ITT we discuss Elliot Page, his career and upcoming projects

ITT we discuss Elliot Page, his career and upcoming projects.

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why is she constantly showing her tits? put on a bra or something

Is that ellen page's weirdo brother? BTW what ever happened to her? She seemed like such a successful young actress at her prime years. All of a sudden she disappeared without a trace. What happebed to her? Does her brother in pic rel know anything about it?

When did Yea Forums start hating transfolk? Is this a /pol/ psyop?

he kinda looks like that chick from super that i jerked off to.

Don't appropriate my gender, masculophobic bigot women.

Elliot is a man and a pic of his chest is sfw


I could have saved her

Watched Juno today. It was obvious he was trans.

literally impossible to change your gender, /trek/ is elsewhere shizo

He never changed his gender

you can't change your sex, but gender is nothing but a social fabrication. a role you perform in society that is almost completely arbitrary.
he did though

2016 election tourist explosion

5 years ago? they basically old fags compared to you 2020 election trannies.

imagine being proud of having a deformed body

Where's the cock bro?

His gender is now finally confirmed by his new gender identity. Elliot has always been a man, just check wikipedia

Same but inception
Zero female energy

She's not an expiring car tag on your grandmothers '89 3 cylinder Volvo diesel, friend-o.

You cannot save, what was never really yours.

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I was posting on here while you were shitting your diapers zoomie

Man she was so cute in X-Men. This level of mental illness makes me want to die.


Define trans. It wasn’t even a thing back then. I don’t know how it’s even legal to get body parts mutilated. Many doctors are gonna go to prison after all this.

So... Yesterday? Diaperchads wya

This is a woman

Trans men are men
Trans women are men

how much plastic is in those fake abs?

This is why aliens won't contact us

>Define trans
denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.
>It wasn’t even a thing back then
It's been a thing for thousands of years
he's a man actually
trans women are women actually


My sides...

That’s fine, the real question is rather is it genetic/hormonal like homosexuality (incurable therefore), or is it a mental illness that develops post-natal?

>Trans women are men

You some kind of bigot?

Trannies are degenerate but FtM trannies just confuse me

Prenatal/incurable. There is a company that made some kind of medicine for pregnant women that got fined a bunch of money because it made the male children trans.


>it made the male children trans.

if gender is nothing but a fabrication, why must you cut your tits off to appear like the other sex? You said it yourself you can't change it.

This is skizophrenic

There isn't a conclusive answer yet.
Don't let the ideologues fool you.

Transphobes accidentally revealing themselves as brainlets (again)

If a man were to fuck this person, would he be gay or straight?

it's not a requirement, just a preference. no different from any other form of plastic surgery

it is different, you're changing your outward sexual characteristics to their opposite.

You have biological sex, which exists objectively and then you have everything else, which ranges from mostly objective to completely subjective.
The answer to "What's a woman" depends largely on your philosophical assumptions, but trannies will insist their beliefs are objective.

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>What's a woman
XX chromosomes

>When did Yea Forums start hating transfolk? Is this a /pol/ psyop?

everyone is sick of their retarded bullshit.

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I disagree, a woman is simply an adult female that can bear children, XX chromosomes etc.

I hate that 5th grade biology is now philosophical, it's not. This is retardation.

Every medical professional disagrees with you. Cope and seethe.

my language doesn't even distinguish between sex and gender, they are the same word

When trans stopped being very feminine gay guys who actually act more fem like and it started meaning autogeniphiliac autistic perverts who lobbied legislature and culture so that the normal people must bend the knee and hold their tongue on their narcisistic bullshit

This nigga wasn't bullied enough

really concerned me some people actually live in fantasy land like this, even if i explained to you ever single cell in your body contains genetic information deciding your gender that you can;t ever change not even in scifi you wouldn't believe or comprehend it, your mind is just gone.

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they mena the same thing in spoekn English too, this sex and gender are different is a modern day tranny psyop, even tranny haters will fall for it.

Skeletor is cooler.

this is a Tower Records Store, not a Wendy's.
Please put away your breasts whilst browsing our musical products.

Her forehead grew too large to fit in a camera frame. So now she rents it out as a helicopter landing pad to make ends meet.



Cool don't care. She hasn't done shit since then and is going nowhere. Glad she used her money to get freak surgery and treatments instead of establishing a nest egg for herself.

Lol ur a retard
Yea Forums will not engage in your delusion

When they went from 2D to 3D.

fascinating how they belittle people who hold religious views yet worship "le science" with the same blind faith