Nathalie has stated she will no longer do 'unnecessary' nude scenes

>Nathalie has stated she will no longer do 'unnecessary' nude scenes

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Well that’s all a matter of perspective.

Any scene with those glorious tits is necessary

I find all of her nude scenes HIGHLY necessary.

In retrospect it's hilarious that D&D talked her into a nude love scene with a dickless man.

Women really wish they had the power to wipe men's memories

All I'm hearing is a challenge for some based writers to contrive stories in which those magnificent tits are plot relevant.

Yeah, until she sees the check.

Natalie plays a femme fatale who murders a hapless man by giving his head a tits-lock. This well commands a necessary nude scene.

Any other actresses that look like her?

Make it 10 scenes and you have a movie deal

this is one of the most beautiful humans on the planet, fuck

>her signature move is the tit-lock

Hillary Banks from Fresh Prince did 25 years ago.

translation: she won't do it unless there's bwc on the menu. absolutely sickening.

Fine, her body is average

this just means "give me more money" in actorese

That look like her? Not really, but plenty of black/white mixed actresses right now. I'm partial to Taylor Russell and Alisha Wainwright.


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pleb tastes

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>'unnecessary' nude scenes
The titty girl in Euphoria did an interview where she said the same thing....and yet she still had a load of nude scenes.
This is just the standard 'take me seriously' spiel before the clothes inevitably come off in the next role.

who's the one on the right?

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goddamnit I love brown women so much bros

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Already saw her ass in Skins, it's too late.

Ella Balinska.

>no nude scenes or leaks
lame. Thanks anyways user.

Ella Balinska

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>Nathalie has stated she will no longer wear 'unnecessary' septum piercings
Would be based

>Alisha Wainwright

Damn. Yeah she's a cutie. hadn't heard of her.

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Good, no one wants to see some gross black woman naked.

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have sex, chud

Why did she do it at all?

Samantha Logan, also did a nice little surprise nude scene

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they're both hot but I would choose right over her

absolute crazy talk. cannot abide.

I do, with your mom

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Noelle Monique

>irl white bf

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Already seen her tits and ass so IDC

Aren't her nude scene always faked or CGI?

to get recognition, now that she has a career she thinks she doesn't have to do it anymore

Same desu

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Negro, all brown/black women crave the BWC.
I am an incel, a literal chud, and even I managed to land a qt black gf once. And not ghetto type, but a middle class, well adjusted black qtie.
That's just the way it is, ahah.

I remember her nips being cgi on Game of Thrones

There's a reason all the best looking Black women choose white men over black, and those coal burning white women are going to find out the hard way.

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People seem to think her nudity was CGI because she was wearing nipple pasties when some paparazzi photographed her behind the scenes.
I think it's more likely she was just covering up a bit between filming. She was an absolute nobody before the show and wouldn't have had the clout to demand 'CGI nudity' kek.

I am happy that Nicole Kidman is dabbling in directing because my hope is that she will create 'artsy' nude kino with a veneer of feminist credibility needed to get these young actresses naked again.

Kidman has plenty of nude credentials. Even got nude in the Big Little Lies episode she helped make. She's also friends with no bullshit people like Russel Crow and not the woke crowd.


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that just means she will only do it if a white man asks.

I've already seen her pussy lips.

You're alright user.


aren't those things glued on?

tbf I don't think that's prudishness on her part, she was actually supposed to have a body double for S1's nudity but declined it.
I think it's just your standard Netflix 'lure them in with tits and then get rid of them in the second season' tactic.
Sex Education did the same thing.

Not her fault, the showrunner thought there was a backlash to the amount of nudity in the first season and thus eased off it. I have no doubt she would strip off again if asked.

She did use one at first but then didn't
It's weird

How do showing thick, squeeze-worthy, milky tits convey respect to the viewership of this show? There's no argument to be made for such gratuitous displaying of yummy, milky tits which can be sucked and gently, playfullly slapped and, stared at lovingly. I hate coomers by the way.

I just want a black mutt gf so fucking bad

She really beat expectations

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She did have a double

In what universe are sweet ass titties NOT necessary?

>womb tattoo

It's paint

CG, sadly
Once you know it's obvious

it's hot

>Have a body double for your first nude scene with Nigstredd
>Mysteriously decide you don't need one anymore for your later scenes with Cavill


So that just means for "passion projects" or arty ones? Sweeney said something like that but does nonstop nudity.

Shes black

Mary Jane from half baked