Are there any good kinos starring women with short hair?

Are there any good kinos starring women with short hair?

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NotLD remake

daddy i got the part!


is THAT how sex looks like?

Roman Holiday


bros I just want a cute tomboy gf

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>Tfw have PE
>Have huge cock and no issue getting women
>And yet
>Have never had sex that has lasted longer then 2 minutes my entire life
I wonder what sex with a functional penis feels like

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How does one get such a thing?


What is this from?

Under Siege, Executive Decision, Swordfish, Matrix, Memento, Floggin' Felines 3...

The second half of The Legend of Billie Jean and Tank Girl.

The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

Underwater is peak short hair kino

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too bad stewart is plain jane as fuck

have you tried just like going multiple times

it gets easier to last longer after the first time man. Gobble down some viagra(get a prescription talk to your doctor about it and how you're having sexual issues and would like some, decline therapy and reiterate your problems are genuine and would not be helped by therapy) and just go to town.

It looks so disgusting and tiresome. Bet the room and the pair of them stink afterwards too.

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I've never tried viagra. I have tried going multiple times but my refractionary period last about 30 minutes

You can't. All modern tomboys are not ftm

unironically what film

Sex makes me angry
Not because i cant get it, but because it degrades humans to just a bunch of animals. I cannot help but think less of anyone who has sex. A girl at high school had a crush on me, but she also wanted to have sex, and i just couldn't see her as anything but subhuman after that. Later on, a drunk girl once came on to me at a college party and she flat-out offered to suck my dick and i had to refrain myself from just punching her in the face, it's fucking revolting.
I cannot wait until artificial wombs and transhumanism become common enough that we can make sex obsolete altogether.

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oh nm. ty user

that's what the viagra is for buddy. makes it easier to get aroused and hard again after you cum. Talk to your lady about it and have her try to sex you up again after she blows you. Preferably after you eat her out for 10-15 minutes, or until she cums.

I am the opposite of you I end up not Cumming and go like 1 hour in sex and then get bored. I have no issues getting it up my gf makes me hard as fuck just by touching my thigh but I have trouble Cumming. Should I stop masturbating?

They made 3 of those? Christ

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was it good?
outside of the SEX I don't remember much

having a 4 hours unbreakable boner is not that cool..
I think there is another drug that gets you hard for more time without the unbreakable boner

>having a 4 hours unbreakable boner is not that cool..

also it goes away like it's not there 24/7, unless you're horny 24/7. All viagra does is make it easier for you to get fuller and harder when you're aroused. And if your girl actually likes you, she won't mind going 4 hours anyway as long as you take breaks.

you haven't lived until you've had a 7 hour sex marathon and made your girl cum 7 times and got off plenty yourself

You can. While it's true that a lot of your tomboy nowadays are pre t, pre op ftm.
And the actual cis female tomboy are like 20%.
It's still worth a shot. I suggest you swollow it up and consider dating ftm that look like a tomboy.
If you are okay with dating them then I suggest you download okcupid and set your sexuality to bisexual.
Good luck mate.

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Busty athletic blondes with short hair are my fetish. Add a tan and Jesus…

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Milkers bouncing

Lori Petty in Point Break

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Ass.... On my face.... NOW!!!!

what is this from?

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They're like the 0.01% have fun finding them irl
>Legend of Billie Jean
>short haired girl in the Breakin’ movies
>Trash in Return of the Living Dead
>Just One of the Guys
80’s was the decade of the short haired queens.

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What if my fetish is busty athletic short haired natural redheads?

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taste this refined embarrasses this board by highlighting how shit every other post is

that scene would have been way hotter if the music was turned down a bit or turned off altogether

I think I was like 7 when Spawn came out and the redhead mass murderer chick was doing magic on my penis.

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Realfrogg tier boobs.

Lol good luck with that mate.

Just pretend all the men are women, everybody else is

short and medium length hairs only look good on asian women
you need a very feminine face to pull off these styles without looking like a man

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rare pepe

but user, that thing is ugly as shit, what are you saying ?

She looks like a chubby 12 year old boy, user.

you would marry her if you had the chance

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>this is what yellow fever fags think is attractive
At least post an actual Asian beauty and not your tranny looking ladyboys.

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Nah, not everyone is as desperate as you.
Kek imagine tying yourself to a roastie legally. Why are Americunts so obsessed with marriage and getting divorce raped?

>image has no peaks

he's talking about the peak in my stained sweat pants


hope solo. she has nudes.

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Double dragon.

Bad pussy from Game of Thrones season 5

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Anyone have the pepe where he's trying to beat down the glass as jews brainwash his short haired tomboy crush into thinking she's trans and taking male hormones?