Viking Age 800 - 1066 AD

>Viking Age 800 - 1066 AD.
>The Viking has defined abs and muscles about a thousand years before anyone thought about bodybuilding for goals and even a little longer before anyone jumped into nutrition.
>The Viking looks like he spends his days in a gym whereas in reality he would work out in the field, training only a few specific muscle groups.
>Even without modern nutrition he would never get such defined muscles.
and then the director says it's hysterically accurate.

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fuck off shill

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If it was historically accurate there would be thousands of black muslim vikings and their shield maiden wives around.

don't you have "ack!" threads to post?

And then there's Nicole Kidman's bogged fuckin Jack Napier face.

>row boats all day
>swing heavy shields and axes all day
>run around all day
>eat tons of protein and zero sugar
>repeat for years and years

I see what you mean why are ancient med statues ripped?

We literally just had this thread already. Fuck off.

seethe shitskin

Vikings rowed all day long of course they were ripped. He has a natural, healthy physique.

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My grandad was just a dock worker and he had a body /fit/ would be jealous of.

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>Gets mogged by a physique
>Cries on an anonymous Moroccan gravestone rubbing message board
Many such cases

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Didn't the vikings exercise regularly?

Fitness is a right wing dog whistle

check ancient greek statues, faggot

>Dood people can't have muscular physiques, everyone was a doughy limpwristed faggot like me in the past

>nooo it was impossible for ancient peoples to be ripped despite having healthy diets and exercising constantly
smdh they can't stand to see a cracker winning

yeah nobody was ever ripped before "modern nutrition" lmfao. low test coping is truly a sight to behold.

>This thread brought to you by Comcast

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He’s a jewrat homosexual in pedowood did you think he was gonna ‘get it right’?

>all day
some days

He's Anglo and a married heterosexual man with children

Viking was a profession, not a people. Go read a fucking book.

>Viking was a profession, not a people. Go read a fucking book.

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>rowing and fighting isn't working out

If it wasn't for processed foods and our post-industrial sedentary lifestyles, most men would look like this

Not surprising this bitch actually had sex with him on stage... bloody hell this guy looks good. He could actually be the natty limit


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Eggers has stated Amleths physique and hair are inaccurate, but this is a fictional character, much like Beowulf or Herakles, and as for the hair, they tried but the bowlcut just wasn't working on Alex without looking ridiculous.

>>a thousand years before anyone thought about bodybuilding for goals

> he has never seen a greek/roman statue

shut up faggot

This is such an easy dunk on DYEL faggots claiming that people weren't ripped in the past. If you couldn't have a body like that before steroids, then how did the ancient Greeks and Romans know what those bodies looked like?

>spend your days rowing, fighting, wrestling or working fields
>eat lots of meat and drink lots of milk

I wonder what kind of physique they would have…

Romans cities had Palestras aka Gyms, this is the body of a bodybuilder, not somebody whose entire nutrition consisted of cow milk/wheats

That’s actually better for muscle growth. You grow the muscle in the rest days.

That's a sculpture of Hercules, a mythical man made into a god for this strength. He has muscles that don't even exist, dumb roidhead

OP will suck off making famous English niggers though

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Vikings were literally twinks.

> The faces of men and women in the Viking Age were more alike than they are today. The women’s faces were more masculine than women’s today, with prominent brow ridges. On the other hand, the Viking man’s appearance was more feminine than that of men today, with a less prominent jaw and brow ridges.
>These ambiguous facial features mean that it is difficult to decide upon a Viking skeleton’s sex based on the skull alone. Therefore, other traits need to be studied in order to identify the sex of skeletons.

hey thats me lol

And why couldn't men who ate a lot of dairy, meat and fish and rowed for a living be huge?

>Aside from their injuries, the headless Vikings "look like a healthy, robust, very strong, very masculine group of young males," he added. "It's your classic sort of warrior."

Cow milk and wheat are what modern bodybuilder lamest though . The broccoli & chicken breast diet is a complete meme that gives you huge micro deficiencies. On top of that you need to consume a decent amount of cholesterol since that is what testosterone is made from.
This is the typical Viking diet and it’s the best for building muscle.


I didn't say they couldn't be swole you redditspacing faggot, but they didn't look like your modern roided out gymrat either

Where did they get them from?

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they did raids on unsuspecting squirrel towns by the sea.

I'm a bodybuilder and I love meat, dairy and nuts for my nutrition, apples too. I don't bother with fishy stuff though but that's just personal taste.

Nigga that's nuts

Most Vikings trained for war nearly every day of their lives especially in their youth. They had a system of judging full body strength using fairly standardized stones in weird rituals. Also cultural games, wrestling, swimming, throwing, etc. This + low bodyfat (everyone back then was low bf) would have meant they were fucking swole. What is this spiritual deficit that you need ancient peoples to look pathetic and fat and weak like you?

should they look fat and gay, like you?

Oddly, when journo subhumans show the skulls of actual Vikings as opposed to a small number of contemporary slave burials, they show some of the extremes of sexual dimorphism in our species.

