Watch Seinfeld

Watch Seinfeld

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already have. which episode should I watch

S1 EP 1

and support a known pedophile? Yikes.

i saw it when it airs cos I'm a boomer. also fuck you OP faggot NO SOUP FOR YOU!

but Ellanie is hot. I dont care if shes a pedo.



does anyone here have that crude MS paint portrait of george eating snickers with a fork/knife in his gortex jacket?

I did, I do, I will

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WHO was in the wrong here?

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You pay taxes, don't you?

What's with all these boomers huh.

>I don't understand, Jerry, I was invited to the dinner, why do I have to bring wine?
You now realize that George is Sheldon from the 80s

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George is a murderer

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always sunny is seinfeld but better

So funny how George tries to convince himself it's not trash.
>was it eaten?
>one little bite
>*Jerry sipping coffee*
>well, that's garbage

George was in the right though, it was on top

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Adjacent to refuse is refuse!!!

Doesn’t even make sense because they are like in their 30s in the show

>laugh track
Hated it in the 90s, still hate it now. Unwatchable.

>It moves
What do you do in this situation?

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It's a reference to this shit

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Post your favourite Seinfeld episode right now

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I wanna fuk dis

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My least favorite episode is The Deal

ngl Elaine looks hot

Jery get vaccine

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The library investigator

This fucking hair kills every erection for the character

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>I don't have any money I don't recognize anybody!!
>I miss home and I don't even know how to get there
Nigga was 20 minutes away from home by subway

Forgot pic

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Marine Biologist when George pulls out the golf ball

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>Not posting Elaine in the episode where she has cleavage and is soaking wet and the episode is about her cleavage

Toss up between Kenny Rogers roasters and bizzaro jerry

I'd cum on Elaine's soles and they would make an episode about it.

Is Kramer a drug dealer? Is Bob Saccamano his plug?

George bros.......

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I'm just saying there is an episode where it pokes fun of her cleavage. Fapped many times to it as a kid. It's the one with the Chinese gum

Hell no.
Seinfeld is the cancer that killed the sitcom genre.

This. Prime Julia Louis-Dreyfus was hot, but the hair on Seinfeld held her back.

>Yearn? Do I yearn?
This scene was kino.

Show me the scientific data on "garbage particles" or stfu

When she got milfy and started straightening her hair in the later seasons she was gorgeous

My favorite part of this bit is immediately after the clip he does that weird spasm thing and smiles nervously. Kino

Who hasn’t?

You havn't


jerome steal car

I have

Uhm Elaine bros, is it true?



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He's a han trafficker. Mackinaw Peaches is code for cunny.


I'm about to start season 7 and I don't remember a single episode.

Jerry get Librem phone

Agreed this is unironically best Elaine because her hair is tied back

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Not enough eliane posting user is getting frustrated!!


She's hot on that Christine show