Could this be Kino or will be the worst trash ever since The Last Jedi and Game of Thrones finale?

Could this be Kino or will be the worst trash ever since The Last Jedi and Game of Thrones finale?

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Do you take a look at the pics you post ? How can't you find your answer looking at that casting ?

What ever happened to the wheel of time?

I hope it's a smash hit and kino because Yea Forums rage amuses me and I enjoy watching good shows.

The second one.

It'll probably be a bland and inoffensive re-tread of the original trilogy with Hobbit-tier CGI
>Protags find some macguffin (i.e. ring) and go on a quest
>Fight some CGI monsters along the way
>One of the group members betrays the rest, but finds a way to semi-redeem him/herself
>Fan-service references dotted throughout

Shit basically writes itself. I'm guessing the only major difference will be they'll play up the Dwarf v. Elf prejudice bit as a misguided allegory for contemporary racism

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In between seasons

it might have some good bits.
it will probably look nice.

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>What ever happened to the wheel of time?
S2 comes out this year, already confirmed for s3 too

Kino 100% the financial disaster will be glorious and I can't wait to see these absolute imbeciles loose /a billion

EVERYTHING new is fucking SHIT

Lord of the Rings isn't Dungeons and Dragons. In D&D the settings are vague, and often feature adventuring trading towns where people are from all over. Dark Skinned elves and other races are common because it's people from all over the world.

Lord of the Rings is a very defined setting, roughly correleating to Western/Central Europe. Everyone is fair skinned. To have 20% of the cast being black out of nowhere is confusing.

nig of the nogs
we wuz oscars n shietz

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I know nothing about the lore of the lord of the rings, will this tv show feature the giant dragon from that one pic that gets posted here?

Nigs of Power

Colour of someones skin isn't a major thing to me. What matters more is the acting and writing.

It's going to be a mass market, big budget fantasy flick for anybody aged 10+
They will go for the capeshit consoomer audience, like Jackson did tbf

The fuck is that thing on the top?

The showrunners care more about earning brownie points than they do creating a good product. That's all you need to know.

>-tread of the original trilogy
This is a different story to LOTR.

how could it be good

A woman of color

wh-why don't you try and write s-something to express yourself creatively user?

No not that huge one, outside chance they will include the first ever dragon (Glaurung) because they show part of the battle he appears in during the teaser
I still think it's unlikely though, would be super expensive to create just for a short flashback

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Of course. Amazons got endless money. I expect 10 season of the LOTR show.

THey think it's one and the same. For one, they think they can do better, and that their works are instantly going to be far superior because they are more "diverse" and "progressive". They're so in their little bubble where these ideas are so worshipped that they're shocked others don't care as much.

Why in the HELL is a dwarf black? They live under ground!

I know that. But they want safe don't rock the boat sequels forever. It's why we're getting remakes/reboots all over. It's gonna be Star Wars all over again. Mega-Corps want the steady cash flow but don't want major risks.

Race isn't skin idiotic fuck, but that isn't even the point. They're shitting on the lore and don't give a shit on immersion. No wonder everything goes to shit if so many people are enclined to eat it.

No, because this covers a different story of that same world that takes place 3000-5000 years prior. It will basically show how the bad guy in LOTR came to power but there's a lot of other major events that happen which stand side by side in importance.

>would be super expensive to create just for a short flashback

I don't think the size of a CGI dragon is what makes it expensive.


Rope yourself braindead retard

Amazon is the last remaining streaming service that has yet to produce a single good piece of content. It's most bloated, most market researched, most desperate attempt at producing a culturally relevant "hit" is not going to be the one to break that trend.

>makes chuds seethe months in advanced
Gonna be based

A different story with the same beats / themes / archetypes, just like nu-Wars. They're not going to risk offending fans by trying something genuinely distinct.

The color has nothing to do with it we all know they can only act upset/angry and are ugly and nobody wants ugly people ever

It's that they give no care in the world for their fictional universes, which is why I shouldn't care either. They have a defined setting, and then bam rules are changed and there's no continuity.