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> Nuts were also a source of protein. Hazelnuts were the only nut found wild in Scandinavia and were consumed throught Scandinavia and the Viking settlements. Walnuts were imported, even in the Viking Age, and medieval Scandinavian cooks imported almonds and chestnuts as well.

Jesus I don't know. No one fucking looks like bakis dad yet cunts draw him lol. Ffs. The Greeks were literally more advanced than we are now when it came to arts and sculpting, and they had a super accurate understanding of human physiognomy. Of course they could make an exaggerated form sculpture

>But yeah people were still that jackt

bravo, Eggers

>A sculpture from 500 BC
sounds like you're coping

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You keep posting this in every thread. Shut the fuck up.

Remove some of the belly fat and this is a 100% more realistic depiction of how a strong man would look during the Viking age. This is how actual strong men look like

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Made me kek but it shouldn't have

kill yourself retard

Source: Mr Goldberg on twitter

based retard

I have already added the movie OST to my workout playlist

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Obese people practically didn't exist prior to the industrial revolution
>inb4 stone age figures of pregnant women

Hey Wyatt!

Hafthor was in the movie

no u

why would a viking raider be comparable to a modern a strong man retard?

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Amleth looks fucking great and the movie for the most part is very historically accurate.

I can tell you're fat (and probably deluding yourself about how strong you are just because you're fat), because it's incredibly hard to eat yourself into obesity when you're eating non-processed foods. Even as a jacked 210 lbs 6'2" bodybuilder I can only eat so much chicken before I want to throw up. My body just knows it's time to stop eating after a certain point, but your body doesn't get that signal when you're eating processed garbage.

If anything they would have been leaner and less muscular than the guys on the berserker ship. Imagine trying to maintain gymbro gains with that kind of lifestyle.

Strong people and especially vikings have always been depicted as "strong men"
Strong people don't look like a gymdude that spends all his time in the gym to try and look good.
Just look at any ACTUAL strong man and any competiton about where strength actual matters, you won't see some faggot gym bro but actual big men.

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Achievable natty?

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Meds. Now.


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Was it natty?

Of course

The mountain literally leaned out once he had to do cardio for his boxing career. Cardio would have been pretty important if you're running around raiding people. You're a delusional fuck who is coping.

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A statue that's literally made to represent an godlike presence that's nearly superhuman proves absolutely nothing

Are Viking boxers now?

Do some hard work for once in your life

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I'd tell you to follow back but my twitter is just for browsing


>literally said in an interview he leaned out because he had to run
but sure user the vikings never had to run

Why would someone who needs to be able to row and sail for weeks/months at a time + march for days or weeks + fight with weapons look like some roided garbage gut who throws fucking dishwashers for a living? Have you ever sparred, wrestled or hit a heavy bag for 5 minutes straight even? Pic rel is almost 99% on some kind of PED's and he would have not been able to maintain such musculature and size with that kind of lifestyle. But he's a hell of a lot closer than the strongman guys who are practically obese.

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>entire thread is people coping about not being fit

>retards that have never picked up a history book somehow think Vikings were running around all day
I know Gymfaggots are retarded but holy shit, pick up a history book.

And the fattycope continues.

This was unironically the only problem I had with the movie. I've lifted for 2 years and I'm no where near that. In the film you see his diet is absolute shit and there's no chance it had the protein to sustain such a physique.

This is a video games artistic liberty when designing a character who is not only magically strong but also hedonistic and self indulgent and greedy.
Baldur was also strong enough to lift up 30ton rocks and beat up fucking Jormungandr, does he have the physique that displays this? No.

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>6'4 and 45 years old
>with that size and leanness
I doubt natty status despite his good genetics

And your post had nothing to do with what I was talking about. I only used the picture of an example how an actual strong person looks like vs gym faggots that suck dicks.


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Closer to boxers than powerlifters.

Are these, the world strongest men in the world obese according to you?

Absolutely based
>The King
>Land of the Rus

This was considered a "strong man" in the 1930s. Vikings would not have looked anything like the character in this movie as far as muscle mass is concerned.

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since you're posting on Yea Forums, chances are you are in the bottom percentile of male genetics. a chad iron age prince would on the other hand be in the absolute top.

It's an aesthetic ideal, which even the ancients understood.

Kill yourself, faggot.

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Yeah bro I'm sure some retard on Yea Forums sperging out about fitness is a 6'7 strongman and not some fat schizo.

Is based on the sagas

sick self burn, slick.

lol people in the past would be more likely to be ripped, not less. "modern nutrition" is an absolute plague for health and fitness.

>6'4 or 6'5 or however tall he is
god damn that's a big dick!

>noooooooooo there’s no way someone back then without roids or modern nutritional knowledge could be that muscular
>they had to have somehow been able to create a photorealistic statue with the perfect proportions of a bodybuilder body without any model or great anatomical knowledge

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>it's hysterically accurate.

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