Why don't more movies do afrofuturism? The filmography on it is very scarce, why's that?

Why don't more movies do afrofuturism? The filmography on it is very scarce, why's that?

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>respect other cultures you pig!

>a future

>its african culture to do dumb stuff
oogga boogaa

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it's coming


Who the fuck was this guy supposed to be?

>The filmography on it is very scarce, why's that?

Hollywood didn't think it was viable so it was relegated to blaxploitation movies or music videos.

Anything is better than slavery or gangbanging bullshit though.

Wakanda's Mayor

How can the producers earnestly call themselves woke when they put every African stereotype into one movie?

What’s next. Are they gonna do a movie where it’s a bunch of cannibals with bones through their noses and there’s a big black pot?

did they really cgi this?

The future of Africa is chinese

It looks fucking retarded in this instance

Probably because America is so scared to confront its past that it wouldn't be easily marketable.

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Not really. When the time to pay the debt back comes, they'll just give the chinese the finger and keep al the shit to themselves, maintaining the infrastructure with the knowledge they've acquired/western help. The chinese will be left unpaid and won't even be able to reclaim their work back. All that's needed is for African leaders to realize this and wait it out until the time's right

Mostly because africans in the west are ashamed of their real culture and choose instead to pretend to be brown skinned white people.

Maintaining infrastructure hahahaha no

What happens if you remove the disk?

It would be extremely painful

They didn't maintain or learn anything when the white man left.

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im in love, wtf

Slavery and black history is taught pretty much every single year and is so many public school white children grow up hating themselves and apologizing for the bad behavior of blacks.

>yet the kids aren't damaged
>call a german antisemite and you silence all valid criticism brought against you

They've learned from that to not do the same this time

Gotta get into the 20th century before you can try the 21st.


What the fuck is that?

Like mud on a computer?

That guy is such a fucking fraud con man it's ridiculous the shit he's getting away with. I have a feeling this is actually just some giant long con and he actually doesn't give a fuck about his people and is just using clout and his charity to make millions.

That's what I've been saying for years. Would love some historical drama piece about kangs unironically but instead we get
>here you are my incompetent lesser race take this pity role and pretend you were always a part of this white series/European set piece, because none of your own culture is interesting or relevant

Hahahahaha no they just revert to the stone age again and again. It's fine, they ought to live their best natural life.

These shitskins actually try to equate the hall of cost to slavery.

>she only has power in a fictional universe
Thank God.

Just when you thought niggers couldn't get any more delusional.

She'd be cute if she got that look off her face

>I have a feeling this is actually just some giant long con
Certainly looks like it.


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>wears white man clothes
>still uses his dumb stone-age tier ornements

Akon has always been a massive fraud. He is a petty criminal that pretended to be big time criminal and actually has now memed himself into being the black bernie madoff.

Yeah I was right, she's cute in pics where she's not being retarded.

Also VERY suspicious lack of pics of her boyfriend, you know that dude looks like the Quaker Oats man.

I don't pretend to be an expert on afrofuturism, but it seems to be complete silly nonsense. Like that scene from Lovecraft Country with the giant alien afro woman is apparently a prime example of the genre. So basically because it's too fucking stupid, even for Hollywood.

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Remember those scenes in Cloud Atlas where they dedicate like 1/3rd of the movie to hyper intelligent future niggers? It was so unbelievably stupid even shitlibs didn't buy it.

panthers come from south america.

Afrofuturism is potentially dope.
There's a whole area of forms that are totally unexplored in art and sci-fi design, and it would be a shame if none of that gained cultural prominence because if Africa somehow magically unjusted itself it would just get washed over with international high-tech postmodern design themes.
>buildings that look like a robot's dick
>appliances that look like gaming mice / smaller examples of a robot's dick
>interiors that look like a modern art gallery

And there's so many weird folk tales and stuff that could influence new fiction, ways of organizing social groups that are alien to the west and would be interesting to see, different ways of life that would be different still if imaginatively augmented by technology. It could be so dope.
But the only example with any kind of popularity was Black Panther, which was shite.

I'm sure in context it's retarded because everything is treated super seriously now, but the aesthetic of that pic is pretty cool.

>Intended as an upscale destination for Black Americans, Akon City will be solar-powered and environmentally friendly, he has said. Residents and visitors will be able to make purchases with Akoin, which he envisions as a global currency.

and ofcourse the struggle to reconcile using machines with AI and equate it to muh plight modern slavery. My god I think I just wrote the best picture of 2030 for the academy to suck off

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That's Western sci-fi you dumbass. What do you think Bladerunner is about?

Why would african sci-fi care about that dumb shit?

because the slavery angle. they love it

seen a lot of african science fiction movies have you? Shut the fuck up dumbass.

> Antisemitism
> A valid critique
This isn't 1880s Alabama, Cletus

It's hilarious to me how racist this movie is, and how the public just ate up the idea that it's the opposite.

How's it racist?

Where in America is slavery not taught?
Why are fucking euros, particularly Germans, so goddamn arrogant.
Boche hun jerry kraut bastards.

Nice reading comprehension

Why should any other states besides the Deep South even have to do that?

>tfw no adaptation ever

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its like an a wyatt mann illustration of a "civilized" african

Like clockwork.
Wonder if she'll like the textbooks revealing the Jewish financing of slave ships?

isn't this cunt an actual fucking mayor or something?

futurism, history, present day -it's all afro.


Did this movie do well at the box office? I don't know any white people who went to see this.

she has more power IRL

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Strange how he's one of the most memorable side characters in the movie and he's just some irrelevant guy who appears in one scene and is just there to make you remember that Wakanda is located in ooga booga land

It's a contradiction in terms, like "caveman futurism"