>Tuvok on Star Trek

Vulkan is a big planet, and Vulkans have colonies all over. Yeah, sure there should be a black vulkan. In fact, why wouldn't there be?

>Black dwarves and elves in LotR

It's the same setting, which is very much just fantasy Europe. Dark people just aren't there. This isn't a place of huge immigration but static populations. Why would there be black people?

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Constant tanking ratings the Amazon desperately tries to fix up

I don't even understand how their streaming service works. Hell, it's like Youtube plus in that regard, where it's a side-project of a mega-huge site, but it's like almost hidden in the app. I know how to use netflix or Disney plus, but I have no idea where to go for amazon plus streaming.

Are you illiterate? Did i mention the word "race" anywhere? I feel the real test will be how good the writing is, because that will show how well they can bridge time gaps and bridge together storylines. The appendice or even Silmarillion doesnt read like a normal book. Its just lists of events with one or two main people related to those events mentioned. Regardless of who makes the show, they would have to have made up characters and events otherwise you'd just have characters lile Celebrimbor talking to himself discussing all his inentions for 7 episodes straight. They have to invent characters for him to talk to so that the narrative is more natural. It will be difficult task to do.

>Amazon is the last remaining streaming service that has yet to produce a single good piece of content.

I like the Boys, even if every season is at least 3 episodes too long.

if the dwarves don't look like this, i'm not watching

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You realize that it's the treating of LOTR as some trashy Disney kids product that doesn't matter is exactly what makes people so angry about the casting, right? LOTR is one of the most important pieces of literature to come out of Europe in the Industrial Age, if not the most important. It's not a comic book IP.

There are black people south of rohan my sweet redditspacing newfriend.

Yes, but not in Middle Earth, a well established setting. The rest of the world is incredibly vague. So maaaaaaybe there's some black elves somwehere? Maybe? But it's strange they wouldn't be mentioned before. I got the impression the only other groups were humans outside of middle earth.

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>hurrr just imagine the actors aren't black and totally not out of place in european inspired setting with defined lore
You care about the writing when they hire writers who didn't even read the base material ? About a fan fiction show based on 2 pages of content because Amazon are fucktards who bought the rights for jackshit ? Writers recommanded by JJ Abrams ? They even gave Isildur a sister, shut up man you don't know what you're talking about.


Ironically one of the ways to out newfriend tryhards.

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>But it's strange they wouldn't be mentioned before
To be fair Tolkien doesnt really deacribe his characters much. There are a few dozen big (plot centeic) elves across all of his writings and only like 5 or 6 of them he describes skin colour. Same goes with any other race too. Tolkien wasn't a descriptive writer when it comes to characters. However he would spend 2 or 3 pages describing one piece of landscape.

>JJ Abrams
Fuck off back to your Nerdrotic videos
SWfags are absolute cancer

Some of the writers are literally recommanded to amazon by JJ Abrams yes how does that have anything to do with star wars faggotry you illiterate monkey ? The post didn't point out that as sign of quality

>JJ Abrams
Only SWfags are obsessed with this guy (like that Nerdrotic faggot you are subscribed to)
literally irrelevant yet you can't stop talking about him, typical seething SW manchild

>They're not going to risk offending fans by trying something genuinely distinct
Too late for that then

so new. I miss those days

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how is that irrelevant if the point of the post is to point out a fucking hack that ruined multiple movies is recommanding writers to make the lotr show you r e t a r d holy shit jump from a cliff or something

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Do they not teach you punctuation in whatever 3rd world shithole you are from? ESL retard

>A woman

You know you’re losing an argument when you resort to pointing out grammatical errors.

>About a fan fiction show based on 2 pages of content
Kek, you're one of those fans who skips the appendices because you're an illiterate fuck who finds it an impossible task to read. Either that or you're some Youtube fag that regurgitates shit from youtubers because you cant think for yourself. Tip: read the appendices they are a gold mine for lore
Also, I judge every project by its own merits, I don't always use writers previous experiences as an accurate measure. I mean same people who wrote the screenplay for LOTR wrote Hobbit and look how shit that turned out. Best thing i'm going to do is judge the show by at least watching the first episode. If its shit, at least I have solid first person experience for saying why its shit instead of being a puppet of some Youtuber i listened to.
Being sceptical about a new adaptation isn't a new thing, in fact people said the same things you are before LOTR came out. Saying how PJ is a 'no-namer' and is a Hollywood shill.

