"Renfield" to revive ill-fated monster universe

>Cage is set to play the notorious vampire in Renfield, an upcoming dark fantasy horror comedy directed by Chris McKay. The film is next in Universal's new 'Dark Universe,' a modern-day reboot of the 'Classic Monsters' franchise. This puts Cage in the same ranks as horror legends Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi, who were among the first to play the Count and have remained world renown for their portrayals.

>The film stars Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, a servant to Count Dracula who decides there's more to life after falling in love with a traffic officer named Rebecca Quincy. Renfield first appeared in Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel, and made his first on-screen appearance in 1931's Dracula as a real estate agent who becomes overpowered by the Count following a work trip to Transylvania.
Is the world finally ready for monster universe?

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>Is the world finally ready for monster universe?
I am but only if the hollow Man is canon and not the invisible man

A movie about Renfield is probably the worst idea I've ever heard. They think they're teasing with a woah bro we gotta watch this cause it's gonna eventually lead into a DRACULA movie! Morons.

i think monster universe would work well but hollywood is run by fucking retards with no balls

If only they made 'The Mummy vs Van Helsing' decades ago It would've been a perfect Monster crossover flick

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Cruise sucks.
Boutella is a tranny.
That's the reason Mummy killed the Dark Universe.

yeah this why not just make van helsing hunting monsters instead of this inevitable garbage

These movies write themselves and the IPs are all public domain. It'd be easy to do on a moderate budget but they're gonna fuck it up royally again.

they probably want to do separate monster movies for each character and then surprising crossover with van helsing
i remember reading something like this

Even Dracula Untold sequel would be hundred times better than this

This, they all already have all the source material via preceding classic films and novels but they still fucked up with the Mummy since it was really just made for Chinese people

For me, it's the Black Lagoon movie that was supposed to come out 12 years ago.

How is it so hard to plan 5 monster movies for 20 million each and just have at it, instead we have to wait for a horror comedy about "Renfield" to make it through the pipe to see what's next

I love The Mummy but I hated dark universe elements. The movie couldve been perfect without this shitty universe baggage. Just Cruise and princess Amunet in a normal mummy film not any universe shit.

Because studios are retarded and deranged so they want to mimic Marvel. The Invisible Man was very successful since it was a Blumhouse production with a low budget, but they want to keep making movies that cost $100 million so they can have big crossover films

If it's PG-13 it will flop. Can't make these tame ass marvel like movies on horror characters. Monster movies should be hard R with lots of gore and killings

Just give me Dracula Untold 2: Dracula vs Kaiju monsters

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Every time I think of this movie

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>I love The Mummy but I hated dark universe elements
People are slowly acknowledging this. It was mishandles. I mean c'mon you have Tom Cruise, interesting story and unlimited budget. Literally the only problem is they hired wrong directors. With a better director it would be a hit.

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Stop with the universes already. Do they really think people want to see a Wolfman vs The Mummy showdown? What is their end game with this? Unrelated monsters exist in the same universe. Wow. Amazing.

The movie should've been two hours of her trying to get out of the chains

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Because that makes too much sense, and there's no way for them to do Avengers-style ensemble films if the monster is killed in every movie (although that never stopped Universal in the 30's and 40's). I would like to see an older grandfatherly actor play Dr. Van Helsing as the protagonist in these movies. That's how I always pictured him in the book. He can have Seward as his sidekick.

>Do they really think people want to see a Wolfman vs The Mummy showdown? What is their end game with this?
Pic related.

It was critically panned upon release but now turns out to be one of most influential movies in the history. While "Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man" has no artistic value, the impact can be still seen in entertainment . All these movies like "Batman vs Superman", or "Captain America vs Winter Soldier" or any other similar shit. Universal just wants to remind people about this. While they don't have any superhero movies, they do have monsters that created cinematic universes superhero movies use today. MCU, DCEU, Sony Marvel Universe... etc. Universal started this and now they are frustrated that other studios have own universes and they don't.

I bet they would love to go back in time and copyright the whole 'cinematic universe' concept but they can't do that.

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They could just do a 1:1 adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula as the first movie, and have Van Helsing and Seward appear as recurring characters in each subsequent film about the Mummy, Frankenstein, Wolfman, etc. They don't have to be the main protagonists, but they could have a critical role in each movie. Toho did this in the 90's Godzilla movies with Miki.

Just have the monsters win in every movie.

That was the first shared cinematic universe but when they made the first crossover back in 1943 the movies were already going downhill. The Wolf-Man was made their last great film at least before The Creature from the Black Lagoon if we count it. So if we're in the golden age of shared universes it's fitting that it will make a comeback. It's like one of only two examples of cinematic universes before Marvel.

