We're being suppressed again even though it's a Yea Forums topic, pile in regardless trials on

We're being suppressed again even though it's a Yea Forums topic, pile in regardless trials on.


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Fuck the tranniejannies.
shit´s kino and there is literally no other board to discuss this on.

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why are jannies like this?

I miss the butler bros

These have been the best and cosiest threads on Yea Forums since /iamjazz/ was going out live. There needs to be a sticky containment thread for us to snuggle down into.

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Even my mom thinks Johnny did nothing wrong, and she's as feminist as they come. I'm almost proud of her.


They can't handle the snuggle

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whose the guy talking currently?

I came late as fuck boise


Step right up, step tight up. I've a MMPI-2 questionnaire nearly for you all to fill out. Just fine tuning the SIMP scale due to all the over-indexing.

>Marrying a stripper with BPD
Is Johnny retarded?

Johnny and Amber's former agent

Her testimony will sway the jury.

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Post this garbage on /bant/ and stop shitting up this board every 5 minutes

janny tryna ban me for enjoying trial kino

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If not here, where can we discuss this? Why the hell is this being deleted?

>Elon getting blown out

>They do it for free

if we are all contained in one thread and if the janny stopped deleting there wouldn't be spam you turbo nigger faggot

probably /trash/

Yea Forums

This dude got a weird haircut
Was he drinking while being interviewed by the lawyer? Wtf

Go to the bottom of the page and click the little feedback button, let the mods know your concerns user.

Why does this guy have a cartoon of Amber on his wall?
Blooded red lips too? Is he mocking her abuse?

I don't know why this is even a livestreamed event. It should be very obvious to anyone that Amber is in the wrong.

heard is losing
that's why

where are the naked pictures of amber heard?

He is the creator, all things he draws comes to life.

i got em

she looks so hot in the court

She’s mimicking Dr. Mommy. Unironically insane.

I'll send them now.

poast them!! we need to see what color her nipples

I want to hate fuck her so fucking badly I bet she takes a good throating

Can he draw hentai?

Let's be real hear. The thread is comfy but the stream is borderline boring.

sent ;)

can any of you niggers post the megapint pepe please I need it for my folder

>new deposition
Yay... At least she's kind of hot...

Agreed. Mexichadola won it today, these stiffs are dreary. Hang on, new hot lawyer of Depps... this could get good.

that's likely an original Roy Lichtenstein artwork worth many thousands of dollars.

I know, the judge really stepped it up a notch today

>she's teleporting

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>words words words
yeah no thanks i'm don

How boring and normal.

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Depositions are nearly always shit

>the mommy glasses

what color are amber heard's nipples?

Does turd heard testify tomorrow?

I stopped watching after the Mexican car guy. Have I missed anything?


I got banned for pic related yesterday. It was clearly on topic.
Yea Forums has the worst moderation on Yea Forums.

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holy fucking shit this is so fucking boring

What do you think she's thinking right now?

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What's the point of this trial. Deep's already been proven to have abused and raped Heard. What's he trying to accomplish? He cant win.

Looks like /pol/ material

Unfortunately the trial happens during their dilation time so they have nothing else to do besides janny

>I scored this bad boy in January. Lol

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I JUST WANNA FUCK HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yea Forums is /pol/ with added capeshit and celeb gossip.

mexibro, dr mommy, butler and depp's testimony were kino of the highest order, but yeah it has been dropping off in the afternoon. what do you expect from a 5 week trial.

One of these streams needs to have a camera on this woman at all times, fuck these depositions


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