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If LOTR is a "heckin childrens series" then why don't you fuck all the way off since you obviously think its beneath you. Just go away and stop defending the people injecting their shitty politics into a story loved by millions. But you won't, because you can't. People like you are pathologically driven to ruin everything.

Losing what argument? You haven't even made one, you just typed out a paragraph full of words without even knowing how to construct one. Just go back to sperging about muh JJabrams if that's what you are more comfortable with, it's irrelevant either way

>Yea Forums is one person
Tell me you’re a 2016 tourist without telling me you’re a 2016 tourist.

>injecting their shitty politics
What politics? You haven't even seen a single scene you dumb cunt

yes keep playing dumb mister shill, racial politics and "diversity" quotas totally aren't a thing in western media

>the worst trash ever since The Last Jedi and Game of Thrones finale?
That one.

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>What politics? You haven't even seen a single scene you dumb cunt

The idea that every series needs to have "diversity" and that "representation matters" because there's a vast systematic racism in the United States. That's the logic behind it, which is entirely a political concept. These things don't happen in a vacuum.

If there was no systematic racism, no quotas or executive meddling would be needed.

Systematic racism is also a core part of critical race theory.

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African Americans shouldn’t exist in Lord of The Rings

Neither Africa nor America exist in that universe

Black people have no reason not to exist though. Melanin still exists, black people would too

This is fake. Please stop swallowing the cum of youtubers. You use the same thumbnails as they do.

they bought the right for appendices of the lotr books, they can't touch the Silmarillon, book containing the chapter Akallabeth, which the show is trying to build up to, is it that hard to connect the dots ?

Leftists be like
>ten seconds later


It'll be shit, but not because of the casting. But also because of the casting.

Brown skinned people were mentioned in the original writings about LOTR, they live south of Rohan apparently. Doubt anyone ITT has actually read the books, they just want something to bitch about.

>racial politics
Literally where??? wtf are you even talking about? you haven't even got a single line of dialogue. You are just sperging like an absolute retard at some supposed '''politics''' that isn't even there
Do you know what politics even is or to you is it just 'things I don't like' ?

It's still coming out.
I'm still watching it.
There is literally nothing you can do to stop it.
Cope, sneed, and dilate.

>black people in LOTR
>mixed race relationship
>Strong female warrior Galadriel

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there aren't black dwarves neither there are black elves, amazon giving the order to fill the show with blacks where there aren't in the books IS racial politics, maybe you're not playing dumb and you just are

Seriously, how can THIS not suck? Niggerfatigue is real, and we're in the late stage of that...

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oh, they like using their hyper critical cynical analysis tools on others but never for themselves. A "Rules for radicals" idea is to ask your opponents to live up to their own standards. Both concepts can be used against them.

"It's for everyone, and must reflect the real world"

"Ohmygod it's not real, black dwarves are fine"


>representation matters" because there's a vast systematic racism in the United States
Another dumb cunt, they do this because their streaming service are sold to global audiences. There are way more non whites as potential customers especially since they will hit market caps on westerners much sooner
It's just marketing to appeal to all those other browskins in the world
It's just demand/supply, deal with it commie

It will be Game of Thrones all over again.

Good thing is appendices covers all 3 ages. It just does it very briefly. Fall of Numenor is mentioned, Eregion seige is mentioned, even one of the lesser known kings of Numenor Tar Ciryatan is mentioned in it (and i'm sure they will do his story because he basically colonizes Harad, and Amazon aren't going to miss out on a free colonization story). The only problem is, the events mentioned in appendice are brief and the true test will be to see if the writers can write something that will act as 'mortar' for the 'bricks' (the parts of the story that is told).


>he thinks its about cash