartel guy is now James Bond
Vince should be writing capeshit. He can't resist turning characters into comic book characters.

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Yeah that relates to hector

If the characters weren't over the top comic book characters BrB and BCS would be boring generic tv series

Nothing because it was behind a little gate

>Lalo is supposed to be smart
>Doesn't cross the road at the crosswalk
Tired of these plot holes.

Dogs don't understand language

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The timeline crossing spot was further down the road

>little bear was behind a little gate
Deepest lore.

>on Apple TV
Maybe you'd like to discuss that on reddit

Did you even watch the episode? He clearly understood Lalo

and playing bongos on her tummy

How the fuck did Lalo get to Germany? Who supplies him with fake passports and whatnot?
Where did he get gun in Germany?

Prueba Salamanca operates out of Germany and got Lalo a hookup (Hector was telling him to get in touch with him over the phone)

I really enjoyed the most recent episode. I thought Hit and Run was too much nothing burger, but this advanced so much stuff. It really feels like things are in place for the end game now.

>Howard tailing Jimmy
There's no way this doesn't end without Howard being killed. Jimmy works for the Cartel now after all. So with Mike also tailing Jimmy and Kim, wires are going to get crossed, and Howard is going to end up Dead, with a capital D.

I think Lalo is 100% dying too, sadly. I love his character. But Gus obviously wants to set a trap now. So what he's going to let Lalo get whatever evidence he needs. But either way Lalo will end up at the superlab construction site somehow, and he'll be killed there, then buried in concrete. A very specific prediction, I know. But I think the writers won't be able to pass up the obvious thematic of having the lab be LITERALLY built on the body of one of Gus' greatest rivals.

>nothing burger
stopped reading right there

>How the fuck did Lalo get to Germany?
Probably by plane
>Who supplies him with fake passports and whatnot?
Doesn't need one, he's not a wanted felon in Germany, and he probably has a bunch a fake documents with aliases just in case, like DeGooseman
>Where did he get gun in Germany?
One would assume it's not that difficult for someone with such an experience in criminal activities to know where to look to buy one, remember how Mike got hooked up with the criminal bodyguard job?

>Valentina Tereshkova has Lalo's hair

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No he just calmed him down

>Lalo barely escapes Gus' hit with a bullet in his leg
>Lalo escapes
>Gus waits for him to show up "under the house"

why do grannies think they have to get surgery?
they just look like grannies who had surgery

Fuck off to Yea Forums zoomzoom

I dunno maybe the fact that he can pay millions of dollars as if it was chump change maybe has something to do with it. The writers should've written a 1 hour scene where we see Lalo arranging a private jet from Mexico to Germany and getting the money from his stash, then the entire time he was on the plane and how he found ziegler's wife.
Also he should've looked straight at the camera and explained his entire plan and motivations with flashbacks to any relevant part of previous seasons because our viewers are utterly retarded and probably will be asking themselves next episode "WHY DOES JIMMY HAVE A BLACK EYE??? NO ONE EXPLAINED THIS TO ME"

It helps that everyone thinks he's dead


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anyone saying that Howard or Kim are dying are just plain retarded, how in HELL is Jimmy gonna put a price on someones head or have her wife killed and live with it? remember that in BB he doesnt seem too affected by anything so i doubt he gets more traumas apart from the desert and Lalo one, thats it, Kim is leaving him, and Howard just probably leaves thefucking city

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Mike already has been pushed too much by Gus for people "not in the game" being threatened and sucked in, I couldn't see him accepting Howard's death or ordering it, besides the situation doesn't warrant it and Mike already has an idea Kim and Jimmy are fucking with him. You people are way too trigger happy, criminals don't kill this lightly holy shit

You lost Shazamtranny

I hope so. I like the phenomenon of Howard but the character is a dick. I don't get the unironic love he gets here.

I don't even know what that means. Underageb&

>Mateo and Sylvia appear to be an ordinary couple living in Chihuahua, Mexico, not far from Lalo’s home. They leave the mountain with goats. Lalo limps to Mateo and Sylvia’s house the night after the assassination attempt. Mateo arrives as Sylvia serves him coffee. He stands tall and has a full beard. Sylvia requests that Mateo shave her for Don Eduardo.
>Lalo is a messianic figure who helps Sylvia and Mateo cope with their poverty. They had no idea that the assistance of people like Lalo always paid off. And Lalo has now arrived at their door to accept the award. When Mateo has finished shaving, we begin to understand why Lalo came here and why he paid for Mateo’s dental procedures.
>Mateo and Sylvia are unquestionably dead, even though their deaths are not explicitly depicted. He removes the screw from a pair of scissors and grabs one of the blades as Sylvia prepares a second cup of coffee for Lalo. He appears to murder Sylvia first, then goes to the bathroom, where Mateo has just shaved.
>Lalo deduced that Gus Fring had dispatched the assassins to his doorstep. He wants his enemies to believe he is still alive. Mateo’s body had been completely burned. The only way to determine the identity of the body is through dental records, and Mateo appears to have the same dental records as Lalo because the operations were performed on him by Lalo’s doctor. Lalo can secretly embark on a path of vengeance now that the entire world believes he is dead.

This show is retarded.

Help me list off Lalo's superpowers
-Super Jumps - can jump ten feet straight up in the air
-Fall Damage Immunity - up to 20 feet (that we know of)
-Animal Affinity - can talk to/control animals
-Master Persuasion - can manipulate anybody

what else am i missing

>How the fuck did Lalo get to Germany?
by plane
>Who supplies him with fake passports and whatnot?
>Where did he get gun in Germany?

any more brainlet burning questions?

can timeshift at ease/go invisible

oh i missed this when does he do that?

it was just a connected basement. just knock through one wall, its easy and legal

when he fades away on the street

I don't think Howard will be killed on purpose though. It'll be a mistake. After all, everyone is one edge over the Lalo situation. I even think it might be Kim who personally kills Howard, again, accidentally. She'll see someone sneaking around, over react, and blow his head off. Laugh now, but watch my prediction come true. WATCH.

He’s dead as far as the cartel knows

Lalo being a demi-god means Breaking Bad Universe and American Gods Universe have merged

where does kim get a gun from

If I see Frings derringer one more time...

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Uhh why is Lalo alive bros the prosecution lady said they found his body
This show sucks I'm going to eat some glue

confirmed, being raised on a diet of cocaine and tacos makes you superhuman

degon es yors

can someone PLEASE for ONCE explain why jim n kimmy are fucking with howard?


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