The reason is because it wasn’t scary, cool, or exciting in any way. Some “mummy” that just looks like a bitch with CG double pupils is retarded. Show me someone who looks like a Mummy, not a thot, not normal Jet Li, and not Jet Li in garbage CG mud form. Show me rotting bones and filthy bandages.

If they ever make mummy 2 I will be on the opening day regardless of reviews. But I want it to be definitive end where Cruise dies and Ahmanet is burned and they have no option to ever return. Or better, they both unite and go to the afterlife and there's happy end for them.

>horror comedy
So 1980's. Nobody wants to watch an entire "cinematic universe" of that shit.

>Show me rotting bones and filthy bandages.
She was like this at early stages before full regeneration. Look at her mummified shoulder, long decayed nails, spinal cord poking through bandages. She was 1st actual mummy since black&white era. Rotting bandages, bones, missing flesh.

Dark universe moments sucked but she-mummy was awesome, her design and her story stand out and her character is a new and fresh addition to old and stale Universal monsters collection.

Sure, I love to see Cage as Dracula but he's still going to be Dracula. Frankenstein is still Frankenstein, meanwhile Ahmanet is completely new instead of reusing Kharis for 15th time.

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>stink box
uh-oh stinky

Her makeup was amazing. They cast perfect actress too. She was gymnast and dancer before and the way she moves in the movie is so creepy. Imagine if this film was directed by someone good instead of that hack Kurtzman.

>horror comedy

They are making Renfield movie because they want renfield to be ultimate icon to the goyim. blabering servant of satanic vampire merchants who doesnt care he has been bound inside an asylum and has to eat bugs - yet he will still praise his masters name. Renfield is the ultimate shabos goy.

Makup deserved Oscars. They spent 6 hours on this.

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Each stage required different style. She starts as living corpse but slowly regenerates herself.

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>cage dracula

They also cast Awkwafina as Renfield's gf. lol

imagine so much work and then leting alex kurtzman anywhere near the project.

But even at the final stage she isn't 100% human. Her skin still looks weird.

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new puzzle


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And then finally going back from undead princess Ahmanet to a rotten mummy at the end.

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Yeah Kurtzman is a hack.

Imagine tickling her until she pees herself.

Wintess the begining of Cage Universe

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I was surprised how good that movie was, don’t get me wrong it was schlock through and through, but it felt more earnest than the reviews made it seem

I unironically loved that movie and am sad to see it not be the start of te monster movies ohwell


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>snap my fingers>page 1 again

Tom Cruise was awful though. It's like he was a playing a Marvel hero impersonating Indiana Jones.

i miss mummyfu posting
honestly best waifu this board ever had

Maybe if Tom Cruise didn't kill her they would have a reason to continue. I'm all in for you getting this dark universe guys but really there's nowhere to go. Cruise absorbed mummy's vital energy and threw her away. Then he became even more powerful with Seth. What now? He's all powerful god. Other monsters stand no chance.

Logic never stopped them from bringing these monsters back to life. Some comebacks were really retarded. They can do literally everything, I don't know, say something like Seth is slowly morphing Tom into a monster and he has to find a way to undo this curse. I liked the way he tricked her. Generally I wish the movie was more like that ending scene, toned down, more personal, less spectacle. Compare the final 'battle' between Cruise and Ahmanet to any battle from capeshit. In capeshit they fight for several minutes, they throw each other into buildings, hero says some epic words, etc, etc. In the mummy Ahmanet clearly overpowers Cruise but he tricks her and stabs himself. She thinks he's with her and then he grabs her and takes out.

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Why are they not just calling the movie 'Dracula'? It's a big red flag that it will likely not be a horror movie at all, but probably mostly comedy. Which is okay, but I will never understand why Universal is so afraid of just making them straight-up horror. Are they just trying to avoid R-rating so kids can watch it?

Here's my tribute to The Mummy when they announced dark universe is dead and they are doing a separate Invisible Man instead.


>Why are they not just calling the movie 'Dracula'?
Because then people would cry 'aaaarghhh another Dracula, do something new instead' so they are doing "Renfield" for the first time to avoid this. And from what I heard it is supposed to be R-rated.

>And from what I heard it is supposed to be R-rated.
well in that case I will now watch your movie.

What's up with these symbols on her face? I saw this movie 3 times and I know she gets them after summoning some creature but they never really explained this.

some hieroglyphic stuff taken from book of dead

>Is the world finally ready for monster universe?
I don't think so. This shit was niche to begin with, and it doesn't have anything close to the escapist flavor of the MCU. It's literally just Universal trying to recycle old IPs into something they think will make money for lack of a better idea.

Yes. The Mummy was good. It was the attempt at making a Universe out of it from the outset that ruined it. You could attempt something like that after numerous separate and seemingly unrelated movies a la the Marvel Universe and it would be way better than the Marvel Universe as the characters are more iconic and compelling.